Full Schedule Of Events For CultureFest

September 28, 2012

CultureFest “Unity in the Community” — a two day celebration of all the diverse cultures in Bermuda — will take place on Saturday, September 29th & Sunday, September 30th in the Royal Naval Dockyard from 12 noon – 9pm each day.

Each day residents and visitors can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment, including live bands, vocalists, string instruments, marching bands, majorettes, riding clubs, steel pan, dancers, drummers and much more.

The full 2-day schedule is below [PDF here]:

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  1. Enforcer says:

    This is a positive vibe and refreshing, however I have an observation. The organisers have too many acts crammed in. It is a fair distance between venues and there is a potential that performances will overlap. Personally I would like to see them all.

  2. timsrty says:

    if a hand full of whites come ,,, thats it

  3. DarkSideofTheMoon says:

    All I remember about CultureFest is getting high….

  4. the new bermuda says:

    not Interested

  5. Miguelito says:

    @the new bermuda…okay, fine. Stay home. Personally, I’m looking forward to it. Sounds like fun. I’ll be there, but I won’t look for you, bye.

  6. WoW !! says:

    I can’t believe people would actually talk negative about this. I bet you all complain about the island being boring and there is nothing to do. Give thanks to those involved with this event and don’t let the negativity get you down.

  7. In Mark's Opinion says:

    Great for Bermuda.

  8. Marsha says:

    WOW! I wish I could be there for that festival. Bermuda is absolutely beautiful. And the people,… Whoever thinks Bermuda is boring should try living in my neighborhood in Washington, DC in the USA. Let me ask the negative one if they would like to live in the projects and see blood splatters on the sidewalk and hearing police sirens and ambulances almost around the clock. I mean, you let me know. I’ll get my passport out and start packing my stuff. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the proverbial fence.