Tavares: ‘I Will Not Take Voters For Granted’

December 14, 2012

David J. Tavares — independent candidate for C#8 Smith’s South — said he feels he has earned the right to represent the constituents of Smith South and “will never take them for granted as is the case with the other two candidates.”

Smiths South will see the incumbent Cole Simons [OBA] challenged by Mr Tavares and Wayne Perinchief [PLP].

In the 2007 General Election, Mr Simons [as a UBP candidate] won 73.47% of the vote vs the PLP’s Jane Correia [673-243]. In 2003, Mr Simons won 73.84% of the vote against Liz Christopher [PLP].

Mr Tavares’ campaign for elected office started back in February of this year when he announced his candidacy, and during this period he has visited the doorsteps twice.

His first-round of canvassing, on weekends, was to handout the results of his survey and the issues he wishes to address, on behalf of the constituents, as their elected MP for Smith’s South.

Mr. Tavares’ second-round of canvassing started once the election was called to drop off his campaign brochure and a thank you letter to constituents for taking the time to open their doors and listened to what he had to say and offer.

Encouraged by the response on the doorstep, Mr. Tavares said believes he has “earned the right to represent the constituents of Smith South and will never take them for granted as is the case with the other two candidates relying on their party support base with very little effort, if any, on the doorstep.”

Mr. Tavares said he is a firm believer in taking personal responsibility for earning the voter’s trust, and is of the belief that you have to earn votes the “old fashion way, you have to earn it.”

Mr. Tavares can be contacted via phone [232-1165 or 534-1847] or email [nova.perspectiva@northrock.bm], and his election campaign brochure is below [PDF here].

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  1. status! says:

    Yawn–who is this guy?????Only thing I can tell is that his history doesn’t reflect my history? Yawn….ZZzzzzz

    • Time for Change says:

      LOL. I am right there with you. Yawn! He’s as arrogant as they come unless he has changed. I have had the pleasure of encountering his rude mannerisms in the past. I say under 15 votes

      • Blurt says:

        Belives he has earned the right….wow, bit of an inflated view of himself. Arrogant or what!

  2. Wishing and Hopin" says:

    I admire the way that Mr Tavares is running his campaign.
    Given previous elections it will hard for independents to pick up any seats but I wish him well.
    If only ALL our politicians ran for office under the banner of trust. What a wonderful world in would be

  3. Have respect says:

    This ‘guy’ you refer to is a good guy! Doesn’t matter what history he has compared to yours. You sound like a complete jerk! I wish people would stop making opinions of others and look in the mirror and judge yourself – I am sure it’s not perfect. Get a life.


  4. Amazed says:

    I am sure that this man is well intentioned but I am not sure about his motives.

  5. Cross+Roads says:

    I question all Independents timing here, there is a bigger picture at stake here. That is to rid Bermuda of a useless/shamful PLP Government. Independents are NOT helping IMOP.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Really , it’s terrible to speak of the OBA so badly .

  6. Just a thought says:

    Well at least he came to my house and listened to us…..have yet to see the other two!

  7. Bermudian says:

    A vote for this guy is a wasted vote.