Air Canada Buys Rights To Whale Film

April 2, 2012

Bermuda’s waters and the humpback whales that pass through them will be showcased during Air Canada flights, with the airline having purchased the rights to show “Where the Whales Sing” on its flights for a two-month period.

In addition, a television station in Iran has bought the rights to broadcast the film in the Middle East, and South Korea will be dubbing the film into Korean and will showcase “Where the Whales Sing” to a young audience during their Environmental Film Festival in Seoul next month.

The 60-minute documentary is the culmination of Andrew Stevenson’s Humpback Whale Film & Research Project, intended to research and collect visual and acoustics data on the humpbacks as they migrate past Bermuda to broaden our knowledge of these magnificent animals.

This film was first shown at the Bermuda International Film Festival in March 2010, and has went on to win a number of awards both locally and overseas.

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  1. Pastor Syl says:

    Please God it encourages more conservation efforts!

    Kudos to Mr. Stevenson and his intrepid daughter!

  2. Mussel Pie says:


  3. Just Wondering!!! says:

    How is this gonna bring tourist to Bermuda? I still don’t see the connection! Just because Air Canada is showing a film of some whales passing through Bermuda’s water’s this is really supposed to make tourists come here! Be for real! So i guess the tourist are gonna come to Bermuda to swim with the whales!

    • Sparky says:

      I should think it evident that a film of this nature could attract tourists to Bermuda, which has some of the best diving in the world. Unfortunately, this aspect of Bermuda is not given enough coverage in its tourism promotional materials.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ Just Wondering: Not sure where you got the idea that this film was a tourism effort. I didn’t see any reference to tourism in the article.

    • Common Sense says:

      Let me get this straight! This brilliant film is not going to cost our Tourism Department a single dime, but it’s going to be seen around the World due to the fact that it is being sponsored by Air Canada. Can “Just Wondering” please advise just exacrtly what is his or her complaint? Is it going to cause intrinsic harm to our Bermuda image? Is it going to show us in a bad light? Should Air Canada (which services Bermuda on a daily basis) be required to pay us some sort of fee for daring to use the name of Bermuda in their worldwide PR campaigns.

      Are we really at the point where we even criticize this sort of positive story? Come on “Just Wondering”. Be for real!!

    • Finally Left!! says:

      lol Just wondering.. I suppose u haven’t really thought your comment through.

      For one, it doesn’t say this was a tourism initiative, so I don’t see why you are all hyped against it..

      and two, this footage was bought by Air Canada…. I have just a slight feeling that they know more about getting people to fly their airlines than you do.

      Put those two together and its basically free tourism marketing for us….so it doesn’t really matter whether it brings people to Bermuda or not…

  4. plato says:

    Thought there’s a trade embargo against iran…..

  5. What an excellent idea! This is a phenomenal film! If Air Canada is going to be thoughtful enough to include a film of this calibre in flight, they may just be doing other things with their operations to that standard. What a pleasant thought! I think I will arrange my next travel plans to include Air Canada.

  6. Jean Gardner says:

    I say “Congratulations to Andrew” on another wonderful achievement. Whether or not tourist numbers to Bermuda increase due to the film’s publicity isn’t the real ’cause’ now is it? The video’s purpose is to be a testimony, (and an entertaining one at that) to research conducted on the humpback whales’ presence in Bermuda’s waters during the course of their migration. That information is enlightening, important, and has been very well presented in the film. It is easy to watch and contains some touching moments. So we profit from a few extra hotel beds being filled, great … an added bonus, but look at how much we can all learn from Andrew’s efforts. An inflight audience is a captive one and I think it entirely possible that visitors would come to our shores to whale watch and swim with these beautiful creatures. They too might wish to learn more about them, just as Andrew and his family do.


  7. Charlotte says:

    Wonderful news for the whales and our environment. A fantastic idea, the more the world hears good things about Bermuda the better. Thank you Air Canada.

  8. bermudiana says:

    Well done to Mr Stevenson and Air Canada