15 Videos: Celebration Of Nelson Mandela’s Life

December 16, 2013

Yesterday [Dec 15] dozens of performers and speakers came together for the National Celebration of the Life of Nelson Mandela at City Hall, which served to celebrate the life and legacy of human rights icon Nelson Mandela, who died earlier this month at age 95.


The event was a collaboration of variety of organizations, and performers and speakers included the Bermuda African Dance Company, In Motion School of Dance, Gene Steede, Justin Smith, BHS students, John Woolridge, CedarBridge students, Three Kings, Saltus Grammar students, Toni Robinson, Arlene Brock, Tony Brannon, Zion Caisey, PLP MP Dennis Lister and Premier Craig Cannonier.

Tony Brannon performs his song “Free”, which was written when Mandela was freed in 1990:

In Motion School of Dance:

Gene Steede:

Justin Smith:

Bermuda African Dance Company:

Bermuda High School Students:

John Woolridge:

CedarBridge Students:

Three Kings:

Saltus Grammar Students:

Toni Robinson:

Arlene Brock:

Zion Caisey:

MP Dennis Lister [Please excuse the debacle at the 1.20 mark, someone accidentally kicked our tripod!]

Premier Craig Cannonier:

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  1. This is truly awesome and well organised, and a true reflection that we as Bermudians do know how to put aside our differences, and political affiliations for a common cause.

    To the organizers and all the participants, including the audiences that supported such a worthy cause, I say well done and congratulations.