CableVision Offers Free Preview Of New Channel

September 5, 2013

As the U.S. NFL football season kicks off this Sunday [Sept 8] Bermuda CableVision is launching NFL RedZone, and offering all customers a one-day free preview of this new addition to its Pay-Per-View line-up, along with NFL Sunday Ticket, back for another season.

NFL RedZone, on CableVision’s Channel 554, is produced by NFL Network, and hosted by the network’s own Scott Hanson.

“The fast-paced format features non-stop action as Hanson, based in the network’s new, state-of-the-art studio at NFL headquarters in Los Angeles, transports viewers from game to game on Sunday afternoons, giving them live look-ins on touchdowns, highlights and other important plays as they happen”, a spokesperson said.

“Every time a team goes inside the 20-yard line, NFL RedZone takes fans there, in real-time. In addition, the network offers up-to-the-minute fantasy stats, extended highlights and more.

“NFL Sunday Ticket, on Channels 555 – 570, is also part of this Sunday’s Free Preview. Back once again by popular demand, the seasonal pay-per-view package returns September 8, and will continue broadcasting throughout the season, true to its motto of “Every Game, Every Sunday.”Fans can follow their favourite teams no matter where they are playing, and receive real-time statistics and scores, along with other highlights”.

“Sunday will be an exciting day for U.S. football fans here in Bermuda,” says Terry Roberson, general Manager of Bermuda CableVision. “Not only is it the start of the season, it’s also launch day for NFL RedZone on our line-up, and it’s a day when our customers can watch RedZone and NFL Sunday Ticket for free. We trust fans and even newcomers to the sport will enjoy the day.”

Both packages run throughout the season, from September 8 through December 29th. The per-season rates are: NFL RedZone:$49; and NFL Sunday Ticket $300.

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  1. E$ says:

    How bout you bring back all de blacked out channels for real football. BEYOND VEXED!!

    • hold on says:

      channel 101 is basically blacked out every weekend.We want EPL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Atlantic not Caribbean! says:

    Agreed, we are not Caribbean! Don’t lump us in with a location we are so far away from! Closest land mass to us is the USA… And we are a UK territory, so how in the world are we considered Caribbean???

  3. Y-Gurl says:

    True, these clowns are ripping of the networks and the Bermuda public, we are paying way to much for a second rate service with the channels that people watch being blacked out all over the place, IPTV is coming then its bye bye cable vision as you become another Bermudians dinosaur, then you will wish you had treated us better because when choice comes we will take it god only knows why they sell 1080p TVs here, all I’d need is a 480p TV for your service

  4. simonsays says:

    Why do I pay my bill every month and get blacked out channels? I dont care who has the rights to broadcast anything, how about taking my rights into consideration as a paying consumer! Oh wait this is bermuda…….I guess not then, EPL coverage for the season has been crap, Cablevision you need to do better! Listen to your customers.