Premier, Minister In London For 2012 Olympics

August 6, 2012

Premier Paula Cox and Minister of Youth, Families and Sport Glenn Blakeney are currently in London at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Premier Cox said, “It is important to show the flag for Bermuda and our athletes who were selected and earned their place here as part of the world’s best. Often I travel to promote Bermuda business. While I have a meeting to promote Bermuda’s business here in London, I am proud to also switch hats to show my support for our Bermudian athletes.”

Last night, Premier Cox and Minister Blakeney attended the Olympic Stadium for the track and field events, and they along with more than 80,000 people watched the Olympic Men’s 100 meter final, where Usain Bolt once again bested the field to win the gold medal.

Premier Cox said the occasion was “a memorable one, not soon to be forgotten”.

“This has been an amazing experience. The atmosphere here in London is so electric. The crowds are so passionate, and the calibre of athletes has been first class. Certainly the men’s 100 meter final featuring Usain Bolt was the highlight of today’s events. It truly was a wonderful spectacle,” the Premier said.

Premier Cox continued, “I and Minister Blakeney are so pleased that we are able to be here to support all of Bermuda’s Olympic athletes. They have given such a tremendous effort at these games and all of Bermuda should be so very proud of their achievement.

“It was great also to run into Bermudian Patrick.Singleton who is here also in an official capacity.”

Premier Cox said: “Bermuda is aggressive on many fronts. We take our sports seriously. Further we take the accomplishments of our Bermudian athletes seriously.

“We pride ourselves on our reputation-business friendly, credible and strategic. We are taking the gloves off on every front. I am proud of our Bermudians who are doing their best to represent the Island and our spirit well. That is what will continue to distinguish us and differentiate us – our competitive spirit and sense of fair play. Long may it continue.”

Meanwhile, Minister Blakeney who witnessed first hand Bermuda’s athletes performances this weekend said, “I had the distinct privilege to see Flora Duffy make a very commendable effort during the women’s Olympic Triathlon after taking a nasty spill early in the cycle leg of the race.

“Although I’m sure she was disappointed, Flora proudly represented Bermuda and I had the pleasure of visiting with her shortly after her event to convey how impressed I was with her determination.

“I also saw Tyrone Smith compete in the Finals of the Men’s Long Jump as one of the world’s 12 best athletes in that event.

“Jillian Terceira just missed making the third qualifier and I look forward to seeing Tyler Butterfield and Arantxa King who both compete this Tuesday in the Men’s Triathlon and Women’s Long Jump, respectively.”

A Government spokesperson said: “Later this week, [Thursday, Aug. 9] the Premier will host a special reception in London for the Bermuda athletes, where she and Minister Blakeney will personally thank them for representing Bermuda with pride, integrity and grace.

“It should be noted that the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) has graciously provided courtesies for visiting official Country representatives.”

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Comments (15)

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  1. Soooo says:

    And who is paying??? Just another vacation on the public purse…

    I personally would prefer to see the Premier/Minister and do their jobs. Let us (the public) assist the families of the athaletes, that can’t afford it, see their loved ones compete

    “Last night, Premier Cox and Minister Blakeney attended the Olympic Stadium for the track and field events” and not a Bermudian participating or scheduled to… So why were they there?

  2. argosy says:

    Let the good times (one might say the “memorable exoeriences”) roll!

    All on the taxpayer’s dime.

    Enjoy it while you can! No wonder we are not getting an election until the last bell tolls…..

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Just wondering…..did she have all of that babble that she gave us, through the press, prepared before she left Bermuda on her junket? How much did it cost us & yes, the money could have been better spent sending family of athletes would could not afford to go on their own dime.

    She is saving up the frequent flyer miles for later use.

  4. Common Sense says:

    Sorry, but I can’t support the naysayers who criticize the Premier and the Minister of Youth, Families and Sport for attending the Olympic Games as our representatives. I’m just a tad jealous that they were able to watch the magnificent performance of Usain Bolt!

    Premier Cox appears to have used her trip well as she is also in the UK on business, while the Minister and Premier are also hosting a reception for our athletes. We have all sorts of things to complain about – but this is not one of them.

    We should all, without exception, be proud of our athletes and give them our full support.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      They’re there on business? You have truly been suckered if you really believe that.

  5. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Funny how they could go all the way to the airport , get on a aircraft and fly many thousands of miles to see and support athletes they neither know or represent but , they , neither one of them would go to the airport and welcome and congradulate the Bermuda track & field and swim team who acquitted themselves and Bermuda well in international meets , bringing home many gold ,silver and bronze medals . They never ever have . These politicians , cause thats All they are and will ever be are rotten . It is just another all expenses paid , foolish and non-performing excursion payed for by we the people who could least afford it .
    Let me say that because of crap like this , these fools have forced my hand to check the other box . I don’t have money and probably never will , I have love for our athletes and support them in anyway I can .

  6. Opressed says:

    Two total embarrassments to Bermuda, but then again, that’s where we’re headed.

  7. They just couldn’t resist another opportunity for a party could they?

  8. Victor says:

    I was at the airport several years ago when Peter Bromby and Lee White returned after a very successful Olympic outing (I want to say they placed fifth?) – not a solitary soul there to greet them save their families. To my mind this pretty much sums up the ministerial arrogance of this present regime – any chance to strut about London and basque in the athlete’s kudos on OUR money and they grab it; but a genuine and sincere welcome home, forget about it.

  9. Boondoggle says:

    PLP – Party Loving People. I sure hope the Cog and Blakeney could find the money in the public purse to fly first class… disgraceful. Haven’t seen any evidence of them supporting any of the athletes previously but when they can score a boondoggle to attend the biggest event of the year under the disguise of supporting our athletes, they all of a sudden have a clue who these Olympians are… kinda like attending a Royal wedding while supporting independence… Cog is a disgrace.

  10. Cleancut says:

    Cox said; “i am proud to also switch hats” i wonder how many hats she will acquire while in London. Maybe she should have a hat for every BILLION dollars of debt, and unemployed Bermudian.

  11. Wish I could go on your dime too says:

    Another last ditch attempt at racking up airline miles to put in the bank so they can travel for free forever after Bermudians wise up and finally boot them out .

    I will not be impressed until I see PC and the other one standing on the side of the streets with a huge Bermuda flag suspended between them cheering on Tyler or on the shoreline at Weymouth Harbour supporting the Kirklands. After all , at this point that’s pretty much all that’s left of the local Olympic contigent that has to compete.
    But , no , they’ll probably be at ‘track and field’ for some (cough, cough) strange reason.

    Bottom line , someone at the get go should have announced that prior to the start of the games that these two , or ANY government official would be attending.

  12. No way says:

    Dipping into the public purse once again. Complete and utter cheek. Maybe seeing all those people running around the track might encourage her to … get … in gear.

  13. YellowBird says:

    I think it is 100% appropriate that the Premier and Minister Blakeney attend the Olympics- it is such a special and inspiring occasion for the world and Bermuda’s aspiring athletes. I only wish that the Government will in the future take charge of Olympic TV coverage in Bermuda because it is really tragic that Bermuda and especially young Bermudians were deprived of the opportunity to see all the incredible contests going on at the Olympics. I was “away ” this week in the U.S and got to see the most incredible inspirational NBC network coverage of swimming, diving, gymnastics, equestrian with dressage and jumping events, basketball, ping pong, track and field, long jump, hurdles, men and womens wrestling, volleyball, beach volleyball, fencing, crew rowing races,diving and sailing. It really makes me sick that Bermuda and especially young Bermuda didn’t get to see much of this , positive, vastly educational,and inspirational event. I really hope that the Government can in the future take charge of making sure Bermuda doesn’t lose out in seeing the Olympics- it is really that important -especially for young people.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      They’re too busy making sure they have their own “business trips” to the Olympics lined up, unfortunately.