Photos: Downpour Causes Partial Flooding

February 15, 2013

This morning’s [Feb 15] heavy ‘tank rain’ caused some flooding in the areas that are traditionally prone to it, including BAA car park, Bakery Lane, Woodlands Road, TCD, Dutton Avenue and more. Motorists could be seen turning cars around and finding an alternate route, while others braved the conditions and drove through.

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  1. Ottojr says:

    The Bakery Lane ‘Lake’ had been around for years after every delluge. When I see Folks trying to drive through it, I shake my head. I have witnessed many not making it through.

  2. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Singing in the Rain!

  3. Bermudican says:

    Cant swim to the Green Lantern anymore for fish n chips kids…the lake is still there buh ….

  4. bermydude says:

    Ans we paid 15 million for TCD!!! And it floods!! thanks Erwart!

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Dinghy racing in Bakery Lane today.

    No complaints from the ducks