Minister: Millennium Ferry Boat Now In Service

May 27, 2013

Minister of Tourism Development and Transport Shawn Crockwell said that the Millennium Ferry began service at 11.30am today [May 27].

The Millennium was chartered from overseas at a cost of $1.2 million dollars to assist with transporting passengers over the cruise season.

Minister Crockwell said: “I am pleased to report that the Millennium ferry has completed all safety checks and drills and having completed a dry run between Dockyard and St. George’s, began service at 11.30 a.m. on Monday, May 27th.

“Before the Millennium could commence service the Department of Marine and Ports had to carry out dock fender modifications at Pennos’s Wharf which took place during the Bermuda Day holiday weekend.

“This addition to our ferry service for the summer holiday season will help ensure a much improved transportation service for our visitors and residents and I will provide a full update on the Millennium to the House and public on Friday, May 31st, 2013.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    What! No complaints yet from somebody in the PLP? Boat not tied up properly maybe? Run too fast/too slow? Surely there must be something.

    • swing voter who voted for oba this time says:

      Ya mother must have concieve you in a cave for you to be so negative all the time on here. Before you say anything ya I voted for the oba, but people like you belong in a sewer with all the filth and hate you blog on here. It’s know wonder why the country is so divided in the middle.

  2. Tolerate says:

    Wait for it…. Just in Shadow Transport Minister Scott, states the Ferry that we don’t need (sorry forgot we ordered it…darn), actually did not start it’s first run at 11:30am and Minister Crockwell is telling untruths.
    In response Minister Crockwell apologies for his misinformation as the 11:30am trip from Dockyard to St. George was a dry run.
    Could not resist. Hey I thought it was funny!!!!!

    • Mad Dawg says:

      It actually set off at 11.29am, so the Minister was mistaken when he said it was 11.30am, and he should therefore apologise to the people of Bermuda for misleading them. Isn’t that how it works these days?

  3. Bermuda Boy says:

    Forward thinking by a forward thinking Govt. Thanks Minister Crockwell.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      It was originally put into motion by the PLP so I am sure they’re thankful of your appreciation.

  4. Bobmarlin says:

    How about that?
    A government that will keep public transportation up to date,so we locals we not be inconvenienced.Good work Minister Crockwell!

  5. Curious says:

    Question that everyone should be asking:

    Why does this boat read “Rhode Island Fast Ferry” and it’s operating in Bermuda.
    Is it transporting people to Rhode Island??
    Did we not buy the boat for our country?? If so, it should read “Bermuda Fast Ferry”
    Come on people lets claim our identity. This is really ridiculous that something so blatant is overlooked!!
    Look at it from a tourism perspective, we’re promoting Rhode Island!!
    These folks only do what the people allow them to do!!!

    • Bermudian Overseas says:

      No if you read the article you would be able to see that the Ferry is leased. If you do not know what that means then it would do you good to look it up, and no this ferry does not run to Rhode Island; it simply originates from Rhode Island.

    • sugra says:

      I wholeheartedly support the concept of supplementing our fleet for the busy summer period, but a sheet of blank (or not?) banner vinyl lashed in place on each side wouldn’t put a dent in the $1.2M charter fee.

    • jt says:

      That’s how we tell which ones have recieved proper maintenance and are running properly – don’t you know?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Because in an earlier life, like before our broken down poorly maintained ferrys were even built, this one was running ferry service between Point Judith, RI to Block Island, a distance BTW, much further than the St Georges run.

      It is an old, but well maintained boat.

      • Westreacher says:

        The ferry is based in Rhode Island, and is part of a service that runs from Rhode Island to the island of Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts, not Block Island. It’s regular route was about 50 miles each way. considerably further than a Rhode island to Block Island run.

    • Bermyman says:

      You can imagine the Tourists confusion when they see a ferry named ‘War Baby Fox’

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Another frikkin idiot.

  6. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    1)Rhode Island Ferry needs to be covered up.

    2)the biu cannot call them out on strike…MWahahahahahah!

  7. Just wondering says:

    I am just curious as to why this was needed after all I mean, didn’t Dr. Brown get us the best of the best fast ferries? We have none to spare to devote to tourists at all? Gosh, must be another waste of money by Dr. Brown

  8. S.T. says:

    The answers the Ministry should be giving:

    The former Government RENTED this vessel because they FAILED to do maintenance on our Bermudian Fast Ferries.

    We have several Sign Makers and Carpenters who can manufacture as sign to cover the Rhode Island sign. Will that soothe your hurt feelings?

  9. Cheeshums says:

    How much is the fuel going to cost us?
    How much is the flying the overseas crew back and forth every 2-3 weeks going to cost us?
    How much is housing the overseas crew here going to cost us?
    Why isn’t government paying housing allowance to all it’s full time workers and not just the ones from overseas?
    How much would it cost roughly to fix the existing ferries we have now?

    These are just a few questions I would ask.
    All of a sudden the $1.2 million dollars is a smaller figure.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      How Come the PLP didn’t take care of the boats we have? Oh yeah, Beyonce came. Her appearance was much more important.

    • Victor says:


      All a lot less than four or five more years of vulgar nouveau riche PLP trash Government would have…and certainly a lot less than if it had been left up to Ewart to hire the boat.

    • Clive Spate says:

      How much is a wildcat BIU strike (CF calls them meetings) gonna cost us if cruise ships decide not to return next season as their passengers were stranded in Dockyard?

    • S.T. says:

      The fuel won’t cost us which because the Bermudian ferries will still be up on dry-dock!

      • Cheeshums says:

        Ok. Do a little research for yourself. Find out how many gallon an hour a MTU 16 cylinder motor burns. Multiply that by 4 and then multiply that by the current price of diesel in bermuda.

        My math has been made fun of in here already. So to avoid further ridicule I shall let a more intelligent poster figure that out for me.

        • cheeshums, I would say between 60-100 gals an hour each engine, depending on what Revs it is being run at of course, they can get really hungry anywhere near top revs. you cant use the consumer price at the pump as neither of our ferries pay that price, i would assume neither would Mil………..

          let me know if i am near the mark, just from memory i think i am close.
          with this much fuel being consumed it is quite easy to see that our ferries will always have to be subsidised, which is normal in most countries with govt run ferries etc. Our ferries just cant carry enough passengers to even pay for the fuel much less wages etc. with the cost of tickets to get onboard.


    • Ringmaster says:

      Odd, these are the same questions posed by “Betty Trump” in the other media’s article. Are you the same personae, or just too lazy to think up your own questions?

    • How much do you think the fuel costs are for our Monster engine ferries.
      The crew are here for the 6 months and go back with the boat when the contract is finished
      They are not housed by government therefore no housing allowance
      no idea how much it would cost to maintain much less fix our ferries as it takes almost 4 months to paint a boats bottom with marine and ports “workers” I imagine the $1.2 million wouldnt go very far at all.

      Too many people just dont put their brain in gear before opening their mouths in this little island of ours, what a pity.

      • Cheeshums says:

        Mr. Adderley.
        Nice to see you have a bit of sense.
        However. The crew on the boat are being housed here as they are not sleeping on the boat. They have to be sleeping somewhere so where is that?
        I also know how much the fuel cost for our monster engine ferries. This millenium ferry has 4 of the same monster engines.

        And I have actually put my brain in gear hence why I am asking sensible questions. Not just pulling answers out of the air like some other people.

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          You seriously want to know where the crew is sleeping?

          Are you insane?

          • Cheeshums says:

            No I want to know how much the taxpayer is paying to house them. Especially since they walk down front street every morning and catch the same 710 ferry to dockyard as I do. I suppose they are sleeping on someone’s couch.

            But since you know it all maybe you can enlighten me.


  10. Fed up!!! says:

    How come government has spent $500,000 on spare parts for the Rhode Island ferry and can’t fix our own??? This is a fact not an assumption!!! And all of a sudden the Ferry is for sale for 7million plus!!! Idiots!!!!

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Who are the idiots? The PLP negotiators who contracted the ferry while they were still in power? Be more specific about who the exact idiots are.

    • where on earth do you get your information from, this boat is on contract and if it needs parts the owners have to pay for it to be maintained and repaired, do you not know how a contract works. the ferry is privately owned and if the owners think they could sell it here or to a person who might be visiting Bermuda and see that its for sale and make enquiries, whats the problem. Sometimes one should look in a mirror to see exactly who the “idiots” are.

      • Cheeshums says:

        Mr adderly. Have you read the contract? Knowing how one works depends on what’s written in said contract. I don’t know if any government PLp Oba ubp would allow such information to be made public.

        If you do have any information it would be helpful

        • no i havent i am sure that the union could get a copy though, but i do know a good bit about whats happening etc on the Mil, and i am sure you know how i get that too. I have a feeling we know each other also, it sounds like both of us have been in the marine business for a long time.


  11. Cheeshums says:

    Also very convenient how the boat cannot carry bikes or persons in wheelchairs.
    There are plenty of other ferries out there that would have been better suited for our existing infrastructure.
    Also the ferry is owned by 6 people. Assuming ( although it makes an a$$ out of you and me) that they split the money evenly they will receive $200000 for six months work.
    The average marine and ports worker makes roughly $50000 a year.
    This will mean that the persons on this ferry will make 4 times that amount. Hardly fair to the working Bermudian staff.
    I also hope that none of you guys bosses decide to bring in overseas staff to do the same job you are doing and pay them 4 times the amount you make as you have to train them.

    Also I proposed earlier sensible questions and was replied to with some far fetched and ignorant thumb and nose responses. Is it possible to be mature and semi grown up?

    • Mad Dawg says:

      You are an absolute idiot. Show me where there is a 400 seat fast ferry avaiable in Bermuda. Oh right, you can’t. Moron.

      • Cheeshums says:

        The ferries we currently have carry 375 people a peice. So why spend all this money to bring one in that only carries 25 more passengers?

        Also the tender Bermudian carries 750. If they put that on the run to st George’s it would be even more economical no?

        Who’s the moron now?

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          Cheesums. We needed the extra lift from another ferry. We didn’t have an extra one here, so we rented one. You, I’m afraid, are still the moron.

          • Cheeshums says:

            Well I would rather be a moron for asking valid questions and trying to receive information. Than a sheep for believing everything someone tells me.

    • swing voter says:

      wow incredible and impressive math skills on display here….where have you lot been over the last 14yrs….LOLOLOLOL what a bunch of bullshyters grew a spine alla sudden

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Oh Good Grief! Another product of Bermuda’s education system. How do these people survive day to day?

      How many thousand did it cost to run that boat here? How much when it goes back? Crew wages & accommodation while here? Operating costs while here? Maintenance costs? Insurance costs? Everything must be free in Cheesums world.

      • Cheeshums says:

        You do realize government is footing the entire expense of this ferry. Insurance, fuel, maintenance the whole nine yards. So these guys made 1.2 million clean.

        • Zombie Apocalypse says:

          Why doesn’t the BIU buy a large fast ferry and rent it out? It looks like you consider it a risk-free way of printing money, and by your calculations there are no expenses, risks, or potential downsides involved at all.

          Perhaps the BIU could invest that $7m it was supposed to pay Bermuda’s taxpayers a few years ago.

        • Cheesums it sounds like you have seen the contract, is that correct

          i know govt pay for fuel not sure about the rest of your comment though,
          let me know as i do have an interest in all of this


  12. Time Shall Tell says:

    Bermudas age long pass time, to complain about any & everything….

  13. SoMuchMore says:

    wow. the minister is gonna provide an update on fri. the pee l pee die hearts must be having a fit. a gov that actually keeps people informed. a breath of fresh air

  14. Priceless says:

    You OCD OBA bloggers kill me. You were the ones jumping up and down about Ewart Brown spending OUR money to buy fast ferries in the first place. Now someone asks questions pertaining to the running of this ONE ferry and its crew and Looky looky …..MONEY Is no longer an issue. You people are too fake. PLP voter. May the psycho attack commence…..

  15. Cheeshums says:

    For the record. I don’t care who was in power or who ordered the ferry. All I care about is how much money will get wasted to provide a service that can already handle the load.
    So if I’m a moron an idiot or a expert mathematician. That doesn’t matter.
    Clearly zombie apocalypse and mad dawg are in the know but won’t let anyone else know what’s going on.

    Everyone have a nice day.