Man Charged With Luring Girls Over Facebook

October 18, 2013

A 22-year-old man appeared in Magistrates Court this afternoon [Oct 18] where he was remanded in custody after being charged with using Facebook to try to get young girls to have sex with him.

The Court heard the defendant — who cannot be named at this stage for legal reasons –  allegedly set up fake Facebook accounts and used it to message the young girls.

The defendant was charged with communicating with the girls [who ranged in age from 11 to their teens] by means of telecommunication with the purpose of having unlawful carnal knowledge between May 2012 and July 2013. He was also charged with intruding on their privacy,

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo ordered that the man should be kept in custody until he returns for mention on 1st November.

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  1. buzz says:

    I repeat there are serz,sexual Problems in Bermuda !

    • inna says:

      nothing else to do!

      and i think it is about time the papers started naming and shaming these pitiful human beings. all of them, no bul*** about protecting the identity of anyone blah blah, just do it!

      • Mike Hind says:

        Not until they’re found guilty.

      • Bernews says:

        Not naming defendants at this stage isn’t a general decision by any of the media, it’s the ‘law of the land’. Naming them means we could end up in Court [the last media outlet was fined $6,000]. That said, if this person is convicted, chances are he can legally be named by the media at that time.

      • Suzie Quattro says:

        It’s to protect the identity of the victim, as much as anything.

    • The Dark Knight Returns says:

      I can’t stand people that comment as you have. This heinous and unspeakable crime does not just occur in Bermuda. Sadly It occurs everywhere. I wish Bernews and the like would not allow people like you to comment the way you do. People like you clearly have an issue with Bermuda so why don’t you just leave and go back to where you came from. Oh I forgot it’s probably ten times worst. By the way if you are Bermudian you may need to start watching Cnn and the like it may open up your eyes. Why not just speak about the crime in general without the Bermuda part.

  2. frank says:

    get your children off facebook

  3. Just One says:

    Hopefully when this individual is convicted of all charges, they will name him. I’m surprised there is no independent sex offenders register already available online, because a lot of names are published after convictions.

    I supposed some names will always be withheld if the victims are related to the offender, obviously to protect the names of the victims, but in this case, I assume the name will eventually be released.

  4. SERZ TALK says:


  5. wylie says:

    Minimum age for Facebook as with almost all social media and email sites is 13. Parental consent is required. If your child is under 13 either stand over them when they’re on it or disallow it. If you can’t do that you’re not parenting properly and leaving your child open to this sort of thing. Wise up people, it’s a new age and with it comes new responsibilities.

    • librarian says:


      • Really?? says:

        At Wylie, I agree with you, but some of these children are well advanced for their age, and can easily set up a false FB acct and input anything. How is FB going to check the correct age of these children? Parents need to strongly scrutinze their children then they won’t fall prey to these sick individuals that prey on young kids!

    • Karma says:

      Very well said.

    • The Dark Knight Returns says:

      Agreed as well, if they aren’t supposed to then they should not be allowed anyway. However it is very easy to simply lie about your age when signing up as I do not think Facebook will allow you to sign up if your date of birth shows that you are under a certain age. May be just maybe we are policing this issue the wrong way.

  6. Come Correct says:

    Is it illegal to make a false account as an 11 year old to lure these sick f**** out for a friendly chat?

  7. Come On Man says:

    Bring in the catch a predeter guy.

  8. ......... says:

    If found guilty he needs his **** and b**** cut off.