PLP: Donte Hunt Hiring ‘Should Raise Concerns’

April 12, 2013

Donte HuntMedia reports that former MP Donte Hunt has been hired by the Government should raise concerns among Bermudians of all political affiliations, the Opposition said last night [Apr 11].

“When the OBA promised the creation of 2000 jobs, most assumed that these jobs would go to average hard working Bermudians first, not to OBA insiders or failed political candidates,” said Shadow Minister for Community and Cultural Affairs Michael Weeks.

Elected as the MP for C#4 St. George’s South, Mr Hunt switched seats for the 2012 General Election, moving to C#6 Hamilton West where he was defeated by the PLP’s Wayne Furbert.

He was originally elected under the United Bermuda Party’s banner, switched allegiance to the now-defunct Bermuda Democratic Alliance and then joined the One Bermuda Alliance.

Last night Bermuda Broadcasting reported there were indications that Mr Hunt was hired as a consultant to the Rent Commissioner’s office. Mr Hunt denied this was the case to the broadcaster, and said has been working as a ‘temporary rent inspector’ for the last 6 weeks.

Responding to queries, last night a Ministry spokesperson confirmed Mr. Hunt’s employment, saying that “he was appointed as a temporary relief inspector until 30th April, 2013.”

Mr Weeks said, “Media reports that former UBP MP and OBA founder Donte Hunt has been retained as a consultant within the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs should raise concerns among Bermudians of all political affiliations.

“In Opposition, the One Bermuda Alliance besmirched the reputation of PLP members, supporters and relatives by accusing them of being a part of a corrupt ‘friends and family plan,’ at the taxpayer’s expense.

“When the OBA promised the creation of 2000 jobs, most assumed that these jobs would go to average hard working Bermudians first, not to OBA insiders or failed political candidates.

“With the high number of Bermudians seeking jobs, one would have thought they getting them back to work would be a priority instead. We call on Premier Cannonier and Minister Wayne Scott to explain why his promise to reduce the number of consultants is being cast aside,” concluded Mr Weeks.

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  1. The Ombudsman makes a statement and says:

    wow…well we voted for them smh

  2. Y-Gurl says:

    Yeah but this really should raise some questions on backroom deals, I mean this guy isnt even qualified to do this work but is being silently slipped in to get a position NOT WHAT I VOTED FOR!!

    • Just Wondering says:

      Um, how you know he’s not qualified for a rent inspector’s job??

      • ABM says:

        How does one get qualified for a position such as that anyway???

  3. Rhonda Neil says:

    we the people deserve a fair and just society..with equal opportunity to employment… this is totally unacceptable… and unless OBAers call this for what it is… they become just a guilty of the same corrupt behavior they accused the PLP of…

    • lilbitmoretogo says:

      glad I didn’t have to regret at vote..I hope the plp take heed to this behavior because I don’t think you will have too many people out at the polls in five or less years simply because polititcains can’t be trusted, they get paid not to care so it would be a conflict of interest to show any compassion towards the voting Bermudians at the same time keeping up their oaths of secrecy and promises to their immediate supporters aka running mates… I would hope that we can open up our eyes and start to regulate ourselves without government; think how much we can save without giving to people who have their personal agenda as a priority.People of course want recogition for assisting them to victory.wadayagonnado?

    • Just Wondering says:

      How is it unfair? Did he not apply correctly for the temporary post??

  4. Joonya says:

    Weeks, how many units at Grand Atlantic remain unsold?

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      Yes, yes, PLP…14 years….

      You lot are so played out…

    • Richard says:

      Point taken Joonya but that is not the subject at this point.

  5. Rhonda Neil says:

    change in behavior of politicians, has to come from the people, or we will get more or worse of the same

  6. O'Brien says:

    The man is working in an actual government position for a few weeks. Compare that to the amount of six-figure ‘consultancy’ deals that were given out to supporters of the last government and you will realise that on this issue, as on so many others, the PLP have NO CREDIBILITY to say anything.

    • DarkSideofTheMoon says:

      And here we have it people, and example of the new [OBA] zombies….

      • O'Brien says:

        What’s the problem? Why not try to defend your party’s record?

        Or have you finally come to terms with the reason you were repudiated on December 17? It’s sad to see people like you, taken for a ride for 14 years, still loyal to a fault while other are laughing all the way to the bank.

        • Please!!!! says:

          No O’Brien it’s sad to see people like you!!! Where is the transparency you accused the PLP of not having this is the OBA friends and family plan!!!

          • Just Wondering says:

            Why is there a need for transparency? He has a part time job as a relief inspector, the question was ask and it has been answered where is the cover-up ??

            • Really pulling says:

              Donte’s position is no secret. He is not a consultant, but a temporary rental inspector. Contact the Civil Service department and they will tell you there. He applied for a job bc he too was an unemployed Bermuda with a wife and two children, earned a temporary position I am sure he hopes turns into a full time one… just like any other Bermuda. This is not story and Weeks — for be ashamed that are pulling for BS like this. There is no cover up, just like there is no story, NOR is it Govt obligation to announce who every civil servant is and their pay and their duties… You want to know go through the proper channels. There is nothing to hide esp in this case… It is laughable actually and a political attempt to create drama. Weeks get a life!

              • Killa says:

                i thought government elimated all temporary positons. does this mean that all the temps who had to leave at he end of their exixting contracts can now reapply for their jobs back??? yes this was mandated under the PLP but temps have been and are still being released under the OBA. what happened to no more temporary positions in the civil service. sounds like friends and family to me.

              • Amazed says:

                BS wrong is wrong. He did not go through the proper channels. This is a civil service post and as such would have to go through the public service commission. It was given to him on the instruction of the Minister which amounts to ministerial intereference since ministers do not hire for the civil service! Who is this ministry official quoted in the article. Ask this person how this situation came about! Hold the head of the Ministry and the department accountable for not following well established rules!

              • frank says:

                iguess the resturant fell down oba hooking up their people no change

    • Transparency, Fairness and Inclusiveness says:


      On the door steps the OBA promised that they would do things differently. I am most disappointed in the decisions and action taken by the OBA thus far. There is a lack on of TRANSPARENCY, and the OBA are not doing things differently, as promised. This recent situation highlights a lack of transparency and the OBA rewarding their “Friends and Family”. This is becoming more common practice by the OBA. I am concern that the change folks voted for, was merely a dream, but not a reality.

      The OBA can not make excuses for this behaviours, or use the PLP to justified their mis-doings. This is not right, and they made a promise to do it differently. This thing they called the PLP for doing such as the “Friends and Family Plan” seems to be what they are guilty of doing themselves.

  7. Wait your turn says:

    Lets see how much blogs we get today on this one, a slightly similar story and similar theme to the one that ran a week ago with former Minister Marc Bean approving now Senator Marc Daniels’ planning application.

    Bermuda is another world.

    Only the voter has to wait in line and wait his turn

    • ha! says:


      Wake up Bermuda, it’s a sad day for us because neither party is any better than the other more liars theives rogues and vagabonds!

  8. Really pulling says:

    Donte is no consultant for the government and interviewed for a temporary position within Rent Commission. He was unemployed just like many Bermudians and applied, interviewed, and earned a position with Govt just as people do every day. He is young, black, educated, and very professional. I am sure the Rent Commission is delighted to have him. MP Weeks has no facts at all, and Donte has received no special treatment at all from Govt, if anything he was left out by the govt he worked so hard for. He was most deserving of a Senate seat and a ministry, far more than others, and he got nothing. Bermuda should be happy that man like Donte Hunt are politically involved… they opt to elect a crock like Wayne Furbert, who is a bad biz man! The fact that the PLP would attempt to call out this father of two and husband for earning a job is ridiculous. and the FACT that RHONDA NEIL has commented makes this spread all the more pointless. SHe is a racial idiot that should be in jail for her stupidity!

    • Rhonda Neil says:

      I love when OBAers start name calling, it’s telling…

      • lol says:

        You must be his wife!

        • Really pulling says:

          No, Im not his wife, but he is rather good looking. Did my comments make sense to you, is that why you assume he is close to me? At the end of the day contact Civil Service and they will verify his role and how he got the role. He is a black bermudian male, who was unemployed with a wife and two children. He submitted his resume and got what I assume is a avg paying temp position… this is news? He is not a consultant but Im sure he wishes he was. Where is the wrong in this picture?

          • Really BullS#it says:

            What colour has to do with it. Why explain that he’s black. Who the F cares. I only care that he got placed at the front of the LINE!!! Stop the BS!

      • Really pulling says:

        I voted PLP, however a spade is a spade and I dont believe in blasting good Black Bermudian young man for political gain. I hope PLP does change or my vote will change in the next election. Rhonda you are sicking! Do you have a job or a life? Supports like you make the entire party look bad!

        • Thundar says:

          You smell like the oba. Stop acting like you voted for PLP. They only lost because most blacks didn’t go to the polls. That’s the only reason we have the OBA in. Not even by a landslide victory.

        • Rhonda Neil says:

          Really pulling the OBA BS…

        • Transparency, Fairness and Inclusiveness says:

          @REALLY PULLING……Please stop defending the OBA behaviours in regards to this matter. The fact is OBA did promise us to be more TRANSPARENT, and so far their actions since the election has not proven to be so. This is not about Rhonda or any other person. It is about the government acting in a way that is fair and honest. This recent action does not reveal that OBA is acting in such a fashion. Just because you know Mr. Hunt, your fighting to protect him, that alone suggest your bias swing towards this situation, and failure to be objective. I too known Mr. Hunt personally, but right is right, and wrong is wrong.

          The OBA promised me on the door step they would be honest and transparent. If there was nothing to hide, why not make this known to the public weeks ago? Why are most of their “Friends and Family” been given government contracts, Chairpersons of government boards, and government jobs? It is no good for the OBA to use the former government to justified their current behaviours, particularly when they promised me on the door steps they would do it differently. So far I have yet to see any real change. I was expecting much more from the OBA, but what do I see, more of the same.

    • Seriously.... says:

      You can’t be serious?

      Do you know how long it takes to get hired on a temporary post in government? All of a sudden a former MP just magically gets an application in and gets confirmed in a temp job (that last week the gov said they cut).

      Call a spade a spade. He got a job because he’s OBA. Just admit it!

    • Amazed says:

      Who interviewed him? Where are your facts?

  9. Cleancut says:

    Give the PLP die hards and politicians one inch and they will run with it for miles and miles and miles.

    Every petty thing that the PLP bring up is just a pitiful attempt to try and soften the 14 years of terror!

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      This is no different then the same petty issues bought up by the OBA against the PLP not too long ago.. What no one mentions is the biggest boom years where under those 14 years, I dare you to go look up that up. Sure there was a fall but not Bermuda alone fell, the whole world fell but we never fell as far as many other countries did requiring nation wide bail outs, or riots in the streets.

      • Cleancut says:

        Don’t blame this on any fall out, bail outs, recessions etc. Our dire situation was caused by the actions of a few individuals within the PLP, and they had been warned on numerous occasions.


        Our reccession is all HOME GROWN by the actions of a few within the PLP.

  10. realist says:


    how can you in all honestly say that oba supporters are zombies.
    yes i voted oba but what i and i hope the rest of bermudians want is a island i can be proud of again. ubp had there problems and the plp came in strong but the n put on the pretty show face on for how many years. now thrres a new party and not even a yr into term eveyonebis ready to sling accusatuins.

  11. Richard says:

    Let be real about this people we know the PLP had their fault so dose that mean we going to let the OBA go down the same path. No stop it now Mr Hunt tries to play down play it the OBA spoke person says it so but also tries to down play by saying “OH it only till April 30th” If nothing was wrong Mr Hunt would not have felt the need to down play it. He could have blown up like the PLP international Consultant who was getting paid 117 thousand a year this still pi$$es me off. So why would we let them get away with the same thing lets get real people.

  12. Jim Jones says:

    I agree completely – This was wrong under the PLP govt and it’s wrong now.

    But what really gets my @ss is that people like Rhonda suddenly care about nepotism in government. Ewart Brown once referred to that as “selective morality”.

    • Really pulling says:

      It is wrong, but in Donte case, this does not apply. he is not a consultant, he applied and earned a temp position as a rental inspector… lol. This is NO amazing job. He goes in to houses and makes sure they meet codes… Donte is a smart man reduced to being a rental inspector… lol, and this makes news…. This is ashame if you as me! He was devoted to Bermuda and ran for a party that could not even make him a senator… This does look badly on the govt but not in the way you guys think. #comeonBermuda… smh!

      • Jim Jones says:

        Look if that’s the case then fine. Govt needs to come out and explain that. Perception is reality though so they need to be up front from the beginning. Frankly if they couldn’t foresee any flack from the opposition on this they are completely naive. They can’t afford to keep making these rookie mistakes.

        Question – what does “This is ashame if you as me!” mean? That’s where you lost me dun.

        • Jim Jones says:

          Nevermind – got it. This is a shame if you ask me.

      • Caramel Queen says:

        #s are used to start trends on Twitter……this is not Twitter……

    • Transparency, Fairness and Inclusiveness says:


      Rhonda cares because the OBA promised on the door steps that they wanted to be held ACCOUNTABLE. Now that folks are holding the government accountable, and looking to ensure that the government acts transparent, some folks seem to have difficulty with it. The fact is politics in Bermuda has changed, and this change moving forward is that Folks are more involved and more willing to hold government accountable. The OBA pushed this pre-election, and so folks are taking grasp of it and carrying it out. But the real question now is: Was the OBA really serious about holding the government ACCOUNTABLE and acting in a TRANSPARENT way?

      I expected change from the OBA, but so far this seems not to be the case. This realization to justified the OBA’s behaviours by pointing out what the PLP did or did not do, is not good enough. It is merely a way to help the OBA escape from their wrong doings. WHERE IS THE CHANGE, as promised pre-election by the OBA? What makes it right for the OBA to act in a way that is not transparent?

      • Jim Jones says:

        Then it follows that the reason Rhonda never complained about cronyismn under the PLP is that they never made a promise not to practice it. Got it. Keep the expecations low.

  13. navin johnson says:

    To the victor go the spoils

    • Hmmmmm says:

      Pretty surprised that’s all you have to say. Obviously you didn’t hit you “c” key because for the last few years, whenever you did the word “corruption” came up…..guess now things have changed and this is just another young Bermudian in need getting a job. Hypocrite.

  14. Triangle Drifter says:

    Hmmmm …watching watching watching. Hired to do what, how long, for how much? Details, where are the details? So far it looks like the PLP are up to old Alex Scott tricks of throwing dung against the public opinion wall to see what sticks.

    • Just Wondering says:

      well according to the article:
      ‘temporary rent inspector’ for the last 6 weeks.

      Responding to queries, last night a Ministry spokesperson confirmed Mr. Hunt’s employment, saying that “he was appointed as a temporary relief inspector until 30th April, 2013.”

      How much they get paid I dunno

    • Really pulling says:

      he is not a consultant, ck the pay scale if your that interest.

      • Amazed says:

        There is no pay scale for consultants. If you are not an employee you are a CONSULTANT!! it might be for an hour , a week or a day it doesn’t matter!!

  15. Bermyman says:

    Is he getting paid what Rolfe was?

    • Really pulling says:

      lol… I just looked it up… he is on a low pay scale… No where near what PLP people made.

      • Seriously.... says:

        How do you know how much he is getting paid? Did you find the ad for the job?

  16. Liars says:

    Zombie Apocalypse when you getting the Oba cash card.

  17. Verbal Kint says:

    I would like to see more transparency all the way around. I don’t know how big a deal this is yet. I hope to know at some point. But the PLP is crying “Wolf” at every turn and sooner or later people will stop listening. For the good of everyone, the opposition needs to tone down the rhetoric or lose all credibility.

  18. one eye open says:

    When was the post advertised, i look in the paper every week looking at least get and interview for one of those nice government jobs. The ones that friends of friends seem to get all the time. The last 14 years was bad from the hiring prcatices under the PLP and i see that they have not changed under the OBA, so i guess the top Civil Servants really run things or they only want to hire those that know how to say YES TO ANYTHING.

    • Seriously.... says:

      Exactly. When was it advertised!!! That is the question that must be answered.



  20. Hmmmmm says:

    Fair is fair. Let’s pretend its December 16th 2012 for a moment. A former government MP is hired within a government department without any advertising of the post or announcement of his engagement or his salary, benefits and qualifications. The headlines in every single media outlet, print and broadcast, would’ve featured the story, a comment from the opposition and a week’s worth of corruption allegations; friends & family allegations and all manner of character assassination. Fast forward to today and we have these circumstances and many of you on here seem to think everything’s kosher. I don’t wish Donte any ill but the fact that he was unemployed, like thousands of others, is no reason for special treatment. If the PLP taking care of frineds and family was wrong then there is no way to say that this is alright. The rules are that those with a connection go to the back of the line. That’s what the OBA campaigned on and to do something like this stinks to high heaven. No two ways about it. Look at the statement carefully: he was “appointed” which means no advertsising, no openness, no transparency, no level playing field and no fairness. All the stuff you all said would be the way you do business. Well, no we know who you really are. Some of us are not surprised.

    • Seriously.... says:


    • Portia says:

      Mr. Weeks is talking nonsense and you know it. For one thing, temporary jobs do not need to be advertised – this was already pointed out during the whole issue of the 22 temporary workers at Heritage Wharf. Secondly, hiring Mr. Hunt as a temporary relief worker until the end of this month is in no way the same thing as say, hiring Renee Webb for the past several years as an “International Advisor” and paying her $14,000 a month while she lives in California.

      • Hmmmmm says:

        Its the principle that matters. Or are you one of those shallow Bermudians who don’t mind what people get as long as they’re on the right political side or are of a certain hue or ilk? If the principle doesn’t matter then would it have been ok if Renee Webb had been paid $5 to do the work? Of course not, the amount is irrelevant, its the principle. And since when have you and all the rest allowed facts like the non-requirement for advertising to get in the way of calling everything the PLP did corrupt ? That’s new.

      • Amazed says:

        Please quote the legislation that states that temporary jobs do not have to be advertised!

  21. Haters I'm blind to you says:

    I’m glad he got a some cash coming in, when I saw him after the election Donte look like he had lost his job. Who cares if he got the friends and family plan. Haters going to hate.

  22. Islander says:

    What the naysayers should be doing is each time you see a new face in “Buzz” or cleaning up and around Market Place, or anywhere, give Immigration a call and find out, if you can, how many Bermudians applied for the job, if the job was advertised – actually keep a record of how many jobs like the above are advertised and by whom and go from there. I wonder how long ago Donte applied for that position or any position in Government prior to December 17th, 2012.

    Keep encouraging our young people to continue to bombard unemployment agencies, government – the jobs are there, be persistent

  23. Islander says:

    What the naysayers should be doing is each time you see a new face in “Buzz” or cleaning up and around Market Place, or anywhere, give Immigration a call and find out, if you can, how many Bermudians applied for the job, if the job was advertised – actually keep a record of how many jobs like the above are advertised and by whom and go from there. I wonder how long ago Donte applied for that position or any position in Government prior to December 17th, 2012

  24. Chezmae15 says:

    Donte is FOINE! #imjustsaying

  25. A photog says:

    I thought the OBA was supposed to cut back on consultants

    • Malachi says:


      I applied for that job and just got my “dear John” letter a few days ago.

      I guess I should stop applying for Government jobs. It seems that they are only for friends and family no matter who is in power.

      Could that explain why so many government departments are full of idiots?

      (and I am not saying this because I am bitter, but simply stating a fact.)

    • disillusioned already! says:

      They did – they got rid of the useless PLP lot, then they got rid of the ones who were doing a good job, now they are replacing them with cronies.

      Same ship, different rats???

  26. Truth is killin' me... says:


  27. one eye open says:

    if a temp job is not supposed to be advertised, then how does one apply for them.

  28. Cow Polly says:

    ““When the OBA promised the creation of 2000 jobs, most assumed that these jobs would go to average hard working Bermudians first”

    So which one of the above criteria does Donte not fit? Listen people, the man is Bermudian and has dependents. He’s out of a job and you begrudge him employment just for the sake of politics? Shame on you. Bermudians are first and foremost known for their care, concern and charity, what has happened to you?

    • Hmmmmm says:

      WTF? Did you just arrive? Donte is a member of a Party that made everything you just said irrelevant. The OBA CAMPAIGNED on “where there’s smoke there’s fire”. There was never any benefit of the doubt given to anyone who was affiliated wiht the PLP. So much so that under Paula Cox to even get a contract you had to be an OBA supporter; that’s another story for another day. The OBA made this bed and Donte is the second to lie in it. Corey Butterfield/Shawn Crockwell were the first. You cannot campaign in absolutes and then ask the electorate to accept shades of grey. That is just dumb. So, the choices are, either they were disingenuous in their campaigning and characterization of EVERYTHING the PLP did as corrupt or bad for Bermuda OR they meant it and Donte should be fired by now. It really is that simple. Hello Premier ?

      • Cowpolly says:

        No I didn’t just arrive mate………. I’m old Bermuda, when we were compassionate about our fellow Bermudians regardless of colour, creed or sexual orientation . Reading your post makes me sad, you’re so caught up in your PLP vs OBA nonsense that you’ve lost sight of your humanity. At the end of the day, this whole ‘consultant’ claim is rubbish, Donte is just an out of work Bermudian who has taken a job beneath his qualification level so that he can provide for his family but you pontificate about tit for tat and that he should be fired? How Bermudian is that?

      • Transparency, Fairness and Inclusiveness says:

        THANKS Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm for your comment, it is on the mark 100%. that is what so worrying to me. Is that on the door step OBA promised me that they would do things differently, but since winning I have yet to see this. WHERE are the jobs they did promise Bermudians? It now seems like they are hand-picked for a selected few. You are correct in pointing out that So, the choices are, either they were disingenuous in their campaigning and characterization of EVERYTHING the PLP did as corrupt or bad for Bermuda OR they meant it and Donte should be fired by now. It really is that simple. Hello Premier ? This is correct in what your saying, as on my doorstep I really expected more, and now its seems they were merely disingenuous and out to label the PLP, jus to win votes.

    • Caramel Queen says:

      Why is everyone saying he was unemployed? What about his car wash ?

  29. tidbit says:

    This doesnt surprise me! The Inspector who just finished was a old High School friend of the Commissioner!

    The Government HR Dept needs to investigate this instead of sending applicants regret letter so quick when we know it comes from the department that submitted the Ad.

    I dont think this a OBA or PLP thing! Ombudsman investigate!!!

  30. Now I understand says:

    Premier before I was like dam you didn’t even give him a position in the house that the OBA built. Now I understand after meeting Donte that he is a complete idiot. I still don’t understand why he even received this job but hey you had to give him something.