BELCO Staff Rescue Cat Stuck Up Pole

April 30, 2013

BELCO staff recently came to the rescue of a cat which found itself stuck up an electricity pole. The SPCA said the cat appeared to have climbed the pole trying to catch birds.


“To add insult to injury the tables were soon turned when the local bird population started dive bombing the cat whilst it was trapped at the top of the pole,” the SPCA said. “Crows, Kiskadees and even Starlings were seen swooping down and attempting to chase the cat away often only just missing the cowering cat by a whisker.

A BELCO crew quickly arrived and assisted SPCA Inspector Roberts to reach the cat using an elevating platform. The feral cat, which didn’t want to co-operate in its own rescue, initially put up a struggle before being restrained and lowered to ground level. Once released it ran off into the bushes

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  1. john says:


  2. Come On Man says:

    Their not Engineers.

  3. sminks says:

    Why did the cat climb the pole? To catch 2 birds in his caw!!!! Lol!!!!!!

  4. Cleancut says:

    Belco, leave the cats alone, that’s the fire departments job.

    • Terri says:

      The fire dept. rescues cats from trees. BELCO are the ones to call for electricity poles. DUUHHHH!

      • Cleancut says:

        That’s right, what was I thinking, sorry Belco.

  5. Dee Dee says:

    I guess this cat’s reputation was bad in the bird world. Obviously he/she was notorious and the birds had enough! Let’s learn from the birds.

  6. jon says:

    why did the SPCA let a feral cat back into the population, shouldn’t they have neutered it. They are spreading like the feral chickens.