Dr. Curtis Tweed Named New Berkeley Principal

December 17, 2013

photo Curtis TweedBerkeley Institute’s Chairman of the Board Craig Bridgewater announced the appointment of Berkeley Alum, Dr. Phyllis Curtis-Tweed, as the school’s seventh Principal.

Dr. Curtis-Tweed will take up the post on 2 January 2014 and will be in place for the new school term which commences on January 6th .

Mr. Bridgewater said, “Dr. Curtis-Tweed brings a wealth of experience and is committed to student and teacher excellence. The Board is pleased that she is prepared to return to Bermuda to share her knowledge and learning and lead The Berkeley Institute at this time in our academic history.

“She is very pleased to accept the position of Principal at The Berkeley Institute and is looking forward to working with students, staff and faculty to make a positive contribution at the Berkeley.

“Dr. Curtis-Tweed, a Berkeley graduate, attained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in foreign language education from the University of Maryland. She qualified to teach and taught for 6 years in middle/junior and high schools in the United States.”

He continued, “As a doctoral assistant, Dr. Curtis-Tweed taught university courses in statistics and psychology as well as supervised student teachers. After attaining her Ph.D. in Education Studies with a concentration on psychology, she completed post-doctoral studies in psychology at Harvard University. She also served as a lecturer in psychology at the Harvard Medical School.

“For the past fourteen years, Dr. Curtis-Tweed has worked as a faculty member and administrator in higher education. She was employed for ten years at Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York [CUNY], which is a traditionally comprehensive open enrollment institution with a student population of approximately 6,800.”

Dr. Curtis-Tweed was initially hired as a faculty member and Director of the Freshman Year Program. In this capacity she taught, advised, and counseled first year and second year students.

Later, as Assistant and then Associate Provost, her duties included the oversight of assessment, institutional research, strategic planning and curriculum development, developing and monitoring university-supported undergraduate education programs, and collaborating with faculty to structure faculty development workshops.

“Dr. Curtis-Tweed is currently Dean of the Division of Art, Design, and Humanities at Oakland Community College in Michigan. Her portfolio includes academic planning and supervision for the 14 disciplines and 24 departments of the Division of Arts, Design and Humanities at all five of their campuses, supervising more than 200 faculty and serving and supporting more than 30,000 students.

He added, “I would like to thank every one of you that was involved in the recruitment process. This is indeed one of the most important decisions that we have had to make in recent times.

“I would also like to take the opportunity to thank and congratulate Acting Principal Ms. Keisha Douglas who during the first semester has done an outstanding job in leading the School, demonstrating sound leadership and a commitment to excellence.

“Dr. Curtis-Tweed will be supported by an outstanding team of Deputies, faculty and staff. The Board is confident that all of our collective efforts will result in continued success for our students and the Berkeley family. I also thank you in advance for your support in this time of transition.”

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  1. SMH says:

    Ms. Douglas should remain as Principal.

    • Betty Trump says:

      Congratulations Dr. Curtis-Tweed, wishing you great success in your role. I look forward to hearing of the great things you will do to improve the Educational experience and success for children. Welcome back home, to pay back to your country.

      Thanks to Mrs. Douglas for also doing a great job in the intern. I hope and pray that the Department of Education would begin to recognize putting Bermudians in post at the Ministry of Education, rather than over looking Bermudians for key post there. It would be great if we can begin to value our own first.

      • Ex Civil Servant says:

        The article says that Curtis-Tweed is looking forward to returning to Bermuda and is a graduate of Berkely Institute. I assumed that she was local…was that an incorrect assumption?

  2. Hmmm says:

    Congratulations Dr Curtis-Tweed, wishing you great success in your role

  3. My2Cents says:

    Congrats Dr. Curtis-Tweed! As a Berkeleyite I wish you every success in leading The Berkeley back to educational prominence.

  4. HOORAY says:

    Congratulations Phyllis. VS

  5. watching says:

    Dr Curtis-Tweed sounds well educated and prepared. Hopefully the berkeley community will all be able to work together to breed success. Much thanks should go to Keisha Douglas for stepping up as Acting Principal. I am sure her semester in the position has given her immeasurable experience. Perhaps she will be the substantive Principal in the coming years.

  6. Prez says:

    If someone can act as principle for over a year and do an excellent job, why couldn’t they remain as principle?

    • RawOnion says:

      It’s about the right credentials Prez….If Ms. Douglas were to remain as principal without the correct credentials then she puts the whole student body at risk of not having their ‘learning’ accredited by an overseas institution. Yes, this can happen. She may be good for the position (Ms. Douglas) however, my not knowing her full credentials (of which there is no Doctorate Degree), her credentials would make her ineligible to sit as a full-time principal.

  7. Terry says:

    Hear we ago again.
    Another Bermudian moved back to fill a void.
    It’s deeper than the posters think.

    Now dislike all you want.

    • Hmmm says:

      Spell it out….Enough of your criptic nonsense. You got a beef then spell it out.

  8. LaVerne Furbert says:

    I find it very interesting that Dr. Curtis Tweed as been selected as the principal of the Berkeley Institute although she has on six years experience as a teacher in “middle/junior and high schools in the United States.” It appears to me that her talent/expertise and experience would be better served at Bermuda College. Aren’t they looking for a Vice President?

    I am on record as saying that if Keisha Douglas was good enough to act, in my opinion, she should have been offered the position.

    It appears to me that the the culture in Bermuda says that those who have worked outside of Bermuda are more “qualified” to work in Bermuda than those Bermudians who have dedicated their working life to Bermuda. Something is wrong with this picture.

    • although she has on six years experience as a teacher in “middle/junior and high schools in the United States.”

      au contraire as that is not the only educational qualifications that she possesses:–



    • Sandy Bottom says:

      Don’t you want the very best teachers we can possibly find? Why limit our children to people that have never worked outside Bermuda?

    • RawOnion says:

      Sorry Lavern, you are totally wrong in your statement and it reeks of xenophobia. Six years of teaching in a middle/junior school is quite adequate in conjunction with he over all academic qualifications and experience teaching at higher levels.

      Keisha Douglas may be good enough to act but if she is not fully qualified then it puts the students and the school’s accreditation at risk. Being good enough is simply not good enough anymore.

      Bermudians have become accustomed to just getting a job because they’re ‘good enough’ or have been there long enough and that is not right to the institution and to those that do have the right qualifications for the position.

      Ms. Douglas’ turn will come soon and it’s also a shame that in 20 year that Ms. Simmons (out going Berkeley principal) never groomed her successor. That is where the shame is in all this.

  9. more than enough says:

    i’m considering getting citizenship in another country…it might help me to get a job in bda

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      It might even help you become a doctor and the Premier.

  10. Happy Onion says:

    Congrats & welcome home Dr. CurtisTweed!

  11. See clearly says:

    Ms.Laverne Furbert is knocking this appointment.
    Congrats to Dr.Tweed,all the best.

  12. Watching says:

    Why are people saying Ms Douglas isn’t qualified? From my recollection you don’t need a phD to be principal of senior secondary. The past principal of Berkeley did not have a phD and neither does CBA principal. I don’t believe all the private school principals have them either.

  13. Bermuda First says:

    To MS Furbert

    Seems like Dr B’S time out of BDA made him most qualified to run BDA and u his biggest fan


    Take time Gina. Your turn is coming

  14. Congratulations says:

    Congratulations Berkeley Family!! Dr. Curtis-Tweed is an outstanding educator and leader of leaders. She is an excellent role model/ mentor for those who will serve under her and I am certain that Ms. Douglas and others will benefit from her tutelage. Perhaps she will be the next Commissioner while grooming others for leadership in the interim… Well done!! Great choice!!

  15. Congratulations says:

    Welcome home Dr. Curtis-Tweed!!!

  16. Pat says:

    Congratulations Dr. Curtis Tweed. I trust that you can expand the narrow minds of our Bermudian people. We complain too much about everything. You are Bermudian! You accepted the challenge to return to Bermuda to head up an institution that would get lost inside any of the institutions that you have had charge over. Thank you for accepting this post and for returning home to share your vast experience with the students, parents, faculty and staff of the Berkeley. Mrs. Douglas has done a fine job during the past year and I am sure that she can go that much further if she connects with you and you mentor her. It is not always possible for Bermudians to get the opportunity to leave the island to get the necessary experience and reality check needed to head up our institutions. However, having a Bermudian with your expertise return to Bermuda will assist in our educational growth and development if we embrace you with an open mind and a hunger to learn. Again I say congratulations and welcome home.

  17. Prez says:

    Thanks RawOnion

  18. Prayerful says:


    I applaud Dr. Curtis Tweed on her appointment, but oh how I wish we could find a Male Principal for the Berkeley, my alma mater.


  19. Kathy S says:

    I so agree prayful…that would be so different especially at that senior level. A good strong male.

  20. Lydia Mackey says:

    Congrats to Dr. Tweed, you are very deserving of this position.

  21. Students says:

    Thank you Ms. Douglas, but you got to go! Welcome Dr. Tweed