Live Blog: Crowds Flock To Black Friday Sales

November 22, 2012

[Updated] With this year’s Black Friday sales due to kick off at midnight, shoppers are already displaying their enthusiasm having started to line up outside of Digicel late this morning. Digicel will be opening their Church Street store at 12.01 offering a variety of bargain prices, as well as numerous prizes.

Any customer to purchase a featured postpaid device is eligible to spin the “Digicel Prize Wheel” to win one of 600 free gifts which include iPod Shuffles, iTunes Cards and more.

Digicel will also be giving away free tablets; Each of the first 20 customers to purchase a BlackBerry Smartphone and activate a new 2 year agreement will receive one of 20 free BlackBerry PlayBooks. Each of the first 50 customers to purchase a Samsung Smartphone and activate a new 2 year agreement will receive one of 50 free Samsung Galaxy Tabs. You can view Digicel’s full list of specials here, and view opening times for some other stores here.

Update 5.27pm: Video with Digicel CEO Wayne Caines

Update 7.09pm: There are now dozens of people in line at Digicel, with the line extending well around the corner and also a few shoppers waiting outside CellOne, which will also open at midnight

Update 11.40pm: The lines outside Digicel and CellOne are now massive. A few people can also be seen lined up outside the Phoenix, which opens at 4am

Update 11.55pm: Digicel have just opened their doors.

Live Blog of Black Friday sales, starting at midnight below

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  1. WELLiNEVA says:


    • swing voter says:

      well here’s some more shyte for you…my gurl got a samsung SIII from Sprint a couple of weeks ago…for $99 hahahha digicel suck!

      • Gatorade Jeff says:

        Digicel. Ripping off Bermuda 364 days of the year.

        • JustSayin says:

          im prettttty sure its the same price here lol. smh $99 early bird special….thats why they are lined up ANNNND the first 20 people get a FREE tablet. I bet Sprint didn’t give them that. Stop hating on your country and try and look for positive things in your life. Just sayin……..

    • Out of flight says:

      Now we know where Bermudian priorities are. Not solving crime, or working with boys. Priority number one is: Getting a bargain.
      Will spend hours waiting for a bargain and only seconds with their children.
      Hours for a bargain and minutes re-training
      Hours waiting for a bargain and only seconds reading.

      Will be fired or dismissed or let go in seconds

      Will then cry on their Govt. shoulders for hours.

      • folders says:

        GOODNESS!! why so negative? Some people actually know and do manage their money. Yes it may be a recession for some, but a lot of us are way above water. No I was not one of the shoppers however..

  2. Johnboy says:

    You have got to be kidding right??????

  3. Tired says:

    They need a life

  4. MakesSense says:

    Yah, a free tablet…on a contract…….with a minimum data plan. People aren’t thinkin bout all that.

  5. Come Correct says:

    SO ya, heres my plan… Grab a case from the liquor store down the street, individually wrap all 24 bottles in brown paper bags so it looks like im trying not to look like im drinking alcohol in public, sit outside getting flatt, be one of the first to get my new Galaxy and tablet, hit up front street with all the money I think I saved, get more flatt, bars close at 3am, that gives me 2 hours to stumble round de road to Hamilton Four Star and get my $5 10ft pizza and my free Dasani water, construct a hang glider out of half of my 10ft pizza and some beverage straws and glide back into town to snatch up the rest of the amazing deals I still cant afford.

    P.s. If I was Four Star I would ammend that 10′ pizza to a 10″ pizza before I get there and make a belligerantly drunken scene despite the fact I know you dont have a 10ft pizza oven.

  6. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Are these some of the young folks who are unemployed? I guess they are making their money somewhere…

  7. Family Man says:

    No job but they will sit in line for hours to sign up for a 2 year phone contract at $60/month.

    Or maybe they’re bus drivers who called in sick today?

  8. Jay says:

    Times are hard LOL i hope the weather holds up for them…

  9. HeyBye says:

    Suckers born everyday.
    Don’t pay today but will be going forward, just like the rest of Bda now.

  10. bermy$hotta says:

    Funny how u look out for ya “new” customers but don’t look out for de customers dats been wit you for years. Some 10 years. Jus ah $$$ ting!

    • Crazy Eddie says:

      @bermy$hotta I’ve been saying that for years…they also gonna take on more Data customer on a system that can’t handle the data traffic they have now…

  11. Shop til u drop says:

    Well I never !!!!!!

  12. SoMuchMore says:

    too funny! young guys at that… and it looks like they have no shame. i hope sitting out there all day and night is well worth it but maybe they’ll get stopped by some Jehovah;’s or the plp preaching that their for the young people. LOL

  13. Y-Gurl says:

    There going to sit there all night to get a 2 year digicel contract, am I missing something here?

  14. Honestly says:

    What kind of promotion is this? Always to get new customers in the door! Existing customers never benefit from promotions such as these with the price lowered by little. Can’t wait for contract to end anyway! Suckers won’t be getting my money…I’ve had enough!

    • heh heh.. says:

      That’s a lie. All promotions are for existing. I know because I have been in to upgrade wIth and wIthout contract.They just make us sign a contract. What’s the big deal? :S They have to make sure we stay somehow. I just don’t understand why people get fired up over nothing. I am sure there are more important things in life than critiquing these carriers. You’re happy with your carrier then shut up. Lol

  15. ABC says:

    worry bout ur customers helpline first always blah blah

    mr caines digice;l sucks and de customers servives

    24-7 lmao

    false ads in a no no

  16. ABC says:

    they can have people workin all night for money but u call askin for help

    a joke D::( D-::-( :-@ ;( `_ยด D<

  17. SoMuchMore says:

    just as they show up early for stuff like this i wish they would take this same hype/mentality and show up to work on time LOL.

    one sees where the faith is LOL

    • mixitup says:

      who are “They” can you elaborate?!

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        I guess ‘they’ are those in the pictures. Not hard to figure out you know. Why, do you have a problem with who ‘they’ are?

        • mixitup says:

          Nobody asked your bigoted self to chime in! These blogs show me that the more things change the more they remain the same. Comments like “these ppl have no jobs,” “its always the same demographics” “Goons out spending money they don’t have”. Get my point?!

  18. Private Pyle says:

    Gonna be lots of goons out tonight spending money they do not have, instead of paying down bills that they do have.

    • PEACE says:


    • folders says:

      I agree .. one week before rent is due.. mortgage etc… i guess i will give a grace period to my tenant .. hmmm .. may be two weeks so i dont have to listen to made up stories

  19. Tagg Romney says:

    This really is hideous. It is always the same demographics.

  20. poragui fix for now says:

    Do you really think the way the economy is that, I would loose sleep or the day at work to get a phone. Don you know if we have a job tomorrow to keep paying the monthly data contract for three years. It’s not worth it. Those tabs cost nothing for Digicel or cellone. ( it’s still made in China) . And for the other shops that have sales I, if you guys read and see whatthey have for sale, it’s the same crap they have had for years and can’t sell. They make it seam it’s a good deal. My advice to my people of Bermuda Amazon has black Friday sales till Saturday afternoon
    and Amazon also has syber Monday for electronics. It’s Cheaper then buying things here evon if Bermuda shops had 80% off trust me. If you have a Us ip, use it gets cheaper. It work. But any way let me pause and say goodnight to my amigos on those fake black Friday sales. And hopeful.

  21. So Tired says:

    Where ya children at?

  22. Let's think about this... says:

    Wow, Bermudians (those who don’t already) who can actually keep time! Wait, ya’ll were early!! It’s a miracle!! Offer the same priced contract with a phone that’s slightly cheaper plus a tablet that you can’t afford anyway let alone need, and people show up early!! I can hear the conversation at work when folks show up late cuz they been out all night (as per usual): “Look at my new Samsung Galaxy S3 I got at Digicel cuz I got in line right after I finished work! I got a Samsung Galaxy Note too! Now how you work this thing?”

    Employers, here’s a tip: offer a free phone, and the tardy will show up on time.

    Oh a serious note, folks please be safe and mindful of yourself and others. No phone is worth getting hurt or in trouble over.

  23. Free says:

    Ticket system? SMH. Sounds like the crowd is turning on you Mr. Caines! Get some control of your people lol.

  24. Talk that Talk says:

    If you have the money than by all means BUT if you can not afford it, you people need to go home. Tough times coming for this island…can you not see the storm clouds on the horizon?

    My people! All to keep up with the JONES’! Hope the Jones’ got backup money for you!

  25. In Mark's Opinion says:

    They got enough phones for all them people.

  26. SMDH says:

    I think this is a sad reflection of the commercialised society we live in. I hope your ‘bargain’ was worth it peeps.

  27. Observer says:

    Way to go Bermuda!! Let’s support our own economy and keep our people employed!!! Every dollar we spend locally helps!!!

    • Honestly says:

      Thank you observer! It’s their money, why are people complaining? Many locals travel overseas you don’t know of! Complainers and negative people need to get a life! Mayberry they are the ones without the funds and are jealous! Lol!

  28. Suckers says:

    Wow what great global marketing scam getting people to pay u money for talking and exercising your index finger suckers that should be these folks savings

  29. Don't Understand It says:

    Why eat pizza that early in the morning?

  30. smart move says:

    digicel… move…..this company has made the right decisions…..particularly in the islands….from its irish roots…i believe its still privately held by the original founder in ireland.

    • wizeazz says:

      One owner who takes millions each month and leaves nothing behind.

  31. umjussaying ! says:

    Why are so many concern about others business .. People can do as they like .. Its obvious you not doing you if you watching them. Bermuda problem #1 to watchy watchy! MYOB!! And just make sure ya bills are paid ..please.. get a life.

  32. Crazy says:

    Digicel and CellOne can afford to sell phones at their special price because they know they have you for 2-3 years on contract and they will make that money back within a few months. No thanks…no contract for me. But hey…if what they are offering works for you, go for it.

  33. smart move says:

    They play like they are Caribbean based..which you all know is not correct…..not even close……unless Ireland is now part of the Caribbean/Bermuda

  34. smart move says:

    see this link for the info on the founder.

  35. Triangle Drifter says:

    My 10 year old Digicel basic phone, no camera, is still going strong along with my almost most basic service plan.

    For travel, yeah I drift around alot, I pay $45 a month for unlimited voice, text, data, internet, no contract, no reconnection charge, same number, no hassel, Walmart Straight Talk phone. The useless for roaming away from major cities Bermuda phone sits turned off costing more per month to keep than the Straight Talk phone.

    Why would anyone, not using it for work, need a smartphone in Bermuda anyway? It is not like you are ever far from the home computer or can use it to compare prices for the same goods in stores separated by miles?

    • Free says:

      1. Who cares. 2. Mind your own business. Why do some people need a boat? Why do some people need a jet ski? Why do some people need 30 pairs of shoes? I can go on and on. Why are people like you SO concerned with what others do with their money just because you choose to have an old ass phone?

  36. Jury says:

    Its amazing how all these people can make time for a Sale at 12, 4 ,5 and 6am in the morning but when the Public schools hold monthly PTSA meetings and Parent/teachers conferences hardly any of the Parents/Guardians show up to give support.

    This is just pure ignorance of what’s important to many folks. Try an Investing your money as an option. Come January everyone will be broke and crying proverty.

  37. Jury says:

    ooppps I mean ***POVERTY

  38. Malachi says:

    ….hope the BELCO bill is paid up so these phones and tablets can get charged!

  39. Ron says:

    digicel service sucks. i have an iphon and went in for repair, no one could fix it. The told me to go to audio Visual who wanted to keep my phone for a week. How can you be selling phones you cant fix? Anyway, for those in a similar predicament, check out iCandy Inc on facebook or iInstagram. They will hook you up!! Highly reccomended.

  40. Just Saying says:

    People really do some nonsense for material things..smh

  41. Bermudian says:

    Typical…the public complains when retailers don’t do anything to attract the customer, then they still complain when the retailers listen and actually do something. Instead of being negative, try saying something positive or useful. Kudos to all the retailers who planned ahead and that have made it a fun and exciting morning.

    • SMDH says:

      If the retailers want locals to shop locally they would keep the prices this low all the time. I’ll bet some leftover pizza that thy arent making a loss on these hyped-up sales..

  42. tired says:

    @ bermudian…I agree. Bermudians need to make up their minds. Retailers are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. It appears that all folks do is complain. @ Ron and for those who always complain about service, then you clearly are “perfect” all the time, how great for you. Contrary to what one might believe, customers are not always right. One will not always be happy with the service that everyone in the service industry provides…that’s life, so get over it.

    • ABC says:

      tired ur name says it all


  43. Frances says:

    Skip the cell phone altogether, get a land line, save even more. No need for top up.Talk less. Silence is economical and far more powerful.

  44. LongtimeCustomer says:

    Mr. Caines,it is nice to see that your going the extra mile for your customers and prepaid customers. What i would like to know is what are you doing for your long term customers that have faithfully been there through all the teething problems with new systems, and all the upgrades to get you where you are today.
    So in your next strategic planning meeting for your next fiscal period i hope that, that is and agenda point and that something comes out for the better of US your longterm customer.