Four Teenagers Charged With Group Attack

January 10, 2013

Four teenagers were this morning [Jan 10] remanded into custody after all four pleaded not guilty to variety of charges alleging that as an armed group, they had attacked, assaulted, chased, and caused grievous bodily harm to another teenager.

All the alleged offences were said to have taken place on 30th November 2012 in Sandy’s. The four were alleged to have chased their victim to his house and on reaching his house to have banged on the doors and continued making threats.

The teenagers who were charged were Azah Dowling, 18; Corey Bean, 19, Tahj Brown, 19, and Jachael Gibson, 19. Rejecting Duty Counsel Oonagh Vaucrosson’s application for bail for each of the four, Senior Magistrate Archie Warner remanded all four into custody at the COED facility until their trial date of 24th April 2013.

Brown and Gibson were charged with making threatening gun gestures and noises. All four were charged with unlawfully causing grievous bodily harm to the victim. Brown and Bean were charged with causing grievous bodily harm to the victim.

Dowling was charged with assaulting the victim. Bean was charged with possessing an offensive weapon – a baseball bat. Gibson was charged with possessing a bladed article – a knife with a 12” blade.

None were represented by counsel other than the Court appointed Duty Counsel, and all were remanded in custody.

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  1. 50cent says:

    Go OBA!!!! get them all behind bars.Time to clean up our country

  2. Ok so we do what with them while they are there.maybe this government will consider reopening non such Island as I remember it was a place were you were totally cut off from the outside world and no visitation.

    sometimes going backwards can help you go forward,then they can implement the much needed services there without interruption.

    Or just go all the way barbaric to ole school and use the cat of nine tails.

    • swing voter says:

      Pastor Bean has a 19yr lease at whites island to set up a rehabilition of at risk youth camp. shouldn’t he be considered before reopening nonsuch at considerable expense? has he fulfilled the terms and conditions of that whites island lease? Is his organization really an……organization on paper only? Leroy this is an opportunity for you to get it right. Do what you promised to do with whites island or terminate the lease and hand in the keys. Our youth need your help.

      • To be fair I totally think that the decision the previous government made to lease Whites Island to Pastor Bean for 19 years was wrong and should be reviewed by this present administration.

        Now in defence of Pastor Bean and others who have the same vision,we need to reconize that government can give all the facilaties it wants but without funding or support both private and public,how is such programs going to be successful.

        From your comments it dont seem as if you are or have been directly involved with any organisation from the administration side of it,because if you have your comments would have been with greater depth.

        Try looking into those that have attended whites Island under this iniative and see the difference it has made for them,not everything gets printed or the good stories told,mostly it is all the negative stories that make the news and therefore makes the money,I really like Bernews because so far they give an even balance.

        I dont post on the daily rag (royal Gazzatte)


    We are awaiting this verdict.

  4. 270 says:

    Dumb f#@king a$$

  5. lulz says:

    That moment when you can’t tell the sex of the accused by their names…

  6. Ya mama says:

    Co-ed? Why not westgate? Little children wouldnt last up there. Play man do man time

  7. Blame the parents says:

    I blame their parents. Anger and hate run deep and it’s learned. I wonder who their role models were or monitored their friends as they were growing up.

    They need to go through a scare program in jail so they realize this isn’t their show.

    Arrogant, self centered brats need a spanking.

  8. Blu_topaz says:

    If in fact found guilty I don’t think they should be locked up. They r young and can be changed. they will learn nothing in prion. Send them to one of those boot camps overseas that work their a$$es , teach them respect and value.

    • frank says:

      all they need is a dam good cut a===s and while your at it give the parents one to

  9. 441 says:

    If guilty, The police should lock these wannabe thugs up and throw away the key.

    • Dee says:

      Ya, if guilty just lock them up so they can be a f#@king nuisance to society for the rest of theirs and my life! I hate people like you! “perfect”

      • De kidd says:

        I total agree it’s people like that who adds to the problem, if they don’t know sh*t shut the he’ll up.

  10. swing voter says:

    wonder if both parents showed up to support their children…..any bets?

  11. Roshea says:

    It’s funny how some of you idiots have so much to say. You don’t know any of these boys so who are you to cast judgement?! That’s the problem with you peabrained individuals. You are so quick to pull down and make your condescending comments. Check your OWN back gardens before you run your nasty mouths about people YOU DO NOT KNOW!! I on’t care what you’ve heard or what you THINK you know! Yes, one of these boys are my sons and he was brought up with values and pride. You do NOT know our stories or walked our paths so go sink yourselves in the pig pans you belong in. NOTE: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!!!! “ROSHEA”

    • mixitup says:

      How about…. I as a parent of one of these boys am extremely disappointed that my son, with the values we instilled in him, has allegedly gotten himself in this mess. Although he will continue to have my support, I really hope that this is a lesson learned on his part and the other’s involved. My apologies to the family who had to endure this.

      This is what would have people believe that he was brought up with values and pride.

      • Roshea says:

        How about mind your own business and affairs. You don’t know the status of my relationship with my child and you certainly do not know the content of our conversations. I need not go into depth with you about any of that as it’s none of your business. Note, as I stated earlier, that he is INNOCENT until proven guilty. Now, I’ll allow you to make your comments as I’ve said what I wanted to say. So quickly, run along… I believe your cobwebs are overflowing. Cheers

        • Bogie Man says:

          Good thing ya boy didn’t pick d wrong house….cuz um beatin de breaks off dis yout allegedly try somethin like dat to my family. HAHA

      • well said,to often we protect our children because we felt we raised them in the right way but when they leave our doors they are influenced will so manythings in our Island to the mother you may not like what is being said but what if one of those blows could have been fatal,what would you have had to say to the parent of that child.

        this is not to say that the young person in question that got beaten did not bring it on themselves but there is alway three sides to every story.

      • BermudaGirl says:

        You are right. Miss Mom here sounds ghetto….defensive….not a good combo!

    • Free says:

      Actually judging by your comment it’s no surprise your loser son is in the news for a “group attack”. Spend more time being a better parent instead of leaving comments criticizing people who are rightfully criticizing your son who is allegedly being a menace to society.

      • Roshea says:

        And you are intelligent because?? You’ve actually made me smile by your comment about “be a better parent” That is evidence within itself that you are an idiot. Like I said before, peabrained people run theor mouths about people they DO NOT KNOW. — :D

        • Free says:

          That question doesn’t make sense, like most of your nonsensical ramblings. I’m the idiot and your juvenile delinquent son is in the newspaper and you aren’t even proud enough of him to claim him by his name. You are another example of the childish, terrible, dead beat women breeding and contributing to the anti-social behavior plaguing Bermuda. Your immature comments show the clear poor example you have set for him. Go find your sons father, maybe that’s why he’s acting out. Not my fault your sons father is a multiple choice question.

          Maybe my mother has, maybe she hasn’t. The fact that she loves me, took wonderful care of me and raised me to be a responsible respectful member of society says she doesn’t regret it.—

          • Roshea says:

            I didn’t waste my time reading all of what you just wrote but the fact remains that you clearly and obviously don’t know what you are talking about. As for claiming, why don’t you have up your real name? Free is it? Clearly your mother was too busy in everyone else’s business or perhaps everyone else was busy in her and thus didn’t raise you right. That perhaps explains your ignorance or perhaps it is the fact that you’re calling the wrong mad “dad” and that has given you a complex. Now run along with your assumptions over things and situations that you do not have clear knowledge about. Society would most certainly be better off without a c#nt such as yourself. Talk facts and not fiction. Lol you are another example of a a senseless, spineless, lying, idiot who rambles without proof or just cause.

            • Free says:

              You getting all upset because your son is an alleged criminal. I must have struck a nerve.

              Unlike you, my mother didn’t spread her legs to every Tom, Dick and Harry. I know who my father is, he’s still married to my mother. Guess what else? He is also the father of ALL of my siblings. That’s a foreign concept to you huh? I have his name, our family name, he is on my birth certificate. Unlike you and your litter who all have different names and daddies. Now who is the daddy of this criminal one? A, B, C, D or none of the above? LOL!! Why won’t you claim him since you are so proud of him? Girl bye. Thanks for the amusement hoodrat.

              • What? says:

                NOW THATS SOME FACTS FOR YOU!! LMAO!!! I LOVE YOU “free”!!

          • Feel Free says:

            I had to comment as you are the reason why this island is like it is! Honestly instead of judging people by what you read in the RG get off your a$$ n go out and do some good in soceity until you hear the case don’t be quick to pass judgement!

        • Sarai says:

          Roshea-your comment is absolutely disgusting and sums up what kind of person you are! That is an absolutely horrible thing to say to someone. I’m sure there are tons of people who sure as hell wish you’d kicked that kid of yours out of your womb…

        • Mom's Gingerbread says:

          Roshea instead of trying to say “not my boi/boy” just think where did I go wrong or where did my child go wrong. You are on here calling people peabrain, yet “your” son is the one locked up. hmmm go figure

    • skeptical says:

      And your comments are not condescending?

    • Mayan says:

      @Roshea- You say: “…Yes, one of these boys are my sons…”

      Do you mean: “Yes, one of those boys IS my SON…?”

      Good grief…

      • Roshea says:

        I have to smile at your silly comment. You have just proven that some people just want to be noticed… Now, “brains” did you not see my comment after that in regards to what I wrote? Geesh… Thanks for the laugh ;)

        • Mayan says:

          @Roshea: Typos my azz. You just don’t know how to spell and are clearly ignorant. I wish I could post what I really want to about that son of yours, but I know Bernews probably won’t post it. Let’s just say you won’t be winning any Mother of the Year awards any time soon.

          • Mayan says:

            BTW, it’s ‘due’ not ‘do’…

          • Roshea says:

            @ Mayan, I can care less about what you have to say. I’m actually finding some of you idiots quite entertaining. I’m quite amused and wonder if you believe half of the nonsense you have to say. Now go on with your petty insights. Lol and do enjoy your night. P.s. Check your blood pressure, I wouldn’t want you to have a stroke. ;)

  12. Roshea says:

    As for my typing errors, they were do to being annoyed and rushing my texts.

    • ella says:

      Roshea: Your son may not be guilty but if he choose to affiliate his self with alleged thugs well then he will be labeled as a thug is all i’m sayin. Same goes for me as well – if my child associates with alleged thugs, he will be labeled as a thug. WE MUST KEEP TALKING TO OUR BOYS. I DO IT EVERY DAY!

      • Roshea says:

        I agree and I talk to my sons about their associations… My child knows that every action has a reaction and he also knows my stance on things such as this. People are so quick to label and yes, I agree that certain behaviours are unacceptable however, I will not allow anyone to cast judgement when they do not know him on an intimate or personal level. I wish you the best..

        • Fruity says:

          This comment was best worded in my opinion. I can’t judge and won’t, hope and aim for the positive things, don’t give up.

    • Sarai says:

      Your comments aren’t typos, Roshea-they are because you do not understand proper grammar. For example, your comment should say your typos are DUE to you rushing. You’re clearly just not very smart and it shows.

      • Roshea says:

        Wow sweety. I see your intelligence and great depth shining through.. How long did it take you to google that? Aww

        • Sarai says:

          @Roshea-You think someone has to Google that? Are you for real??? Good god, I learned proper grammar way back in primary school!

          You are incredibly stupid and your arguments don’t even make sense. Why would I Google your comment? I’d have to know there was something wrong to start with-what, do you think I Googled every word you posted in case one thing was wrong? Be for real! I noticed your mistake right away because I am smart and you are not. I’m not the only person who noticed! Most people know this stuff-it’s basic!

          I’ll bet you’re one of those people who mixes up words like to, too and two, aren’t you? You’re one of those people who was put in the special class, huh?

          Instead of arguing with people on Bernews you need to get your son straight, ‘Sweetie’.

  13. Where do I "BUY BDA" says:

    @Roshea – I do feel and understand where you are coming from…. So with all that being said….. As your son was raised with “values and pride” maybe this stint behind bars will be an awakening for him. As my Mother always told me…. “If you don’t listen… then you will feel”

    Please, please do not think I am knocking you… I am in the same boat as you (metaphor). I have a nephew whom I pratically raised from birth till he was 14/15 with them same values instilled that you did with your kids. To the point that as he was a troubled kid in primary school and I used to sit in his class with him for half a day (everyday) to ensure he did not act up. (and YES I do blame his parents) but someone had to step in…. so I did. After months and months and years and years of trying to help him, help himself, ask me where he is today.. WESTGATE.

    Some I pose a question to many commentors out here in BLOG-WORLD who say “It takes a village to raise a shild” . When is enough, enough… I mean to the point where as I REFUSE to jeodardize MY HEALTH and SANITY for a kid that just will not listen and understand. Some may think 50 is old but hey….. I am young and will not let any idiot kids put me in an early grave…. I will put them there first..

    My nephew has a case coming up soon and I WILL BE IN COURT recommending that he be kept in there. Like I said earlier……..


    @Roshea – I do wish you nothing but the best for the future and maybe/hopefully these kids will realize that sometimes enough is enough.

    Have a great day.

    • feddefatup says:

      Well said!

    • Roshea says:

      Thank you so much and Blessings unto you and yours… I understand where you are coming from and I would take the same stance.. I felt to comment as people have so much negativity to say yet they do not come together to try and rebuild our community and young people.. Why tear down instead of trying to repair what’s broken? I’m tired of people who think they know when in actual fact, they truly have no idea.
      I wish you the best as well…

      • ella says:

        Try to Stay Strong Roshea!!

      • Where do I "BUY BDA" says:

        Thanks Roshea…. You stay strong K

      • Mayan says:

        @Roshea: Of course people are negative…the public is FED UP with this stuff! Your son is innocent until proven guilty so I am talking in general here-people are sick of paying to keep these little thugs locked up. There are single mothers out there moaning about the lack of social programs-we’d have TONS of money for social programs if we didn’t have to pay ti keep these guys locked up! I’m so sick of the excuses; people need to be held accountable for their actions. I don’t know what’s wrong with some of these guys-they’re like animals! The public has had enough!!!

        • Mayan says:


        • Roshea says:

          What has the public done as a unit to help solve these social issues? Perhaps our children are being lost and misguided because their “single” parents are busy busting their behinds trying to secure funds to pay their rents… I can go on and on but I do see a lost generation and I see very few people that are willing to be a part of the solution to saving these young people. I find that the majority of these social issues are within the “black” community and I see in many instances, the parent and or parents are working hard trying to make ends meet yet barely doing it. Anyway, I will continue to prayer for our island and our children.. Ones past does not have to determine ones future.. Be blessed

          • Mad Dawg says:

            Perhaps it would be an idea for people to delay having kids until they are financially able to support them. Quite a lot if people find this a good idea.

      • dance123 says:

        I give my sorrow for you and your family. However, you say that rather than tear down, we should try to fix what is broken. That is the point of jail/prison. It is a correctional facility. And although I am young, I do believe that the only way (IF someone is guilty) to understand their actions is by giving them the consequences. Beating is a serious crime, and I am an advocate against bullying/violence of ALL kinds, because my friend killed himself due to being bullied physically in college. Now, if these boys are found guilty, they should take their consequences because it is justice. You receive what you put into society. It is very saddening to know something like this occurred, however they should have not hurt this guy in the first place. And as for the ignorant comments, although I find it a disgrace to beat someone, people MUST understand that THERE IS ANOTHER SIDE TO THE STORY. What about the guy who was beaten? In school shootings in America, the person who was the shooter was almost ALWAYS a victim of bullying. Take that into consideration before just mindlessly accusing these guys of physically hurting a “victim.” We will find out the truth in court. But until then, I would advise that people listen before speaking. This is what happened in the Trayvon Martin case, and now we will never know the truth of what really happened in that case, because the victim is dead. Be grateful the boy attacked (I will not call him a victim yet) is ALIVE, and be grateful that these guys (who MAY or MAY NOT be guilty) are being put into a trial. They are not being freed, so SHUT UP about it. And they are NOT being charged (Yet). Either way, it’s a lesson to learn and hopefully these boys learn it. And whoever said they should go to bootcamp away, that is not realistic at ALL because bootcamp is WORSE than jail/prison in Bermuda. I think they don’t need to be harshly punished, if proven guilty. They deserve what they get, and that is the judge’s decision, not ours. We need to not fight on a stupid comment post, yet rather help each other out in difficult times like these. Bermuda is tiny, and it would be a better place if everyone (including the boys) attempted to make society better, not worse. Thanks :)

  14. hmmm says:

    and these are our youth’s of today,,our future growing adults..

  15. Muslima says:

    I dont think people understand that young men are forced to choose a side (meaning be a part of a gang) or stay in their homes. Not every parent can afford to take their children and move to a different neighbourhood. I know of little boys only 10 or 11 who literally cannot leave their homes because his mom is scared he may get into trouble.
    The child feels punished but has not done anything wrong. This creates resentment. Its like you dammed if you do and your dammed if you dont.
    I have had to give money to a child to get a ticket off this Island who told me people just keep picking on him. He had tears in his eyes and was saying he wanted revenge. This boy was in his teens. So it starts out your child is innocent and then after so many trials he loses his innocents and that is something a mother cannot always fix. next thing you know he’s caught up and then what?
    If you are fortunate enough not to have to deal with these issues. Thank God and enjoy but do not judge the parents who are going through this. It is very hard, easier said than done.

    • Roshea says:

      Very well said.. Blessings

    • The Truthsayer says:

      You have CHOICES. You don’t have to run with a crowd that does bad things. NO ONE EXCEPT YOURSELF is forcing you to do/hang out with them. You think this stuff doesn’t happen anywhere else?! GTFOH! Man up, suck it up, and welcome to real life, it sucks but you gotta get through it.

      • dance123 says:

        Hey, let it be known that many boys are BORN IN TO GANGS. I have many friends who were born into gangs, and they do NOT want to be in them. If they leave, they are killed. Being 16, I am sure they would rather live than be killed by someone they called brother. And it is not always the parents fault, even if their child is born in to a gang. Sometimes it is the uncle/aunt, or brother/cousin. It is not always a choice, so don’t assume it is, please. Assuming makes an *** out of u and me. :)

  16. Honestly says:

    Loving the positive vibe via guardian and parent! It must hurt to read negative comments here and ant other blog. Some Bermudians are not so sensitive anymore and have only ill wishes for families. Hoping these young men get it together sooner than later. I have a 15 year old as well and pray I don’t have to go through this stress as a single parent!

    • Roshea says:

      Blessings and I’m so grateful for your true insight. Take care

  17. Noway says:

    You can get charged with sayin blatttttt,t bang bang boom (lol gun noises lol that’s nuts) find better charges and send them west gate

    • mixitup says:

      He wasn’t describing a movie he saw to someone when he was sayin blatt, Bang, Boom I’m sure. Open your head up.

  18. The Truthsayer says:

    These guys are nothing but cowards, allegedly picking on the weak and in a group. One on one these guys are pu$$**s!! Do a better job Roshea, obviously you don’t give a sh*t.

  19. Sister says:

    I am the sister of one of the victims (Malachi Wales). He is 17 and lives with our mother. My brother is in his last year of CedarBridge Academy and intends to further his education abroad once he graduates. Like most teens he has his downfalls, he is not perfect. But in saying all this I must also add that he did not do anything to provoke the attack. My brother is a humble young man who keeps to himself. He does not go out looking for trouble or try to play some image as a bad boy. As stated in the article my brother was in his neighborhood when assaulted and made his way to the front door of his home, where the culprits followed him and continued to beat him over the head, back and knees in front of our mother, who ran out trying to assist him and stop the culprits and as a result she too was threatened. To the mother “Roshea” who is on here saying “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”: I would find it very strange and think something is completely wrong with this judicial system if your son and the other three fools are found innocent considering the fact that my mother witnessed them at close range.
    I read the Royal Gazette this morning and it stated that one of the alleged culprits is trying to complete his GED, the other is a part of Raleigh Bermuda, the other is in Business courses at Bermuda College and the other is a father to be. I just have to shake my head at this, because this can’t possibly be the defense’s argument in trying to keep these fools out of jail; presenting them to the public as if they are upstanding young men. The statements made by the defense may be true but it does not change the fact that they committed a crime. What about my brother, the victim who is a student and trying to further his education? These fools could have robbed him of his chance to go off to university and accomplish his dreams! They could have left him with brain damage or even dead!!!! These boys made the choice to attack him and they need to suffer the consequences. They obviously do not care about their actions or have any respect for society, because the article also stated that three of them were on probation at the time of the incident. How many chances are they going to be allowed? What message do we send across to today’s youth if the judicial system keeps letting repeat offenders off with a slap on the wrist?… That it’s okay to keep getting into trouble?

  20. sweet emotion says:

    Show your son these comments. As a parent to 1, step to 2 I expect my 3 to be law abiding citizens. I am sure my parents wanted that for me based on the foot up the @ss parenting I received.
    That said I had my own mind and made my own decisions. Thankfully…
    I was lucky and ended up being successful at work…otherwise I fear where I may have ended up.
    My parents WERE parents. That said at some point no matter how much we parent we as humans all make mistakes big and small.
    Ease up on the Moms people…they are learning lessons just as we do everyday.
    I do believe the kids need a heavy hand as we are on the verge of this becoming worse.
    Yes Mom, stand up for your kids but lets not be foolish and be blind to the potential trouble ALL OF OUR CHILDREN/TEENS can expereince growing up.
    Moms – set an example. Tell the child,if guilty they deserve the punishment they get…And in my house growing up…what ever happened out of the house…I would receive double the punishment at home which was a lovely preventer.
    What helped the most….the fear of my father.
    A clear example as to why children need their dads day in and out and why so many suffer needlessly.
    And if anyone is so PERFECT to be doing grammar checks…screw offffff this is a BLOG. Most of us have stupid ipads that change your words so grow up and stop showing your ignorance!