Line Forms Outside Digicel For Tomorrow’s Sale

November 26, 2013

A few dedicated shoppers are presently braving the less than warm weather to camp outside the Digicel store on Church Street this evening [Nov 26] to take advantage of tomorrow’s Black Friday Wednesday Preview Sale.

As of 8pm there were around ten people waiting, and the shoppers came prepared with chairs, with one lady wearing her pajamas.

ZPK6ess - Imgur

Beginning at 6am tomorrow [Nov 27] the Phone 5C, normally priced at $589, drops to $329, with the first seven customers getting a special rate of $99. The iPhone 5S, which normally retails for $889, is on sale for $629, with the first four customers getting a price of $149.

This is the second day in a row Digicel has held a Black Friday preview sale, with the retailer also opening at 6am this morning with special sale prices.

Last year saw hundreds of shoppers out in the wee hours of the morning to take advantage of Black Friday sale prices, and this year can be expected to be the same, with many of the island’s major retailers gearing up to offer slashed prices and early morning opening hours this coming Friday.

Although some individual Bermuda stores staged Black Friday sales in the past, 2011 marked the first time there was a major push by Hamilton retailers to draw shoppers out for pre-dawn sales, and the promotions have continued since then.

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States and traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

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  1. Gabbs says:

    Real Dreamers!!

    • Ganja mon says:

      How you all acting like you dont take advantage of sales. I bet you are the same people that flock to supermarkets on Wednesdays for the 5%.

      Oh wait !! Cant wait to see how many people are shopping at lindos and Marketplace when the 10% starts.

      The point is it is money saved, kind of… …till the bill comes

      • Islander says:

        The difference going shopping for 10% at the grocery store, is that you are not waiting in line all night to do it! And they have that child out there, doesnt she have school? SMH. There is nothing I need or want that much where Ill do this JS!

      • Darwin's Child says:

        I can see the attraction of getting a bargain, especially in these austere times, but personally I find this kind of consumerism lightly obscene. It is. Sad day when the mighty dollar has people sleeping out in the cold on the street when there are people who have no choice but to do so.

        • Mazumbo says:

          Hope de Christmas trees are not infected when they get here, then people will be fighting over that. LMAO

    • ReAl $$$$$ says:

      If people took the time and place this same effort in their careers, they would have the $$$$$$ to buy these material devices right from the pocket.

      • Smh says:

        How do you think rich people stay rich? They are cheap! Whether I buy from the pocket or not, there are still those who will go for a cheaper price.

        • ganja mon says:

          So you are insinuating that all rich people stay rich?? Thats an old cliche that is false. Bad business deals can break any rich family.

    • Whoever u want says:

      Damn some of you sound jealous that you didn’t get a brand new phone for that great price!!! Lay down! Nobody tells you where when and how to spend your dollars so dont worry about what others do!

    • Whoever u want says:

      Real haters..half of you secretly wanted to do the same but were to busy worrying about what people would say about you..take your old beat up phones and jump off a cliff pls

  2. sayitaintso says:


  3. Another World says:

    don’t get ya hur wet!

    • lifetime says:

      It is supposed to be rainy n windy starting wednesday night n thursday. So more than likely they’ll be calling in sick. Im giving them the benefit of the doubt so they prob took a few vacation days or are unemployed.

      And yes credit cards still work when you don’t have a job.

  4. Lebron says:

    Sad. It’s a phone FFS.

  5. kangoocar says:

    This definetley confirms that some people have their prioroties all wrong!!!! Are they serious??? These same people next week could find themselves out of a job!! it just makes me sick to my stomach that these types will be the first to ask government for a hand out next week if they lost their job!!! here’s a suggestion, take the money you are wasting on a new phone, and donate it to those that really need to eat tomorrow!!!! Salvation Army comes to mind!!!

    • Karma says:

      This group also has a child out there…what about school in the morning? Is someone going to pick up that child and ensure that homework is done, dinner is fed, and in the morning that uniform is on, breakfast is eaten, uniform is on, and child is ON TIME for school?

    • Mike Hind says:

      How do you know that these are the people who will be the first to ask government for a hand out next week?

      How do you know they don’t need a new phone for work?

      Why do they have to justify needing a new phone to you?

      Isn’t it just as valid to assume that these folks ARE hurting and don’t have much money and that’s why they’re out all night to try to save some money?

      Why are we so judgemental, jumping to conclusions and projecting the worst negativity onto people for simply trying to save some money?

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        On the whole I agree with you Mike (this time) however if these folks are genuinely hurting, then why are they lining up to sign themselves up for at least 2 years of expensive voice & data contracts? There are cellphones that sell for less then $50 (without having to sit out in the cold all night to buy) that don’t bring with them expensive data packages. A job that requires you to have access to the internet also supply these things called computers so they would still have access to the internet if their job requires it.

      • tricks are for kids says:

        Thank you… sick of people trying to tell others how to spend THEIR money. …Especially when you don’t know their circumstances and are just ASSuming……SMDH……..

      • Hmmmmm says:

        How surprisingly liberal of you to give my people the benefit of the doubt. :) :)

        • Mike Hind says:

          How unsurprisingly racist of you to think that I wouldn’t.

          • Hmmmmm says:

            Calling it as I see it. :)

            • Mike Hind says:

              No. You’re not.
              You are attempting to defame me, yet again, with a false accusation, because you got caught out in a falsehood, time and again I called you on it.

              Nothing I’ve ever written has even come close to implying that I am anything but liberal, so “surprisingly liberal” is just another falsehood from you, based solely on the colour of my skin and the fact that I dare question the misinformation you try to spread for political means.

              Try an ounce of honesty, please.

  6. ADRM says:

    Only in Bda ! Is crazy plus Digicel and Cellone is lie to all the customer about the 4G network the both advertising it but we don’t have it around Bermuda

    • frank says:

      cellone was the first to have the 4G network what they don’t have I the LTE network that is the network the new smart phones are made to work on

    • The Dark Knight Returns says:

      ADRM, you obviously pay close attention to Bermuda only. Since you have access to the internet why don’t you put google to the test. Then and only then you will discover that your statement, “Only in Bermuda” is absolutely 100% false. Just to educate you a bit, in New Jersey people have been camping outside stores since last week for this coming Friday.

      Oh it just came to me, I’m wondering if by your statement “Only in Bermuda” you meant that nowhere else in the entire world do people gather outside a business the evening before the sale? Cause that my friend would make much more sense.

  7. joan says:

    It’s too cold people!!!

  8. Sensitive_Guy says:

    hmmm i guess some people still have money

    • Jess says:

      If they had money that would aready have the phone they want not be at no sale

      • frank says:

        just look on wwww.cellular and check the price of those phones that’s where those same companys get their phones wholesale

        • Umm.... says:

          How about you build an island-wide network and then buy phones and sell them at a cheaper price? Do you pay shipping and duty? How about payroll? Health insurance? Pension? What are you contributing to the economy?

          While I am not a Digicel employee, I do have their service and have family that work there. I also have friends that work at CellOne. I hate when people continuously spew negative sentiment about these two companies. While they aren’t perfect (as no telecommunications company is….ANYWHERE), they contribute a great deal to our economy. Do you know how many Bermudians both of these companies employ? I’ve bought an unlocked iPhone direct from Apple before. $649 (16GB) + US sales tax + duty. If I have service with a carrier here and I’m not leaving the island in two years, getting that same phone at these prices with 2 year contract (for service that I would already need/have) is a GREAT deal.

  9. Really says:

    It’s the only love left for young folks the love of a phone and wasting their savings on phone charges , money for talking and texting what a scam

  10. Mike Hind says:

    I dunno… a savings of a few hundred dollars… some of them even more than a few!… would be worth camping out on the sidewalk, if you got the time and don’t have the money.
    Good on ‘em for their dedication.

    • Family Man says:

      Save a couple of hundred on the cost of a fancy phone by having to sign a two year contract at a minimum monthly cost of $100 for a total commitment of $2,400 plus the cost of the phone.

      Doesn’t sound like they’re short of money.

  11. somuchless says:

    you know they ain’t working sheesh.

    • Funny says:

      The money they are going to save on the phone is most likely more than they make in a week at work. can you wear those shoes?

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    Unreal!!! There sits the poster people of what is wrong with Bermuda today. How many will call in sick tomorrow? For what?? A phone!!!! Get real. Where are your priorities? How many will be struggling to make rent or mortgage in a few days.

    I’ll keep my 9 year old dumb phone, which does not even have a camera, till the battery will charge no more. Got it on next to minimum minutes too.

    How did we ever live before cellphones?

    • Mike Hind says:

      Some of us use our phones for work. It is an absolute necessity in my job and how I do it.
      You don’t need a decent phone. Fine. Other people do.

      Why spite them for it?

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Not spiteful of anyone & yes the cellphone does have its uses for work. Got my first one many years ago. It was not a Motorola Brick but the next generation after that. Self employed. Providing a service to visitors. Answering machine was not an option. They wanted answers right away. If not they were calling the competition.

        These days everyone has a phone & they want the latest & greatest. Why? Ever watched to poor addicted souls who cannot take more than a few steps in town without the head being buried checking the phone? Most have to have it in the hand, just in case. Sad. Watched a young couple in a restaurant not long ago. Except to order & actually eat, he had his head buried in the phone the whole time they were there. No life.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Yep. I’ve seen those folks. No correlation to why these people are lining up.

      • Karma says:

        I remember that it wasn’t too many years ago that folks could conduct their business WITHOUT a cell phone…because there weren’t any…we made do with sticking to business while we were in our office…

        What could POSSIBLY be so important that it won’t wait until you get back to the office? Are you a brain surgeon? If not, well….

        • Smh says:

          Times have changed. It is 2013. Seems as if you’re stuck in the 1950s. Some jobs require a phone that keep then up with the times – for example: Skype, Tango, Viber. But I suppose you wouldn’t know what these apps are capable of. You probably don’t even know what an app is. LOL! Smh.

          You have to spend money to make money and in actual fact, these phones help you to save money in many ways when dealing with overseas family, friends, coworkers, etc.

          Furthermore, how do you know that these people don’t do shift work or they have the day off tomorrow? They’re saving $700! I would sit out there too if I didn’t already have my iPhone 5.

          You people are always ready to criticize without knowing facts. Some people work extremely hard and if spending &149 is within their budget to treat themselves then so be it!

          • Ar way says:

            Half of u mfs are stupid!!! So what if someone wants to wait in a f**** line for a phone, if they are off and want to take their turn in line then someone else (family or friend) that wants to do it in shifts then so be it. Bermudians are small minded and need to step outside of your 21 square mile box!! Who doesn’t want to save money? That’s what I thought!!! # idiots

        • Mike Hind says:

          Not really your call on what some people find important.

          And, yes, we didn’t use cellphones because they weren’t there.
          Does that mean we should go back to those days?
          How about phones in general? It wasn’t that long ago that folks could conduct their business without telephones because there weren’t any. What could possibly be so important that you can’t wait for the evening mail?

          In my job, if the weather is a little iffy, the gig can be cancelled. If I don’t have my phone on me, there’s no way of knowing if the night is on or not. THAT is something that can’t wait until I get back to the office. Know why? Cuz I don’t have an office.

  13. Katherine says:

    It’s like the 24th of May parade x 10!!! LOL!

  14. John Doe says:

    Digicel smh they wont be getting my money. They betta pray it doesn’t rain n hail tonight lol

  15. BlueFamiliar says:

    While it’s not something I would do, more power to them for the effort and getting a deal on something they really want.

  16. Lol its so funny looking at your comments, and to answer some of your questions, yes we all have jobs, unlike some of yall we aint gonna be asking the gov for help, i for one will not be calling in sick, i will be making 9am at sears bright and early, so no calling in sick, also whats so different from us and you people who take trips abroad like right now to catch the american black friday only to lug it back on a plan and pay 25% duty with no local warranty, i hope your new device breaks within a month lol happy returning that product you and its not cold out, shout out to 24 hour gas station and crow lane bakery for being open for the food and hot drinks,

  17. Micro says:

    I’ll just go online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, after shipping and duty would probably still end up with a cheaper phone…

    • tricks are for kids says:

      At least those that are camping out are contributing to BERMUDA’s economy…..who’s will you be contributing too???

      • The Cold Truth says:

        His own personal economy thats who!

      • Micro says:

        Yea because Digicel doesn’t import phones by exporting currency? There really is no difference.

        • Umm.... says:

          Except the money you spend in Bermuda helps to keep someone in Bermuda employed. Ever heard of pension, payroll, and insurance? Money spent in Bermuda touches many sectors and helps benefit us all.

  18. Oh me Pyles says:

    What’s the bet they spent the night lickin’ the windows.
    There’s just no fixin’ stupid.
    Enjoy your phones. They’re already dated. ;-)

  19. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    i noticed that everyone is in a tizzy about who’s out in the cold, but how come no one has mentioned the price gouging….if they can sell a $600 phone for $99…hmmm….big scams brah. i guess if ur number 8 …you are jus too late.

  20. theothersidebda says:

    Did I miss a school holiday or something? Seriously, you are going to have your children out on a school night camping out for a phone? I don’t care if it was free! We complain about how materialistic our society and children have become yet we set the example that a cheap phone is more important than a good night’s rest and their education.

    • Digicel Camper says:

      to be honest i agree, i was upset at the fact that the first 4 iphone 5s were sold to school kids in the same house hold, a lady bought it for herself, daughter and her 2 nieces, so unfair digicel

  21. Walker says:

    I really do not understand the hatred directed at these individuals who were smart enough to get a deal!! I am sure ALL of you have a cell phone and paid tons of money for it! Cell1 and Digihell both charge so much that it’s only smart to try catch these deals for a phone that all of you paid too much money for already! And you don’t have to be unemployed to want to save money dreamers!!

    • Whistling Frog says:

      Prices always drop in time… What’s so gotta have it now about the latest phones? They all do the same things as yesterdays models. I’d bet you most of them people already have two or 3 phones in their junk draw that already work… What kills me is the cost of talking and texting at the end of the year..

  22. Haha says:

    Sounds like some people are bitter because they are still on contracts… which means they can’t get the phone they want for next to nothing or they bought the same phone that is now only $9….haters will always hate. Patience is a virtue and a nice cheap phone!

  23. swing voter says:

    gimme a cheap n dirty used phone as long as I can make and receive calls….save the extra fluff for stupid people who occasionally walk into walls and crash cars whilst texting

    • VJ says:

      Yeah right.
      Can you give me stats on how often that really happens?

      • Hmmmmmm says:

        Not so much since it became illegal to do so.

      • swing voter says:

        an average of 30 accidents occur daily VJ….a bet many of them involve texting, dialing, or other similar distractions

    • Mike Hind says:

      Cool. You can have one.

      You don’t get to tell other people what they want.

  24. camper girl2013 says:

    @triangle drifter:…not everyone is like you, buying a cell phone does not put everyone in debt and on financial assistance. some people have their priorities straight but they also are aware of this thing call balance. you should go look it up one day when u feel like making jealous comments, maybe the fact that you have any balance in your life is the reason you all are such hateful, miserable people. leave other people life choices and personal happiness alone it is none of your business and @kangoocar:…”out of a job” and “asking for government hand outs”? you sound very guilty… wake you your not looking in a mirror just because your are one of those persons does not make everyone the same, some people are hard working and ambitious hence why we have great jobs and are able to afford expensive things, it is just so annoying hearing small minded people like you bashing people about not helping the needy just because we like to be happy, maybe you are giving a bit too much, like your happiness, why are you such a Debby downer go somewhere else with you negativity and criticisms….smfh… can’t really blame you thought because you know what they say, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” I guess because of you very small minds you can’t help but be who you are.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Actually CG I do have a smart phone but it does not work in Bermuda. The cost a couple years ago was $120 & the service is only $45 per month, unlimited everything.

      My reason for having it is surprisingly related to your screen name. It is useful for keeping track of weather realtime when on the road & researching the next stop since reservations are never made. Nice to have instant contact home too though voice calls cannot be made.

      So, yes, I do use technology but I don’t use it for aimless games & other activity when my attention should be elsewhere. In a little place like Bermuda, there is little real need for an expensive smartphone, & the expensive service to make it work, unless it is a tool for business.

      • Really?? says:

        @Triangle Drifter, so you have the only valid reason for having a smartphone? Nobody else in the whole contry has a valid reason for having a smartphone? How do you know there is little reason to have a smartphone in Bermuda? Did you go around and poll every person that lives here? How could you even pretend to assume what other people use their phone for? A little full of ourself are we?

  25. Bermyboy says:

    I wonder how many are going to be turned off the following month for not paying their bill?

    • tricks are for kids says:

      As long as YOURS is on thats all you should be concerned sbout….

  26. kat says:


    • Oh me Pyles says:

      Product of sleep deprivation – see above ;-)

      I’m surprised the author didn’t manage to work the word ‘IRREGARDLESS’ into their little rant. PMSL.

  27. X man says:

    To some a cell phone is a matter of life and death – for others it’s may not be worth it to put so
    much emphisis on such things.
    In the US. the Apple phone lovers did’t go crazy as expected over the i Phone 5 & 5s because there waiting for
    what is supposed to be the mother of all smart phones the Apple i Phone 6.
    I was just in the US. were most i Phone fans have kept there older i Phones 4s and just taken on the IOS7 upgrade.
    You can buy a non contract Apple iPhone 4S for as low as $150 bucks and a 5s for $ 200 -
    When I see people sitting / sleeping outside like this for these so called magic prices [ lol ]- then they truly must feel it’s worth it.
    To each his own. [ lol ]

  28. Truth is killin' me... says:


  29. But why says:

    They work or get the money to pay for it. They wait in line. They get a phone for 99. They get sick. They call in work sick. They lose their job. They can’t pay their bills.

    I fail to see how any of that affects any of you.
    Key word “they”
    Get over it. Their life. Their money.

    • Petty Lump says:

      No, my money is involved when I have to pay for assistance when ‘they’ don’t have a job

      • VJ says:

        Do you personally know any of these people? What draws you to the conclusion that you will soon be supporting them?

        I would bet my last dime it has something to do with the hue of their skin.

        Don’t even waste your time denying it you racist pig.

        • Petty Lump says:

          I know two people in the line and I know they shouldn’t be buying a phone.
          I don’t give a s#$t what color you are , I give a s*** about how stupid you are.

      • Tricks Are For Kids says:

        How do you know they will be on assistance or are YOU just ASSuming?????????

  30. Black Kat says:

    So true!!!

    I love that one!!! LOL:)

  31. wow says:

    What I find amazing is the judgement that many sit in. There is an assumption that if one is in line for a cell phone they are no responsible or somehow a deadbeat or someone that will not pay their bills to keep on the phone.

    That is an arrogant and self absorbed view from many who have no understanding of the struggles of others or those who have a very low expectations of those around them.

    People have the right to spend their money the way they see fit as long as they do not steal put their wants in front of their needs.

    A phone is no longer Justa phone, it is the connection to the world, you can read from it, do home work, keep up with history keep up world events, surf the net and yes call. It is a major communications tool.

    Some people spend hundreds on porn, some spend thousands on alcohol, some on going out to eat, some one shoes, shows, some on paintings. jewelry; the point is, who deserves the right and or priveledge of sitting in the seat of judgement.

    You judgmental Bermudians, GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE, tommorow look at the US news, you will see thousands of people doing the same thing. In the UK Boxing day same thing. People want deals and who are you to say they should not do whatever they wish to get it.

    • Petty Lump says:

      Yes , intelligent people realize that not all people in the line are irresponsible, and they should be able to buy what they want.
      Intelligent people however, also realize that there are people in line who are feckless and would rather pay for the latest phone that they don’t need , rather than paying for their children.
      Do you think that the foreigners who are “taking’ your jobs are lining up to buy the latest just to keep up with the Joneses?

  32. VJ says:

    I have a few questions:

    1) Why should people care what others do with their time?
    2) Why should people care what others do with their money?
    3) Why do people assume that these shoppers are jobless, or if they have a job will lose it soon, or will call in sick, or will have their phones shut off, or will end up on financial assistance simply because they are camping out to catch a sale?
    4) If there was some luxury YOU really wanted, and had the chance to get it at a great deal, what’s to stop you from doing the same thing? Some people are into phones, just like some people like I-Pads, or computer, or televisions, stereos, etc. Why it it anybody’s concern what other people are willing to wait in line for?

    Now I personally wouldn’t do it, but there are a lot of things in life that other people enjoy that I detest and to each his own. Why are people getting so upset over this? They are minding their own business, aren’t breaking any laws, aren’t stealing the phones…they are camping out waiting and SO WHAT!!!! My sister that lives in the US did this last year (not for a phone)and she has plenty of money, but is CHEAP…plain and simple. People can’t make judgements based on somebody trying to save a buck.

    BTW, people need to examine their bigoted comments about financial assistance and the like. These comments sound rather racist to me as they know nothing about these people and their circumstances, so just how did they come to this conclusion?

    • Digicel Camper says:

      if i could shake your hand and thank you, i wish i could, this sums up everything, thank you whoever you are.

      • VJ says:

        You are quite welcome.

        So sick of narrow-minded, judgmental, minding-everybody-else’s business, petty and jealous haters.

        Good luck Digicel Camper!!!

  33. Sheriff says:

    wow! 62 comments for a sale… who cares! If you were in the USA, I bet you’d all be in the lines, whether it be the wee hours or normal hours..

    Catch the Christmas Spirit, it’s fun!… or Shut up and go lay down in a corner!

  34. Fadda says:

    I was in line saved a few dollars,paid $99 for a phone that most paid over $600 for,don’t have Data as only had to extend my contract for 2 years for a number I have had for over 10 years and don’t plan on changing it as I used it for Business and long time contacts,pay for it from the job i have,got some rest, made it to works as I make 11′o’clock,don’t need financial assistant,don’t care for most of your comments as Collie Buddz says I am Blind To You Haters

  35. a photog says:

    now lets see them line up for church Sunday morning
    that early on Saturday night

    • Fadda says:

      Don’t have to as there is always enough room in Church, Maybe if you and some of your haters friends showed up and get some JESUS, I might feel the need to line up the night before

    • Umm.... says:

      Why Sunday? Why church at all? What does religion or religions that worship on Sunday have to do with a phone sale?

  36. Opinions says:

    Opinions are like ***holes. Everybody has one. Digicel does a lot for the community in time, donations and charities. I will continue to use them…thank you Digicel!

    Sincerely yours,

    Ms Did not stand in line had 8 hrs sleep but am in no place to judge anyone who stood in line…hope you had fun. (Long name & signature. Hehe)

  37. Y-Gurl says:

    99% marketing hype and 1% customer focus

  38. Ya got me Rollin says:

    Truly amazing how what one does with their time and money matters this much to strangers. There are a lot of people not living.