Tourism Seeking New Sales & Marketing Officer

November 14, 2013

The Bermuda Tourism Authority today announces that it has begun its search for a Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, to be based overseas. The position will report to the Chief Executive Officer.

The Authority said, “The Chief Sales and Marketing Officer will be responsible for the strategic development, execution and tactical delivery of the overall marketing activity designed to increase brand and product awareness in the tourism marketplace, while continuing to create a destination location and increase market share for Bermuda. The outcome of all marketing activities must translate into measurable direct sales results.

“Marketing activity will encompass planning, preparing, implementing and continually evaluating all advertising, digital strategy, direct mail, sponsorship and promotional programmes.

“In addition, the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer will be responsible for professionally managing internal client relationships; preparing, justifying and presenting budgets and plans; directing external research, creative and buying services; coordinating strategies with communications and marketing; and continually evaluating tactical elements against the overall objective of significantly elevating the public’s awareness of the brand.

“The successful candidate will be required to have 12 to 15 years of relevant experience. They will have a professional history of managing fully integrated advertising, direct mail, e-commerce and sponsorship programmes tailored to lifestyle brands.

“Ideally, the candidate also will have a strong background in hospitality resort destinations or corporate oversight of multi-unit hospitality locations. Strong P&L experience is required as is historical responsibility with multi-million dollar budgets.

“Candidates are required to have a bachelor or master’s degree in marketing, sales, business administration or a relevant field of work or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience.

Chairman of the Bermuda Tourism Board, David Dodwell, said: “The position of Chief Sales & Marketing Officer will be one of the key roles in driving Bermuda tourism forward under the new Authority. This person will be one of the most senior members of the management team and we will expect him or her to be a dynamic, experienced leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong track record.”

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  1. Handbag Basher says:

    you dont need any of that b/s to do this job!

    Any passionate Bermudian can sell Bermuda.

    • Loquatz says:

      Any passionate Bermudian can BS all day about Bermuda. But you need someone who can “close the deal” to bring business here. That latter skill is actually more important.

      • Handbag Basher says:

        that’s the problem,we dont have any good used car salesmen here to close the deal!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Yes a passion for the job is required. A good public speaker is required. A good salesman is required. All of the other requirements listed are required too.

      A combination of Jim Woolridge & Shorty Trimingham is required. It has been a long long time since we really had somebody really good at the front of the troops.

  2. MA$E says:

    12 – 15 years experience in a similar position so nobody under 35 bother applying … way to inject a modern sensibility into Tourism let keep marching out Baby Boomers to try and fix a already dated and ageing industry.

    keep looking to the past Bermuda its worked so well thus far

  3. Pushed Up 38DD says:

    O I cud cell de rock 4 yas

  4. watching says:

    Yeah i am sure they will find a Bermudian to qualify for this one. Right.

    • Edmund Wells says:


      If you can’t have both (Bermudian and experience with multi-million dollar budget tourism enterprises), which would you pick?


    • bullett says:

      nominate Handbag Basher

  5. Watching says:

    Can’t wait to see who gets this…bet there is an affiliation or buddy…

    (not the watching above)

  6. X man says:

    Yep’ – another overseas worker on his way here –
    because nobody here will be chosen — if they do I’ll be surprised