Man Charged With Dragging Kitten On Leash

August 19, 2013

Appearing in Magistrates Court today [Aug 19], Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute patient Cameron Ramsey was charged with using offensive words and animal cruelty, with the Court hearing he was allegedly dragging a kitten around on a leash.

The Court heard that Mr Ramsay has psychiatric issues, and his lawyer asked that he be remanded to the Mid Atlantic Wellness Institute as he needs medical attention. The defendant did not enter a plea to the charges.

Commenting that it seems no one is making sure Mr Ramsay is getting the care he needs, Senior Magistrate Archie Warner remanded the defendant to Westgate until his next Court appearance in September.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Seems only fair that he should be dragged around on a leash for awhile if guilty.

    • Mazumbo says:

      Sounds too much like James Byrd Jr ,Jasper, Texas June 7 1998 any other options!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HeyBye says:

    I hope that the kitten was taken away from this individual.

  3. margeI says:

    How sad for this poor kitten…. why do humans act like this ?

    • Mazumbo says:

      Been asking that question since slavery and segregation !!!!!!!!!!

      • Bermudian says:

        We’re talking about animal cruelty- no need to bring slavery or race into the matter. Save that for another article.

        • E$ says:

          Don’t mind him/her that’s all they talk about, stuck in the past and stuck on stupid.

          • Brad says:

            Epidemic in Bermuda. It’s sad, but true.

            • Mazumbo says:

              That’s why I talk about it. People have more sympathy for animals then humans I don’t agree what the guy is charged with allegedly doing to the kitten but obviously he has a mental issue. so the question was( why do humans think like this)and that’s the question i’ve been asking for years, how can people be animal lovers and hate their fellow man. Now that’s stuck on stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Mazumbo says:

                (act like this) correction

                • Bermudian says:

                  Who said any of us hate our fellow humans, agree with the idea of slavery or are racist?? This is just not the time an place to talk about it.

  4. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    I’d like to drag him around on a leash!

  5. Her says:

    Oh Cameron! I wish you well

  6. Bush says:

    Wow forget anout human being and lock a mentally unwell person for a kitten something is really really wrong with this picture!!!!!Bermuda is a another world!!!!!!!!!!!the world has to be ending soon!!!

    • Mazumbo says:

      Don’t you know SOME people reverence animals over people, its historical aint nothing new. De guy needs help though!

      • Raaz says:

        You have the saddest existence ever man. Get a life.

    • Nuffin but da Truth says:

      so by your reckoning the kitten dont count!
      you de one living in another world smuck!

      • Mazumbo says:

        No but you hear more out cry on cruelty to animals then humans

        • Truth is killin' me... says:

          Maybe if people stopped smokin’ weed you wouldn’t have so many psychosis patients walkin’ the streets! Weed don’t affect people…BULLSH*T!

        • E$ says:

          shut up already

        • Brad says:

          and your point is?

        • mixitup says:

          @Mazumbo You are right thought!

          • mixitup says:


          • Mazumbo says:

            Thanks and what’s sick about it is these people claim to be ANIMAL LOVERS and hate their fellow man. LMAO

            • Brad says:

              Why would you say “ANIMAL LOVERS…hate their fellow man. LMAO.” Please point out who on this blog said they love animals but hate mankind?

              Making sweeping generalizations like this make you sound like an alleged idiot. Newsflash: there are some really nice people out here that LIKE HUMANS AND ANIMALS. Obviously this is a concept that you are not able to grasp…allegedly.


    • Deliverance says:

      It is a fact that animal cruelty is a precursor to MUCH MUCH worse violence. Those guilty need to be locked up.

  7. Plato says:

    A kitten on a leash lol MAWI, i hope somebody got a pic.

  8. Sad says:

    Sad no one mentioned the mentally ill man just the cat. Mental illness is real until it affects us personally we will focus on cats!

  9. Unjrust Realities says:

    That’s a damn shame . . .why would you lock up a mentally ill patient at Westgate . . .when you know damn well he needs psychiatric care?? I swear Bermuda needs some laws to protect their disabled and mentally handicapped people!!!

  10. I wonder says:

    I wonder if this was the guy at horseshoe bay on the first day. Of cup match.

  11. tricks are for kids says:

    …..And yet perverts that prey upon our young people cannot be named. …..where’s the outcry than????

  12. Raymond Ray says:

    The Magistrate, Archibald Warner need be FIRED! Can’t he not tell this man has “mental issues” and Westgate isn’t the place he’ll receive the medical attention nor observation…

  13. Barracuda says:

    He should be sent to MEOWI

  14. Xman says:

    The problem right from the beginning is that Cats are harder to train than dogs.
    and they don’t liked to be walked like dogs, – so he allegedly dragged him.
    I see Warner has him in Jail already eating away at the national purse when he could
    have simply fined him if guilty – from now to September is going to cost bermuda $5000 easy
    WARNER AGAIN! – he needs to be told about his dumb judging. ……… and if
    the man has some issues why was not sent back to the Wellness Center other than Westgate.
    Now were going to expect miracles from the Corrections Officers when the real experts to deal with man is at the Bermuda Wellness center ……….. come on now!

  15. Bermudian says:

    Was the kitten injured? Can you do a follow up story/post please.

    • Brad says:

      Please follow up – there are many of us who would be willing to take the kitten in.

      • ABM says:

        IS that so……………….I have around 20 to 30 stray cats in my neighborhood that are in dire need of homes. They range from kittens to full grown cats. Also, according to the SPCA and the Feline group (forget their name), majority of the ones in my neighborhood are house friendly. So stop by and pick up one or two……….they need homes!

  16. Poor KittY! says:

    Kittens are suppose to be theraputic, but I hope this kitten went to a good home and…

  17. ABM says:

    And yet when a man drags a dog on a leash nothing comes of it. Cat, dog, fish, whatever, all animals should be held in the same light!!

    However, instead of trying to bring this “mentally ill” patient down, maybe we should try and help him first! Shame to those above that say “drag him on a leash”. If the special bus rolled around the corner and several of its patients got out and held up traffic not one of you would say “hurry up you idiots”, instead you would wait your time and then proceed. That same compasion should be expressed to this man as he is a mentally ill person!!

    And we wonder why people on this planet treat each other so badly. Look to your own actions and expressions first!!

    • Brad says:

      I agree, BUT at the same time that we help the man with his issues, we need to help the allegedly abused animal. Remember, ANIMALS CANNOT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. Both parties in this instance need help but the man should not be allowed to keep or be responsible for the well-being of a pet. What example is he setting for our youth who may have seen him allegedly abusing this animal?

      • ABM says:

        I agree, but why would he need to set an example for the youth out there, or better yet, why would he even care about setting an example? He is after all a mentally ill patient. I think thats where people are getting things crossed. We are comparing this man to a right minded thinking person. You cannot do that because he is mentally ill. The same logic you would expect from a sane person, you should not be seeking it here.

        True animals cannot speak for themselves, thats why we need to look out for them, but def not hold them to the same note as a fellow human. The thing with what I just typed is that most humans tend to treat their fellow humans like garbage and then treat animals in a higher regard. Now thats a problem! Because we live in a hate fueled world, having respect for each other has never been warranted more than it has today. In short what I am saying is that those people who do treat animals better than humans are a contributing factor to a certain degree with the negative treatment we are all going through today.

        • Bermudian says:

          May come as a surprise to you and others on this blog… but not all animal lovers hate people!! You’re comment is unwarranted, stereotypical, generalized and unprovoked. Please go talk about your issues elsewhere. Some of us care about the poor kitten AND the poor man’s well-being and don’t need to be bombarded by inappropriate comments.

          • ABM says:

            You misread what I said, I never said all, I said most. That is not all. Def no issues, just speaking the truth.

          • ABM says:

            Also never said animal lovers hate people. You are trying to twist my words just so you can prove your point. I think you need another English lesson buddy.

  18. bir says:

    ..sick peopel in this country very sad hope the kitten is fine

    • Hotta says:

      People worrying about a kitten and disregarding the fact that the guy has problems.. People with mental problems do these type of things.. He should be scolded not imprisoned..Crying over a kitten.. The atrocities going on in this world and people are here crying over a kitten being dragged on a leash.. Are you serious? It’s not right but there are more serious things going on in the world and in this island..

  19. BermudaGirl says:

    I love animals, and we MUST protect them. AND I love people-I happen to be one-but animals don’t make their own decisions, and we have to make good ones for them.
    They also don’t make stupid judgements and outrageous comments and post them online.

  20. Hubba Bubba says:

    I agree mazumbo,people tend to care more for animals than fellow humans.When reading this article I can see how ones imagination can paint a picture of this evil,deranged lunatic, even though most of us in here dont know him or what he looks like.Now if Bernews were to print a picture of him then ones perception and opinion might change.He may not look like us,for example what if he had down syndrome,would your opinion of him change?Do we have compassion(sympathy)because he is”Different” or do we throw him in a cell and dish out some of the punishments some of you have suggested.Its obvious that he has mental issues so lets reserve a bit of compassion for this man as his actions suggest he needs help!!