Shots Fired Into Reid Street Building, No Injuries

March 24, 2012

[Updated with video] There was a shooting at approximately 3.45am this morning [Mar.24] in the Reid Street extension area of Hamilton opposite Shine’s, which resulted in shots being fired into Sir John Swan’s Seon Place office building.

Unofficial reports indicate that no one was injured, and that the shooting was done by suspect[s] on a motorcycle. Police responded to the incident, and remain on the scene. Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 6.03am: The police confirmed the incident and said forensic evidence has been collected confirming shots were fired. Police also confirmed that no injuries have been reported.

Update 6.26am: The photos below show a bullet hole in the side of the John Swan office building, located at the very end of Reid Street extension heading towards East Broadway. There appear to be two bullet holes in two separate windows.

Seon Place is a 10-storey office building, making it the tallest building in Hamilton. Work on the building began in 2008, and was completed in 2010.

The building has floor to ceiling glass, two levels of underground parking and offers 107,000 square feet within its eco-friendly design.

The bullet hole pictured above is located approximately 10 feet high, and the second bullet hole [pictured below] is located around 10 feet away and a few feet lower, right in the corner of the window pane.

Update 6.58am: The full police statement follows below:

Around 3:45am on Saturday, March 24th police responded to reports of gunshots on Reid Street Extension in the City of Hamilton.

Forensic evidence collected at the scene and damage to a building in the area confirmed a firearm had been discharged; however no one was injured. The suspects are believed to be two men on a motorcycle.

Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the independent & confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

Update 7.37am: Video of police spokesman Robin Simmons and a pan of the scene is below. When asked if Sir John had been notified Mr Simmons said he was not aware of that at that time [6am], but he expected it was done, or would be done in due course.”

A ZBM reporter pointed out that at 3.45am on a weekend late night revelers may have been in the area and asked if there were witnesses. Mr Simmons declined to give further information citing the early nature of the investigation, but did confirm they believed the shooting was committed by two men on a bike.

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  1. Larry Burchall says:

    This is not good. I hope that the projectile was not specifically and deliberately aimed there.

    Neither Sir John nor the occupants of that building have done any harm to Bermuda.

    Quite the opposite.

    Larry Burchall

    • Ole says:

      Larry , will you please stop the overt show of puppy love for John. It is embarrassing…

      • jt says:

        Worse than a bullet in the mail, wouldn’t you say?

        • Emelita says:

          All the same. All a crime. All a blessing. No injury to person or persons.

    • Ole says:

      Waiting for your views on John’s very close relationship with ..A man who made his money selling oil to the apartheid regime in SAfrica during their embargo…A man on trial for a multitude of criminal activity…

      Show me your company !

      • Ole says:

        John Deuss being the omitted name..

      • cheryl says:

        with alot of that unethical money being poured into our community and helping plp pay for their building…

      • tolerate says:

        Great opportunity to take a shot (no pun intended) at John Swan. Are you serious? Show me your company? Get a life; you think if this had any relation to your reasoning, than it’s a good thing you don’t investigate crime in Bermuda. You forget the element across the road at this hour, or is your memory selective.
        A shot at an empty building at 3:45 in the morning via the BACK window?????
        That really sends a message…..

      • walla walla says:

        same man maybe that paid off the Alaska Hall debt ?

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      If the projectile was intended for the occupants of the building, I doubt if the projectlists would have committed the act at 3:45 a.m.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        OOOOOH, “projectlists”, big word you attempted there Laverne. Was ‘shooter’ too simple for you?

      • Sigh says:

        Um that’s not a word….seems to be a recent trend amongst our current public figures who are under-qualified for their roles. Add syllables to words, to make them longer and attempt to sound intelligent. See how easyiballistically it can be done?

    • White Bermudian says:

      Fix this crime, build a Max security prison and lock these thugs down 23 hours a day. Stop running a community prison.

      Lock a man in room for 23 hours a day and 1 hour for rec time, you will see how many bad boys turn into Babies crying for mother.

      MPs on both sides understand this NO MAN IS AFRAID TO GO TO HOTEL WESTGATE.

      1 they have their own room
      2 my best friend is with me
      3 I can sleep all day
      4 I don’t have to wash dishes
      5 I don’t have to wash clothes
      6 I can see my girl friend at the Botanical Gardens if I’m a good boy
      7 I can get out early and commit another crime and still have my own room because
      I like it so much.
      8 I have my own cell phone

      • Ganja Mon says:

        You obviously dont know what your talking about. Inmates at West Gate already do 23hrs lock up and 1 hr out.

        • Stop talking smack says:

          Yes they have a max area, but the rest of the prison is not lock down 23hrs a day.

        • Babygurl says:

          You sound like ya a regular at hotel westgate

      • Maddog says:

        Well Well John you said that young black men are a problem,you better hope who shot this building is white.


        • Hmmmm says:

          You really are a clueless fool, Burt was involved in audio editing and thinks this debt is a good thing. Cannot be trusted

          • Maddog says:

            Do you own a house then you are in DEPT for at least 20 to 30 years, how you going to pay off your DEPT fool, NOW IS YOUR DEPT GOOD OR BAD FOOL.

            • jt says:

              Yes I do, but my debt is well planned and manageable. I’m paying off my principle. I budgeted effectivley. I don’t have to borrow to buy groceries or make interest payments.

              • Truth (original) says:

                Maddog is only regurgitating what he heard David Burt say. He put no analysis of his own into it.

            • Geza says:

              You can not spell debt.

              “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’”
              ― Isaac Asimov

          • verbal kint says:

            Can you clarify what you mean when you say audio editing? I missed something.

        • Black Bermudian says:

          Please tell me where he used the word young black men? That’s the problem with pawns like you. You open your mouth but don’t know nothing!

          • Maddog says:

            You are so out of touch with what is going on in Bermuda SO SAD.

          • Unbelievable says:

            About 20 years ago when groups of young black men started to openly sit on the walls all day, John Swan made the comment that Young Black Men were a problem. He was speaking in the context that if we didn’t help them get the education they needed and nip the wall sitting (which we all knew to mean drug selling etc) in the bud it would grow into a problem. The Black community was up in arms and called him every name in the book for his comments. Now here we are EXACTLY at the point he said we would be at. Its just ironic that his building is the first in the Front St area to get hit by bullets.

    • smh says:

      Please stop being John Swan’s b***h, it’s an embarrasment.

  2. toppa says:

    last time i checked, guns were ILLEGAL in bermuda. i’d like to see police sweep the island like they mean business, bcuz gang crime means business for the police….are they really interested in stopping these few guns and their masters? whats taking so long for police to really crack down. this is bermuda we’re talking bout…

    • Hmm... says:

      Guns aren’t illegal, they are prohibited and restricted; hence when you see firearms suspects charged they are at times also charged with illegally possessing firearms, ammunition, or for illegally discharging a firearm, depending on whether the firearm was found in their possession or with their DNA on it. For the sake of clarity.

  3. CFC_BLU says:

    These cowards have nothing else better to do. Trigger happy cowards. It’s a shame what this island has come to. Now buildings are being shot at. I can see that if this continues, innocent people are going to get hurt just being in a building working or even at home in their comfort zone. Wake up people!! Bermuda is in trouble……

  4. Oyeah says:

    The cowboys are going wild in dodge city ,people wake up on the way country is being run ,who would believe they have allowed this island to come to this nonsense on a now daily basis ,this folks is not normal.
    Like in most countries around the world governments have failed the people time for change.our lives are at stake.

  5. Mad Dawg says:

    The police should be breaking down doors, arresting gangsters by the hundred. Take them in, make their lives miserable.

    Laws should be changed to allow the police to keep them without charge. The police should be searching houses all over the island.

    Won’t happen, of course. “We don’t want to inconvenience armed gangsters, it might offend them. Much better to form a new committee and have some meetings. That way they will still vote for us.”

    • Ganja Mon says:

      They do have laws in which they can now hold “GUN” suspects for 14 days without charge, then another 14 if they need more investigation time.

      I bet you would like that anyone get arrested for any crime be held for a month..smh..that is going backward really !!

      • Rick Rock says:

        Why aren’t they doing it then? The police should be arresting them by the dozen. There are 600 people that Jonathan Smith said are “known gang members”. Arrest 100 or 200 of them. Hold them for 28 days, search their houses, search their girlfriend’s houses, impound their cars (or their “grannies” cars, of course..). Search everything. Make them miserable.

        Make it ‘inconvenient’ to be an armed thug murdering gangster.

        • Ganja Mon says:

          You cant go around and just search houses without reason. Just because the Police think your a gang member doesn’t mean the person is in a gang. Thats what they see from the outside in. Unless the person is known because he is arrested every month for something.

          • Rick Rock says:

            Well, if we ‘can’t do that’, that’s why we have a problem. The police know who they are. Jonathan Smith said there are 600 known gangsters. They are ruining the island. They are a threat to our way of life. If we do nothing about it, shame on us. The police should be knocking down doors and making their lives miserable.

  6. Owner4Comment says:

    An office building really? :/ something needs 2 happen.

  7. sickening says:

    18 years ago a knowledgeable coworker was killed in a traffic accident. b4 that accident he mentioned everyone has a gun, I told him thats not true and those days protection was over herb he said protection was over herb, then look at poor Jamis

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Protection was over herb? So he thought the gangster wannabes didn’t sell crack & heroin in the 90s? In the 90s the gangster wannabes up at 42nd would hold zip lock bags full of crack in their hands at night & sell it like it was candies. If you went up their to purchase herb you risk getting robbed & end up moneyless, herbless & maybe even sneakerless & chainless. What where you to do go to the police & say I got robbed trying to buy illegal herbs? I don’t think so. All the while the dealers protected their main source of income the hard drug user.

  8. Cheeshums says:

    Read the play. B1tch gangsta “a” knows b1tch gangsta “b” is in shines.
    “a” decides to be god and shoot “b”
    After “b” decides to leave night club.
    “a” rides down the hill on the back of bike and is shaking like a leaf so when he decides to shoot he shaking so much he barley hits the largest building in town.

    I am neIther a b1tch gangsta n

    • Cheeshums says:

      Sorry hit wrong button.
      I am neither a b1tch gangsta nor policeman. But it’s not rocket science either.
      Can’t believe if all the peeps prob leaving the club haven’t seen anything.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Good scenario but gangsta “a” is shooting in the totally wrong direction if they were shaking they would have still hit Island Trading or the other businesses on that side. Besides gangsta wannabes on coke don’t shake maybe twitch a little but don’t do it enough to shoot in the totally wrong direction. It seems that this may have been by a HATER with a gun which is really scary because there’s many HATERS in Bermuda.

      Just because some ones made it from hard work there’s no reason to be jealous. GET A LIFE HATERS!!!!!

      • Tommy Chong says:

        So it seems from the latest news that it wasn’t an act of hate towards Sir John or someone in Shines getting shot at. Instead it was someone running along side the back of 141 being chased that the shooter was aiming for. I need some glass like that in my house cause the bullet didn’t even go through. Dang Johnnie where’d your builders get that glass from? My doors are solid metal with hardcore locks but my windows need that glass so no one will be able to break into my place. Maybe I can get a trap door on my porch also that drops into a stake pit. Honestly officers, the stake pit is for the feral chickens not for the robbers.

  9. Oyeah says:

    Don’t yoy know
    They’re talkin’ bout a revolution
    It sounds like a whisper
    Don’t you know
    They’re talkin’ about a revolution
    It sounds like a whisper
    While they’re standing in the welfare lines
    Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation
    Wasting time in the unemployment lines
    Sitting around waiting for a promotion

    Poor people gonna rise up
    And get their share
    Poor people gonna rise up
    And take what’s theirs

    Don’t you know
    You better run, run, run
    Oh I said you better
    Run, run, run

    Finally the tables are starting to turn
    Talkin’ bout a revolution

    • Kathy says:

      Are you serious, Oyeah?

      You need to go to jail…you have just made a threat against all persons in Bermuda by insinuating there will be a revolution in Bermuda to take what you don’t own.

      Police, I hope you have read this comment and can find Oyeah and arrest him/her through computer links.

      I will copy this to the police next.

      • Oyeah says:

        Get real it’s a song from Tracy chapman

        • jt says:

          Good song too. I think I understand your sentiment, but better to qualify the verse with your own thoughts so as to be clear you are not condoning these actions as the right way forward.

          • Oyeah says:

            The point being there seems to be a disconnect from a sector of the community that feel they are in charge of things in a bad way , they seem outside of the normal rules because they don’t have anything to lose and don’t feel part of BDA

            • jt says:

              So what will appease them? If presented with opportunity how many would take advantage of it? If given prospects for ‘real jobs’ or opportunities to improve themselves through education or skills training will they try? Perhaps those avenues are already available, but this seems the easier path? Eventually it comes to personal accountability, effort and willingness to try, no? There will always be those that have no desire to ‘conform’, as you put it, but does that mean that the acceptable outcome for the rest of Bermuda is what we are seeing?

              • Oyeah says:

                Maybe the solution is to just to speak to these guys ,surely these guys are educated ?
                What have they been doing at school if not ,I think it’s more than that ? It’s not that simple
                Or maybe it’s just as simple as pouring lots of money into the police service and police strongly 24 /7 I was in town last week in the evening Indid not see any police presence
                Not saying this is the norm and we know there is cameras around but just shear police presence may work and lots of them.

                • Hmmmm says:

                  The only solution is to give those youngesters going through school opportunity and hope. As for gang members, the only solution that will work is extermination. Not saying that is the right thing to do, but ultimately it is the only solution that will work.

      • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

        @ Kathy,

        Arrest him? What would the charge be?

        I assume you are joking—Right?

      • Politely Pompous says:

        Kathy-what planet are you living on? Yes, this situation is serious but there’s no need to get hysterical. Can’t you see the poster was quoting song lyrics in his/her interpretation of the situation? How is that a threat? OMG, some people are so dense.

        Go ahead and copy this to the Police so they can see what an idiot you are. Then get back to whatever planet you’re living on or cave you’re living in because you are clearly out of touch with reality.

        Or maybe I should say your gated/neighboorhood-watched home because I can tell what rung of society you’re on….

    • jt says:

      Lots of ways to create change. Education would be the most obvious in Bermuda. Condoning this action through verse is sad. Nothing good will come of it – for anyone.

      • Oyeah says:

        We keep hearing this education is needed is that it?

        • jt says:

          Should we just give them a bunch of money?

          • Tommy Chong says:

            No we should take away they’re source of income if they are gangster wannabes. Administer hard drugs in MAWI so the gangsters don’t make enough money to be gangsters. It would be cheaper than putting addicts in prison at $80,000 a year plus paying court appointed lawyers & judges.

            OH SORRY! MY BAD! I forgot $1000 fines keep the government money flowing in. OK lets carry on making the government rich. Shootings are a small price to pay for this. Don’t we all think?

  10. learning says:

    much prayer

  11. Bye Bye Offshore workers says:

    Just what Bermuda does not need. People who work in that building will move to a safer country. Time for police to introduce a Dusk to Dawn curfew.

  12. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    He’s a nice boy and he’s never been in trouble. He’s certainly not in any gang blaah blaah blahh…..

  13. Awake says:

    I’m reminded more and more everyday how truly DUMB some people can be! A revolution you say? So it’s John Swan’s fault that Bermuda is the way it is? If that’s what you think, you better think again just how many lower class Bermudians (if that’s what they want to be called), he has helped out! How many Bermudians who work and have worked for John Swan! All you HATERS and BLAMERS are pathetic with your stupid brain-dead excuses!

  14. We have become a third world banana back water republic. Thanks PLP.

    • Please explain says:

      All you idiots who keep using terms such as “Third World” and “Banana Republic” Do you even know what you are talking about? And pray tell. When law abiding residents start arming themselves are “THEY” going to have the right to shoot those of Us who ‘look suspicious’ in selfdefence?

      • Come correct says:

        Oh yea if you look suspicious you get shot, because that’s exactly what he said…no, when you witness a shooting, you push gas and run the 2 motherf@ckers over, pull hand break and call the police, and remember its the scene of an accident so you can’t move your vehicle until the police arrive. “Hang in there buddy its going to be ok, I called 911″ :) . The government isn’t going to do a thing about it, can’t you see this yet? Once they see the public is just as ignorant the may just think twice. Problem solved.

    • hmph says:

      Well if we are a third world, so is the rest of the world. Perhaps you should go do some more research on what third world means and what countries are examples of it

  15. Yayo says:

    LAw abiding residents are going to start arming themselves. #REALTALK

  16. Family Man says:

    It just wouldn’t be the weekend without another shooting or armed robbery would it?

    Feeling the love yet Bermuda?

  17. jt says:

    Bad news. It was only a matter of time before this stuff began to spill over into the rest of the island. Armed robberies,home invasions, shooting up IB…………

  18. are you ppl serz says:

    why is everyone so upset that they hit sir John’s building?? The guy missed,simple… Bermudains need to wake up…You all know what type of crowd hangs in shines… If u don’t stop by on a fri-sat after 11-12 o’clock and see…some of ps finest… No disrespect to the older crowd that goes for happy hour…

    • Just One says:

      Exactly. Too many wanna be gangsters hang out there late at night, and other places also… I witnessed first hand when previous managers of that same establishment denied access to Yankee and a few of his aceboys. A fight ensued between them and the bouncers, the police were called, and they quickly left. Congrats to the bouncers. Who knows what could have happened that night if a warring gang had decided to go after who was inside? Probably the same thing that happened at The Wheel?

      • Yayo says:

        Have you read the news idiot. I don’t think they wanna be’s anymore.

        • Just One says:

          Wow you missed the point, go ahead, glorify them then!

  19. Rick O'shea says:

    Now that this has reached Front Street (as good as) this means a bunch more ex pats will leave our island for their own safety.

    Remember every expat who leaves no longer: Rents an apartment, owns a car or bike, buys gas, groceries, clothes, electrical goods, entertainment, restaurant food and drink.

    Congratulations you little scum bags. You obviously have no clue what you are doing. The extreme poverty that you live in as you get older will be as a direct result of foolish actions like this. But then, when your country is controlled by a bunch of gangsters, how can we expect better behaviour?

  20. mixitup says:

    For the record, Shines night club is across the street, and to be honest “that” element has infested his club through private parties etc.

  21. Realtalk says:

    Welcome to the Bermuda night life. For you sheltered folks this is the same crap that was happening to Gravity down on north shore decent people running a business but this gun crime ran them out of business. Now it is in town so let’s see how fast the police clean it up and help deter these idiots. Yes high ho cowboy the trigger man has no aim as he was shootn @ someone as Shines closed at 4am. No balllllls just punks with guns. Larry wake up, as you are one of the sheltered ones to even think John swan was a target, if he was don’t u think they would have shot up the front entrance rather than 2 back office windows 345am. Shine I suggest you invest into CCTV because this is only the start, you have changed your establishment to cater to the younger crowd and now the drama has evolved. Unfortunately your mature crowd are not supportive enough to maintain your business due to the economy. Good luck shine.

    • Voilence Free Nightlife says:

      RealTalk its a fact that our society has changed. I believe Police need to be stationed outside every nightspot during peak times. If need be the establishment can foot the cost of this. I know this sound radical but its amazing what one squad car can do. This is done at every major nightclubs throughout the US, Canada and the Caribbean. In addition, why do all young people have to suffer because of the stupid actions of a few misguided individuals? We should not be so quick to categorize all young people as troublemakers.

  22. Sista says:

    What a sad time for all good abiding Bermudians. I would suggest that all Politicians here in Bermuda need to take a stand or at least come together too stop this madness. Thug life will and should not be tolerated. Politicians, I say again come together and lets fix this mass. An election is nearing and we need a party that takes no prisoners and gets the job done right. Bermuda is to beautiful and small to fall on the heels of such thug/gangter life styles which we are seeing now. Lets start now! Come as one OBA/PLP!

    • Sista says:

      Correction. Mess/gangster. I was very upset while reading this mornings news.

  23. John Doe says:

    I don’t think somebody was riding cross shooting. I think somebody shot at somebody riding cross. Why are the bullet in the building cross the street

    • STAiNED_PARADiSE says:

      very simple john doe…they could have been riding into hamilton and fired shots @ a person or persons outside john swans building…maybe the target was leaving shines and happened to be across the street, hence the shooter/shooters missed the target and hit the building.

      • Come correct says:

        How many 10ft people do you know? Not saying anyone is wrong but john doe does have a point.

        • STAiNED_PARADiSE says:

          thats the whole point of why i said missed their target lolol, they are blanks…also, if you look at the 1st picture closely above in the article, u will notice there is a hole in a lower window which is just to the left of the palm tree. this same window is shown close up in the last picture in the article…this window is clearly not 10ft up!! and more so perfect height of a person or persons standing there….the 2nd hole which is higher up is for sure an example of poor aiming.

          • Come correct says:

            Ageed! I’ve personally fired multiple weapon systems from hand guns up to belt fed machine guns so I know you have to be almost fully retarded and blind to miss a shot like that (appologies to handicapped people because I know some of you could have hit the target), I probably could have done it standing at the restaurant on the corner, assuming the target was near the swan building…if it wasn’t, I suggest never handling a gun again because you might just shoot yourself with top shot accuracy like that.

    • Just One says:

      Was wondering the same thing, perhaps they were shooting at a vehicle that was leaving the club, who knows? Hope there is a witness, then again, people may have dispersed by then, since the club should have closed at 3am. Who knows? Hope somebody does! Wish the police would hang outside some clubs where they know gangsters hang out. Not just sometimes, all the time. This it’s not the first time a shooting has occurred after closing time! Shine should never have allowed these kind of parties. Look at what happened before when the club went under different names, and had similar events…

  24. Keepin' It Real.....4Real!! says:


  25. Keepin' It Real.....4Real!! says:


  26. All Clogged Up says:

    I really blame the parents of these fools….they know their children are waist deep in this mess. Too bad the parents didn’t take more notice of their bad behavior at 8 or 10 years old…..too bad they were more interested in the sessions, football games, and smoking de herb, instead of mothering their love child…..SMH

    • Teacher says:

      I totally agree, everyone gets upset but the indisciplined behavior started way before they were even teenagers. Yes society has contributed but parents not instilling morals and discipline in their children is what has fueled this gang, gangster behavior.
      Why arent we getting upset when children are talking back to adults? flaunting rules at home and in school and on the buses? This is how criminal behavior starts, not when they get ahold of a gun.

      • YAWN says:

        For crying out loud ….
        they act like their parents….!

  27. hmph says:

    What I don’t seem to understand is these boys know that people are coming after them. Why do they continuously go out and hang where innocent bystanders go and risk other people’s lives. If I knew people wanted to kill me I would stay my behind inside.

    • amen says:

      That made me laugh but I suppose staying home all the time is not what these young guys want to do and they could care less about other people. Obviously. What I don’t understand is what type of life is that to live having to constantly look over your shoulder never knowing when a bullet is coming for you. This island is so small and these guys want to live this way. It boggles the mind.

  28. White Caps says:

    Oops, we really didn’t mean to hit Seon Place…….another laptop shutting…ping…another one-way airline ticket booked….

  29. Rummy says:

    Just Parkside taking a shot a MOB on their way home.
    No big deal.
    This is not the Lower East Side yet.
    Armed security, not there yet.
    Bitch about the Cops.
    Want em outside every closed establishment.
    Ewart will solve this.
    Another Putin.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      I keep reading your comments comparing Ewart to Putin but there’s a big difference between them. When it came to the Chechen terrorist Putin did not hold back & even let the public take them down in the streets. These shooters are just the same as terrorist but did Ewart ever resort to extreme measures like Putin when it start no he whined to England, “Let my American buddies deal with it.” Now we might need some American SWAT here but Ewart could have stem the problem when it was smaller by doing what Putin did. Like Putin said, “We showed ourselves to be weak. And the weak get beaten.” Putin made it so anyone affiliated with Chechen terrorism was not allowed anywhere near Russia & if they did they would be taken away to be “interrogated” Ewart could of set laws like this up for wannabe gangsters instead he had his own agenda of making us another U.S. state. Putin could give two bottles of pee pee about America helping him & even accused Bush of indulging terrorists.

  30. Just sayin says:

    Make it so uncomfortable for gang members every chance you get and they will stop.

    Even if it wasn’t a gang member that did it.

  31. tricks are for kids says:

    “Assumed” known gangsters…..there are a lot of blue and white collar gangsters out there as well….should we knock down their doors as well? or should we knock down the doors of those that are “fronting” the money that supplies all the weapons and “greases” the hands of certain individuals that turn a “blind eye” when the shipment is due?… see they will never do that because that would open ‘too many cans of worms”…..

    • Rick Rock says:

      who were the 600 that Jonathan Smith said are “known”? Start there. I don’t care if they’re blue and white collar. I want the lowlife turds who are shooting guns on the streets in jail.

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      Don’t you all know that if you climb too high up on the ladder it becomes more and more increasingly dangerous for YOURSELF!….
      The Drug Cartels are the Rulers…They are in Control….whether you wanna believe it or not, that would be your ignorance not mine ….this is how officials become dirty….personalized promises (threats)will change even YOUR mind trust me on that.
      you all also complain about education …what a joke…FORGET what THEY want to TEACH you…it is so sad to see …I’m out

  32. Ya Gota B Kiddin says:

    just pack ya bags n leave!! problem solved!!

    • Oyeah says:

      What drugs are you on??????? Where do you reckon we all go and who pays for relocation and why should we leave our island because of a few spoilt mamas boys who were thought up over a few elephant beers in between their three jobs and just back from one of their three vacation trips. Hell no! They can leave.

      • Ya Gota B Kiddin says:

        stop smokin weed, stop takin all these overseas trips, stop buyin lunch in town everyday n save ya money n pay 4 ya own relocation!!

  33. Oyeah says:

    Dr Brown was right the NYPD should have been allowed to bring a drug squad here, with a battering ram to bust down the doors of anyone suspected drag em out on the street and ask questions afterwards. Bring the gang game to them. If you wanna play cowboys watch out for the Sherrif that’s how bad it has gone here it has taken root , operation clean sweep two should be implemented.yesterday.
    You cannot be soft on crime.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      NYPD hasn’t cleaned up New York completely as some may think but they’ve done a good job. The decriminalization of Cannabis in New York has helped quite a bit for NYPD to focus more on serious crimes. Also the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative has made a big difference in the Manhattan area.

      Operation clean sweep just escalated the problem it didn’t solve it. It did the same thing as if the police took away all the liquor licenses in Bermuda except for three. The three that remained would make liquor prices higher using the supply & demand rule & use the extra profit to make their businesses expand. This is what has happened with parkside, mob & 42nd now there literally fighting to control the market. There is no such thing as a prohibited controlled substance & as soon as Bermuda Government realizes that we will be better off. Let MAWI nurses & doctors deal the drugs & take all the customers away from these punks & then they will have to get real jobs.

  34. Memory says:

    I wonder what Maxwell Burgess is saying now? I remember him saying “There are no gangs in Bermuda.” Too often we see smoke and pretend that it is MIST.

  35. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    these little boys that wanna play with big mens toys WILL get a RUDE AWAKENING soon….ask any law enforcement officer and they will tell you…Protocol is a B!tch, therefore Policing is rendered useless….there is only one thing left to do….The Terrorists Need To Be Eradicated….these punks that act out over “self inflicted anger”….
    dont stand a chance against US who are being enraged by these actions ….the public now are ready to become criminals TRYING to SAVE OUR BERMUDA….because the ones we vote for any pay handsomely CANNOT DO THE JOB!!!
    Do you know that this is what they want ….they WANT you to take the LAW into your own hands….thats why they whisper not to take it into ur hands .
    Do u know that we have people here that are highly trained in jungle warfare….yes regular looking everyday people some are your neighbors…they can come and take you out of your bed without your wife ,girlfriend,boyfriend whoever you sleep with …and they wont even blink….i dont think you all want this to start coz there aink no court decisions made here ….just orders followed to completion….
    We have to stop talking about HOW to stop or fix this ……IT HAS HAPPENED …IT IS TO LATE …..SEARCH AND DESTROY THE DISEASED PLAGUE OF SATANS CHILDREN.

  36. Judgement says:

    My guess would be that the police and others will step things up a notch if you dont know what I am talking about this message is not for you

  37. Dave says:

    Some comments on this news feed are ridiculous, shots intended for Sir John Swan?, /government comments, and west gate affairs? Get real, you people need to realize that bermuda is dangerous. Majority of you people haven’t experienced the terrors that impact this island. Yes, I could say majority of you people are just the regular daily readers and critics. Straight up some people really talk out there of ass!! 345am, I was running for my life as them two bullets shown in the picture was aimed at me, as you see the lower one would have hit me in back, luckily I was not injured. I don’t have gang affiliations nor do I hang with people in gangs. I was just leaving a party at the wrong time and that’s what took place. I ran and I ran, my friends thought I got shot. You people need to get real ‘wana be gangstas’ they are gangstas because they carry out the same actions as any other gangster. But these guys don’t care who they shoot as long as someone dies. I would have been a fatality case but I chose to live. Its just sad to see that people think bermuda is a joke.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Bermuda is not dangerous the actions of certain people in Bermuda are dangerous. People leaving clubs at that time of night have more chances of getting killed by a drunk driver than a shooter but I don’t see that much uproar over drunk driving in Bermuda as the shootings. You assume all of us posting here have not had something violent happen to us in Bermuda. I have in my younger years especially at that time of night. There have been mini riots in Bermuda in the past at that time of night. My suggestion to all is to leave clubs before 3am when the flood of inebriated people leave not just cause of shootings but because other things may & already have happened with many people around in this state. Not trying to excuse this but it happens because our alcohol laws are too lax.

      You complain about people trying to guess what happened but this is our opinion whether correct or not everyone has one just as you do about the posters here. This is one of the main problems in Bermuda that Bermudians backlash about other Bermudians opinions too quickly because they think their own trumps everyone else’s. I’m sure you have done the same as I’m guilty of also doing as everyone is because we are human not angels. Sometimes when all opinions are out there then a common voice comes to the top because its louder as a majority & if thats the case then maybe those opinions are actual facts but we will never know if we’re not allowed to voice them.

      I feel for what happened to you as I typed before I’ve been a victim also but you are wrong about these people being full fledge gangsters. I’m surprised that the police haven’t told you to keep this quite till all facts are found out as these guys who shot at you may not claim to be from any gang at all. Gangsters in the full sense of the word are organized & mob, 42nd & parkside are not hence why I call them wannabe gangsters or common thugs. I’m really glad that these punks are not organized because if they were it would be all over for Bermuda because none of the crimes they commit would ever be solved till maybe years later. We are lucky it hasn’t gotten to this stage & even IF business men are bringing in drugs they are not part of these wannabe gangs. This is key to them being real gangs & even if someone drug deals, robs, pimps or commits other crimes that does not mean they are gangsters as you suggest. Gangs are hells angels, mafia, triads, ms13, yakuza, bloods & crips where the leaders at the top are big business people who calls all the shots & makes sure that anything done does not lead back to the gang because it would affect business. That being said we all have to ask ourselves why so many crimes that have lead back to the wannabe gangs in Bermuda are not enough to get these wannabe gangs shut down?

  38. Same Ol' Story Being Told says:

    I will make this short. If you really want the voilence to stop, all you white, blacks, hispanics, and whomever is concerned need to come together and put pressure on the Government and the Governor and his UK counterparts.

    The majority rules in case you didn’t notice. Blacks and White people especially we need to settle our differences and make the right decisions when we go the polls this year.

  39. Bring back the bad old racist UBP/OBA ! At least we were a bit safer and more secure under that old white honkey racsit regime ! And at least we all had a job !

  40. Please explain says:

    Blacks and White people? Does that mean Blacks are not considered to be People?

  41. tricks are for kids says:

    To all that don’t know there is a CERTAIN GROUP OF INDIUVIDUALS, GANG, THUGS, WANNA BE’S or whatever you want to call them that has Front Street on ‘lock” and the establishment owners KNOW this, but are they complaining? No…as long as they are not breaking up the joint and spending money they are not complaining….a few hang in this spot, another few hang in this spot and so on and so forth. They keep in touch via bb and text messaging so they know who’a out, and that one little text brings in the “back up”. I’m not going to name and shame the hot spots but all I have to say is that what you are allowing can turn on you at the snap of a finger….

    • And then again....... says:

      Heresay and speculation ! HOWEVER , if what you say IS true ,then those establishemts will soon be frequented by only the ‘Certain Individials’ that you refer to. Because the people you covertly refer to as ‘those who are turning a blind eye’ do not tolerate or like this behaviour , that’s why they choose to hang out in those ( frowned on by certain people ) Front Street establisments and not the other hangouts that the wanksters have taken over/ruined.
      Self inflicted segregation is all it is .

      • tricks are for kids says:

        @ And then again..YOU can assume that it is speculation and hearsay (correct spelling) if you like…I am speaking from what I KNOW to be FACT!!those “certain individuals” frequent these establishments that I am talking about and they are not places that are “frowned on by certain people”. “They” know how to conduct themselves when they are out, they know how to play the part, when they are dressed in their suit and ties (as some of them do) none would be the wiser…You would be very surprised……. money talks my friend trust and believe…….Front Street is on “lock”…Seeing is believing….Really who’s going to admit that this “certain clientele” have been keeping them afloat…give me a break……as long as you don’t draw any unwarranted attention……party over here…….

  42. An expat who is leaving... says:

    Very sad to see BDA end up like this.

    The island really needs some strong, decisive leadership to get out of its current financial sinkhole and crime increase. Both are only going to get worse.

    Can’t see leadership improving with this current lot, unsure if the other party has it in them either.

    Too bad Bermuda.

    • The Whale. says:

      Ok Jonah..good riddance I hope the whale spews you upon a better land.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      So where you’re from is crime-less? Please enlighten us Bermudians on how your utopia stays that way.

      • Ya Gota B Kiddin says:

        there r hundreads of places better than Bermuda!! You just need to expand ya small mind and then you will see!!

        • tricks are for kids says:

          Even if one was to “expand ya small mind” as you so eloquently put it there is NO place in the world that is crime free…may have a bit less but there is NOWHERE that is crime free….even in the Holy Land there is nothing but war and strife…….so I’m with Tommy on this please enlighten us…….

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Sorry to break it to you but you’re delusions are not open mindedness. Yes, there are a few places safer than Bermuda but there is nowhere close to a 100 places that are safer. There are dangers in Bermuda but a huge percentage of those relate to ones lifestyle. Its a shame that this is the case here because I’m sure these tit for tat idiots are taking time away from the police in solving the muggings that have happened. If you were really looking at Bermuda crime with an open mind you would see the difference between the two major crimes here & that if you don’t claim gangster status it reduces your risk. Although there are many ways government can reduce risk even further thats why I genuinely ask for enlightenment.

          There are only a handful of places in the world that can claim low crime rates & there are clean cut reasons for this. Some places just don’t have the high population density that instigates crime. Some places have a extremely rigid law system that tackles public crime in the harshest way possible but is counterbalanced with domestic violence, high suicide rates, loss of humane rights or civil unrest. Then there’s the low crime rate societies who’s government’s have tackled their countries problems in such a liberal way that it has caused major scorn from conservative thinkers who fail to realize its the best way. I would have liked to get a response back from An expat who is leaving about how their country has done it. Yes there are close minded people in Bermuda but this is because of our close proximity to America subjecting us to 70 years of drug war propaganda to the point many believe it to be true. The crazy thing of it all is that America has had to retract their sentiments of drug war to reduce crime in their highly populated areas while the majority of us still believe these fallacies to be true. Our crime related to the drug war has just hit us due to its combination with recession but we not that far down the road as you may think. We still have time to turn back because there are no where near 100 places that have it better than us.

  43. Tired of the PLP !!! says:

    The PLP indirect or direct have been the administration to oversee the complete destruction of Bermudian society. They should all be held accountable for the state of the island at current. The damage they did is irreversible and seemingly we need to change our nation anthem to Gangsters Paradise…. Bermuda is now a 3rd wirld ghetto or close to it… I would be embarassed to market this as a tourist venue right now. “come to bermuda – dodge bullets in the sun”…. pathetic what this island has become. PLP you are to blame 100%. Incompetent fools!!!!

  44. cant believe it says:

    this was done by no other than John Swan with Bruce Barritt as the rider, after a drunken night of dark n stormy’s they thought it would be funny to shoot at the PLP head quaters…. like i said they was drunk

  45. Bermuda is going to hell so im going to go along and enjoy the ride !!!!!!!