Report: Bermuda U14 Rugby Tour to Toronto

May 16, 2013

On Thursday May 9th the Bermuda U14 squad took off for the for their tour of Toronto where they would take on Trinity College School U14 and Oshawa Vikings U14 over two days. This is the second trip to Trinity College School [TCS] in a matter of weeks for Bermuda Youth Rugby and the U14 knew they where in for a tough tour with the U16’s losing marginally to the school based in Port Hope, Toronto.

Bermuda U14 Squad before departing for Toronto


After being met by their hosts the squad where the guest of honor at morning chapel service at the TCS and made to feel extremely welcome. The players were then given a guided tour of the school rich history and what it is like to be a student at TCS.

Game 1 – Trinity College School U14 vs Bermuda U14

With good conditions at kick-off the game started at a great pace for Bermuda with destructive ball carrying from Zachary Johnston and Azzi Mayes who were unlucky not to get on the scoreline early in the game. This set the platform for Bermuda to create some excellent opportunities through some creative passing from outhalf Jonathan Hodgkins and breaks from Tyquann Perinchief and Tariq Thomas. However, silly mistakes in critical parts of the field would cost the Bermuda U14’s as a loose ball was picked up by TCS and they went over for the games first score. The conversion was unsuccessful and brought score to 5-0.

Jacque deVerteuil, Johnny Hodgkins and Azzi work hard in Defense against Trinity college


Bermuda where then put under some consistent pressure by TCS but after some excellent defensive work from Asante Darrell and Jacque de Verteuil managed to keep the scoreline to 5-0 at the end of the first half. Words from Coaches at half-time seemed to work as Bermuda started to keep the ball more in the second half with some strong carries and line breaks from Brenton Davis, Milvin DeRosa and Enchye Zuill. After some sustained pressure Bermuda got their first score of the game as Padraic O’Shaughnessy through a dummy in the mid-field and showed some great pace to get over the line. The conversion was successful, 7-5 to Bermuda.

Enchye Zuill on the attack against TCS


By now Bermuda had found their stride as Enchye Zuill poached an opportunistic try with a quick pick and go down the blindside to catch TCS sleeping. The try was converted from the touchline by O’Shaughnessy, 14-5. More strong carries from Seth Burt and Hussani Samuels allowed Logan Ball to put Brenton Davis in space and Davis showed some great finishing to get over for the score. The conversion was successful from O’Shaughnessy, 21-5. Milvin DeRosa was rewarded for his hard work throughout the game with a score before the end of the game. The conversion was unsuccessful and brought the final score to 26-5 to Bermuda.

Padraic O’Shaughnessy finds a gap in the TCS defense


Coach Patrick Calow, Coach Devrae Noel-Simmons and Coach Nick Ball where happy with how the team responded after a poor first half. Jacque deVerteui was Man of the Match after his tireless work in defense throughout the whole game. A quick turn around for the players who then enjoyed a night with their hosts and set off the next morning for their game against Oshawa Vikings U14/U15.

Milvin DeRosa on the charge against TCS


Oshawa Vikings U14/U15 vs Bermuda U14

Bermuda picked off were they left off after their game against TCS and started off the stronger with an early line breaks from Tyquann Perinchief and Tariq Thomas who where thorns in the Oshawa Vikings side all afternoon. They were rewarded with a score each and both conversions were missed, 10-0 to Bermuda. Oshawa Vikings began to force their way into the game and test the Bermuda defense with some direct running to the middle of the field. However, Alex Doyling and Tyquann Perinchief were solid in the mid-field and stopped the Vikings from break the Bermuda line. Just before the end of the first half, full-back Janiko Francis collect a high ball under pressure and passed to Tariq Thomas. Thomas made a darting run and offloaded in the tackle to O’Shaughnessy who scored under the posts from excellent score. The conversion was successful, 17-0 at half-time.

The Bermuda backs had found their rhythm after playing with more width centre Alex Doyling found full-back Janiko Francis in the wide channel and Francis showed excellent finishing to get over in the corner. The conversion was missed, 22-0. Immediately from the restart Bermuda were back on the attack as Kaie Williams collected the ball and the team showed great continuity which Enchye Zuill finished off. The conversion was unsuccessful, 27-0.

After some excellent defense from Ezekiel Williams, Enyche Zuill picked on the turnover and put Brenton Davis to get over to score. The conversion was unsuccessful by O’Shaughnessy, 32-0. O’Shaughnessy picked up and a score right at the death which he successfully converted bringing the final score to 39-0. All around a very successful tour both on and off the field. With the players getting to experience sights, sounds and culture of Toronto and take on two tough teams. On behalf of the players, coaches and management I would like to thank Trinity College School and Oshawa Vikings for the excellent hospitality. I would also to the families of the players for their continued support for this tour and throughout the year.

The Bermuda and Trinity College School U14 teams together after their game


Bermuda U14 Squad, Coaches and Manager

  • Logan Ball – Warwick Academy
  • Jonathan Hodgkins – Warwick Academy
  • Alex Doyling – Bermuda Institute
  • Janiko Francis – Berkeley Institute
  • Zahyinde Lightbourne-Cann – Dellwood
  • Peter Kiernan Jr. – Warwick Academy
  • Brenton Davis – Dellwood
  • Padraic OShaughnessy – Somersfield
  • Jacque deVerteuil – Warwick Academy
  • Hussani Samuels – TN Tatem
  • Tyquann Perinchief – TN Tatem
  • Kelin Williams – Home School
  • Milvin DeRosa – TN Tatem
  • Zachary Johnson – Mount Saints Agnes
  • Ezekiel Williams – TN Tatem
  • Tariq Thomas – Sandys
  • Enchye Zuill – Whitney Institute
  • Asante Darrell – TN Tatem
  • Kaie Williams – Saltus
  • Brandon Wilson – TN Tatem
  • Seth Burt – TN Tatem
  • Azzi Mayes – Bermuda Institute
  • Keith Hodgkins – Coach
  • Devrae Noel-Simmons – Coach
  • Nick Ball – Coach
  • Patrick Calow – Coach
  • James O’Shaughnessy – Manager

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  1. Rugby nut says:

    I was fortunate enough to go on this trip with the rugby squad and the boys did themselves, their families and their country proud – both on and off the pitch.

  2. Watcher says:

    Great bunch of young men, we need to see more positive stories about our islands youths on the front pages of the papers celebrating their success.