Philippine Consuls To Visit Bermuda Next Month

January 24, 2014

The Association of Filipinos in Bermuda announced that Consuls from the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. will be visiting the island from February 21 through February 23 in order to hold a Consular and Labour Outreach Mission to the Filipino Community here in Bermuda.

The Embassy team, led by Consul Arlene Magno and Labour Attache Luz Padilla, will be conducting Passport Renewals, Reports of Marriage, Reports of Birth, Oaths of Dual Citizenships, and meetings with Filipinos residing in Bermuda. The passport renewal event will be held on Saturday, February 22, from 8.00am until 5.00pm at the Mariner’s Club in Hamilton.

On February 21, the day of their arrival, the Embassy team will call on Bermuda government officials in a dinner meeting to discuss matters relating to the Filipino community here in Bermuda. Officials invited to attend the dinner meeting include Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy, Randolph Rochester, Chief Immigration Officer Dr. Danette Ming, and Deputy Governor Ginny Ferson.

Consul Magno has advised that Filipinos on green and maroon passports are encouraged to apply for passport renewals as they will no longer be able to get an extension of their passports beyond October 2015. The deadline for submission of application forms is February 8.

Filipinos who would like to take advantage of this service from the Embassy should contact the Association Officers at 504-9186 [Joey], 591-5225 [Rowena], or 336-3218 [Sonia].

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  1. Sideliner says:



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    Abuses by Paramilitary Forces

    While the government claims that it has managed to reduce the number of “private armies” controlled by politicians, it has resisted calls for dismantling government-backed paramilitary forces.

    Several extrajudicial killings have recently been attributed to members of the Citizen Armed Force Geographical Units (CAFGU), which the military controls and supervises, as well as the Special CAFGU Active Auxiliary, which the army trains but companies hire to protect their operations. In October 2011, Aquino authorized paramilitary forces to protect mining investments.

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  2. sage says:

    Discuss matters like local employers working people for 80+ hours and only paying them for 40?

  3. Tommy Chong says:

    Dual Citizenships? Is this the community that came to assist us after abolition of slavery in training locals in landscaping & construction. I remember learning in social studies that community was desperately needed for the growth of Bermuda & it’s economy. The community that came after abolition ACTUALLY helped the local population become employed. Can someone refresh my memory as to if the community in the article is the same one. Are they the ones who share their lovely annual festivals with the yummy malasadas & refreshing Sagres Beer? Could someone help me here cause my brains a little weary from the reports of over 2000 locals STILL being unemployed & I’m starting to think it would have been better if Mitt Romney had won the last election instead of Obama.

  4. desiderata says:

    Guys- you got the wrong end of the stick. They have no agenda other than to call on the government and ask if there are any issues they need to discuss about the workers here, just the usual diplomatic call.