Independent David Petty Releases Platform

November 23, 2012

David Petty — who is running as an Independent in C#20 Pembroke South West in the upcoming election — has released his platform.

The 43-year-old previously served as a UBP candidate in 1998, and said his political views fall within the realms of Liberal Socio-Capitalism and his platform has been created in that context.

Platform Highlights

  • We have to institute good governance in Parliament and the Civil Service to create a transparent view, delivery and adherence to policy and to control cronyism, favouritism, fraud and unsubstantiated spending by everyone in our public sector.
  • We must establish equal human rights in Bermuda for everyone, no matter their religious beliefs, perceived class, colour, nationality or sexual orientation.
  • We must pass a freedom of information act with teeth that will be meaningful and effective.
  • A Parliamentary Elections Act should be passed that allows for and supports absentee ballots for Bermudians overseas, extends the advanced poll, makes elections fixed term, allows the public to elect the Premier put forward to the Governor
  • We should repeal any discriminatory legislation that prevents some Bermudians from having the right to own as much property as another Bermudian simply because they have chosen to widen our gene pool by marrying a spouse from overseas.
  • The passing of property from one generation to the next should not be taxed – at all.
  • For some lesser crimes they should be conscripted into the Regiment instead of having a random draft as we do today and put to work so that societal boundaries and expectations that were not instilled into them as youth can be done so as adults. Anyone committing a minor crime that identifies them with a “gang” clearly wants to “belong” to an elite group and as such should immediately be inducted into the Regiment
  • Any assets confiscated under proceeds of crime legislation should be given to the victims of those crimes
  • Medical care for the vulnerable should be readily available and free.

The incumbent C#20 MP Louise Jackson [OBA] is retiring, and the OBA has not yet announced her replacement. Marcus Jones will stand for the PLP, while Independent Johnathan Starling will also contest the area. Considered by many to be a safe seat for the Opposition, Mrs Jackson earned over 80% of the vote in the 2007 and 2003 elections.

Mr Petty’s full platform is below [PDF here]:

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  1. welldone says:

    Some good ideas in there. I still believe it is offensive that the OBA haven’t named a candidate and we are 1 week outside of Nomination Day. They are definitely taking this seat for granted.

  2. frank says:

    did the oba tell you who they are putting in#20 maybe you should join the plp.alot of the things you mention are the same views of the plp

    • Curious says:

      The views are the same…. except for
      1) Desire for good governance laws
      2) Equal human rights
      3) Freedom of information to ever be passed
      4) Absentee ballots (might cause fraud!)
      5) Discriminatory laws with respect to property ownership
      6) Not taxing property from being passed from one generation to the next

      Other then that he might have some PLP views!!

  3. sandgrownan says:

    So, nothing to solve the debt crisis. Move along, nothing to see here.

  4. Blurt says:

    Interesting. The proceeds of crime going to the victim of that crime…..seized assets from buglary I get, but what about money laundering drug money…how is that given to the victim. There are many victims, including society. Equal rights is good, shouldn’t discriminate against people in the 21st century in terms of less opportunites or financially. I like the regiment idea, but don’t think its execution will be smooth and may require prison cells at regiment. Who would then volunteer to be in the regiment!! Ps very clever David Petty and Petty crimes to the regiment…you could call it the Petty Act.

    You are wrong re passing a Freedom of info act…. We need a government that is accountable, and grafting for Bermuda to beneft that IS going to conduct business transparently and ethically. We need a Code of Ethics and rules that see punishments including dissmissal and treason for failiure to adhere. Having laws doesn’t mean people will follow them. The Govenment is rife with issues….note the qualified audits.

    There is plenty of Teaser ideal world candy in your platform, but you have FAILED to address the economic disasters we face while seeking to be elected on and GAng Crime. Some of the key issues we face. The best independent Candidate Platform to date…..but labeling yourself as a Liberal Socio-Capitalist (LISCA) makes you sound like a self important looney, there are conflicting ideals in the name. Petty crimes to Regiment is not Liberal either.

  5. Blurt says:

    I see you do have some other coverage. So my apologies. Fast tracking investment to Bermuda! Careful, we are already a quick and efficient Capital to market provider….any faster and we would risk losing our reputation for due diligence, regulation and accountability and provide ammunition to those who think it is 100% about tax, and then it would be over. Please tell us how YOU plan to repay the debt agressively.

  6. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    David Petty has vision and , I wish him the best .

  7. street wise says:

    Ideally, people like the IDEA of Independent Candidates. However, in a Legislature packed with Independents probably nothing would get done. And any Independents who happened to get voted into the House would have no power to help their Constituents. No party, no power. That’s Bermuda.

    So, unfortunately, a vote for David Petty is a vote for the sluggish plp.

    Vote wisely.

    I do give credit where credit is due… at least the Independents, David & Jon, so far, have at least published their platforms and some ideas for solving our plp-created problems. Where is the plp’s platform, they didn’t have one at the last election either, they were so sure of winning. This year, not so much.

  8. lulurose3327 says:

    David Petty as you seem to think, may have the same views as the PLP, but u tell me why they are ‘sluggish’. I can tell you now that they are only ‘sluggish’, because they have views that they dont follow through, now if David does win the election then what is to say that he wont follow them through, how can you go and say that he wont consider your ideas, now I can safely say that you can come up with at least ten things you want attending to by the Bermudian parliament, now if you were to have the PLP attending to your thoughts I can assure you that the outcome would be significantly different, to if your views were being carried out by David Petty’s platform!