Middleton Refusal Gains International Coverage

April 8, 2014

middleton_r_cp_9509122Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy’s decision to deny an overseas film crew temporary work permits is now being carried by some overseas media outlets including those in Canada, Jamaica and even as far away as New Zealand.

The news was distributed by the Associated Press, who began their report by saying, “Bermuda has denied temporary work permits to a film crew working on a documentary about the unsolved slaying of a teenage Canadian tourist in 1996.”

The filmmakers were planning to travel to Bermuda to film a documentary about the 1996 murder of Rebecca Middleton.

The 17 year old Canadian was raped and killed while vacationing on the island, and the handling of the case has been widely criticized both locally and overseas.

Citing “potential reputational risks to Bermuda,” Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy denied work permits to the overseas film crew.

In explaining the decision, Minister Fahy said: “After carefully and extensively assessing the matter, we recognised that there would be some potential reputational risks to Bermuda associated with the ultimate airing of this documentary.

“Based on the provisions under the law and at my discretion, a decision was made to decline their application for temporary work permits,” added Minister Fahy.

Shadow Minister Walter Roban condemned the decision as an “affront to freedom of expression,” and called on the Minister to reverse his decision and grant temporary work permits to the film crew.

Mr. Roban said, “Like most Bermudians, the thought of a potentially reputation damaging documentary being produced is not a comfortable one. Despite this, we are very concerned at the manner in which these documentary producers have been refused entry into Bermuda while trying to tell this important and tragic story.

“The Minister has cited the potential damage to Bermuda’s reputation but his attempt to suppress the story undoubtedly further tarnish Bermuda’s reputation as a modern, sophisticated jurisdiction that believes in openness, honesty and transparency.

“In their possible haste to avoid negative publicity about this bungled case, the OBA government have potentially created a larger PR problem for Bermuda,” added Mr. Roban.

Screenshot from a Canadian news website:

Fullscreen capture 04082014 93631 AM

Former Independent candidate Jonathan Starling said, “The decision to deny this film crew permission to film was the absolutely wrong decision. This decision does more to damage our reputation than allowing the film crew in would have done.

“Had they been allowed in we could have given our side, explain the reforms we’ve made and let the world know we’re a safe destination that has nothing to hide.

“Instead we’ve sent out a message of intolerance and heavy-handedness which doesn’t tell people we’ve overcome this incident.

“I hope the Minister reverses course, and that this incident can be used to further reform our system – and that it leads to a new look at some of the other cases which have been mishandled or left unsolved, but don’t garner the same degree of media attention,” added Mr. Starling.

According to CKWS Newswatch, after hearing of the work permit refusal, Ms. Middleton’s father David said, “I’m not terribly surprised by that I’m just again, disappointed.”

“They applied they got the application to go down and do the filming there and then the night before they’re supposed to leave they get this notice that they’re not supposed to come.

Mr. Middleton added, “If the government really wants to do something, they want to be part of correcting something that went wrong then they should be on board with having it done in Bermuda.”

The murder of Ms. Middleton has already been the subject of a documentary, with A&E producing the “Bermuda Death on the Rock” for their “City Confidential” series.

The description of the A&E documentary says, “Story of the murder that ruined Bermuda’s reputation as the ‘safest place in the world.”

“In 1996, 17-year-old Canadian tourist Rebecca Middleton was killed — and her presumed murderer walked free. This shocking look at the dark side of Bermuda examines the island’s attempt to recover, despite a tourist boycott by many Canadians.”

The film crew reportedly plan to continue with their plans to produce the documentary despite the refusal, and plan to conduct interviews outside of Bermuda.

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  1. brigadooner says:

    Just as we all predicted.

    • Dic*tators says:

      Told you Fahy and Dunkley!

      You two can be compared to Putin and Castro in the media world.

      • Mike Hind says:

        No. They can’t. They really can’t.

        This is a completely ignorant statement.

        Come on. A LITTLE bit of honesty.

        • Adam says:

          LMFAO!! Regardless of the work permit being denied they are still going ahead with the documentary which will still make Bermuda look like s***. And now Bermuda cannot defend its actions. Bermuda is the only place in the world that cant convict motherf***** and when they are convicted for murder they are released in less than 10yrs. Regardless of the movie portraying Bermuda in its true state, the citizens of Bermuda do it on their own without the movies help. Lmfao

          • Mike Hind says:

            Wait. You think Bermuda is the only place in the world that messes up court cases?

            Are you even remotely serious?

            And what makes you think that letting these guys in would allow Bermuda to “defend its actions”?

            Come on.

            I know y’all’re in a frenzy, but a LITTLE bit of reality here. Come on.

        • X oba voter says:

          The best thing Fahy could do now to protect the island from the fall out is to resign asap.

          Then a new Minister can grant the permits. That’s the only way out of the s#it that’s coming later. For the better of all Bermuda MAN UP and take a knee Fahy.

          • Mike Hind says:

            Not sure why this is in response to my post, but… ok.

            What does this have to do with comparing him to Putin and Castro?

        • Haters not says:

          Mr. Hind, do you not see anything wrong with the OBA? Do you really believe their due due is chocolate ice cream?

          In the world of free press I would say Fidel Castro and Putin would do what Fahy did in Bermuda to shut out the international press.

          • Mike Hind says:

            Their “due due”? Seriously?

            Look, I know you guys are desperate to get your party back in power, but this faux outrage, over stuff you guys have made up in your own heads, isn’t the way to do it.

            Putin and Castro?

            Come on. Even YOU can see that this is a ridiculous comparison, can’t you?

            • Reality is says:

              Mike sorry mate, this time your OBA is dead wrong and the world will look at this like they do Putin and Castro, face the music or sit do

              • Mike Hind says:

                A) Not my OBA. I know you’re desperate to cast me as a party faithful, but it’s simply not true.

                B) No, they won’t look at this like they do Putin and Castro”. That’s completely ridiculous.

                This sort of over the top nonsense is bad for our country. Do better.

        • Eye of Horus says:

          Uncle Elvis you’re such a silly man!

          Last article on this topic you asked me, “Do we have ANY evidence to show that the family was contacted and want this? Any evidence that THIS documentary will bring any sort of justice to them? Anything beyond assumptions?”

          TADAAAH!!!! It’s right here in this article. I don’t even have to reference the other sources I came across days ago. Like I said before you’re the one who needs to be honest about how your partisan emotions causing your ignorance of the facts.

          Do you think it’s all coincidence they decided to film this now? Like Mr. Middleton said, “If the government really wants to do something, they want to be part of correcting something that went wrong then they should be on board with having it done in Bermuda.”

          They want REAL answers not the gambit that was played instead & keeps getting played becoming more & more antagonizing.

          Now they’ll have to source their information some other way & with a revenue of 4.2 billion they’ll be able to connect the dots like Cosby in the Captain Kangaroo Show without breaking a sweat.

          • Mike Hind says:

            Where? Where is the evidence?

            You’ve shown NOTHING but assumptions and quotes about a court case and a quote from Mr. Middleton taken after the fact.

            Wait. WHO has a revenue of 4.2 billion? The filmmakers? Are you kidding me?

            You want to talk about being silly, your entire argument against me and this fake outrage about my questions is silly. This over-the-top screeching because I asked simple questions is silly.

            All I ask for is an ounce of honesty and integrity.
            Is that really so silly to you?
            If so, it says a LOT about you.

      • Motto of the story says:

        And now they can’t go back on this decision I don’t want this group representing me again i feel embarrassed by this, this was a simple decision and he failed, lol think about it for a second a easy decision requiring a little vision, and a mess was made – pathetic. They could have turned this around and made bermuda smell like roses instead we got a sespit.

        • JustAskin2 says:

          I hate to say I told you so but…

          • BETTTY TRUMP says:

            This is just as I predicted and wrote in my comment a few days ago. Bermuda has now loss the opportunity to swing this in another direction. OBA, made the wrong decision. Bad MOVE on the Chess board, and the chips will fall on their swords sooner, rather than later. Roban is correct on this one…

            • Coffee says:

              Pragmatic sanctioning never works in situations such as this . Craigo and Fayhe are rank amateurs in the political arena and cannot be counted on to exercise diplomacy where necessary . What are the prerequisites for office at the highest levels ? The ability to discern when to engage in diplomatic resolve should be high on the list .

            • Jim Jones says:

              You and Roban would be screaming bloody murder if those permits had been granted, some nonsense about the OBA selling out Bermuda for foreigners’ interests blah blah blah.

    • Truth says:

      they just got another chapter for their documentary.

  2. aceboy says:

    I hate to admit it but I agree with Starling and Woban on this one. Bad call to prevent them from coming. It will only make us look worse. We look bad enough but hiding behind immigration is not what we should be all about. Let them make whatever they want to make, take our lumps and move on as best we can.

  3. GoodIdeaBadIdea says:

    It doesn’t take a genius to envision that the film crew might take it to the press citing “coverup” or “censorship”. Even if it wasn’t the film company, let those who write the news interpret it as they might and it still comes up as Bermuda government trying to suppress the story (and by extension free speech yada yada….)

  4. Just Wondering says:

    I think we can agree that this was a bad idea on the Minister/Government’s part but I’m going to take issue with the overseas paper for a moment. They are claiming the slaying is unsolved but the slaying was solved. We know who did cause the prosecution at the time flocked up royal on who to charge.

    I know it sort of splitting hairs but to me it just seems worse if your blocking a documentary on an unsolved case verse blocking one that was solved but things got messed up and the results were not what they should have been.

    • Unearthed says:

      That’s bad publicity. Maybe he should have let the film crew here to produce the documentary. I’m guessing they could have ended the documentary on a good note for Bermuda.

      I’m sure if Fahy would have realized it would have made international news he would have never denied the work permits.

      • Addie says:

        LMFAO!! Regardless of the work permit being denied they are still going ahead with the documentary which will still make Bermuda look like s***. And now Bermuda cannot defend its actions. Bermuda is the only place in the world that cant convict motherf***** and when they are convicted for murder they are released in less than 10yrs. Regardless of the movie portraying Bermuda in its true state, the citizens of Bermuda do it on their own without the movies help. Lmfao

  5. WhostleBlower says:

    Serves them right!!! Trying to maintain the falseness of Bermuda!!! In your face Fahy!! Ha! Ha! ha!

  6. Smh says:

    Good thing that the OBA Govt. will only be in power for 1 term as they continue to shoot themselves in the A**!!!

  7. told you so says:

    A lot of bad news up here in Canada about this.
    Whats so bad by letting them in to do this story. I agree that
    Bermuda can gain from this by telling all the changes they have made
    from this.

  8. SERZ TALK says:

    Yup….Terrible move. This hurts the island more…

  9. faith says:

    This wasn’t a big deal, yet made a big deal not by Minster Fahy’s refusing the work permit, but the outcry from those trying to score points with opposition. Enough already, there are plenty of other problems so why create more!

    If Bermudians need another Becky Middleton documentary they should make one, show it at the International Film Festival, do something to make a difference or be the change wanted.

    It isn’t justice for Becky or showing the world what a wonderfully safe place Bermuda is to vacation. Letting this film crew in isn’t the answer, the intent is profit for ID and nothing more.

    • Politics time again says:

      You are silly! If seems you want a political landscape where this government is allowed to do and say whatever it wishes without any criticism. You sound like an OBA MP or a direct insider. I guess it’s only good when it is the OBA raising the critique in your eyes (as opposition). This is a tragedy. No matter what we look bad. But denying the film crew to tell a story which is already a blemish on our historical record makes it look even worse and speaks to conspiracy theories galore. The sitting AG was involved in the case. Do you think the Middleton family don’t know this. Do you think others will wonder if politics and law go hand in glove and query whether we are a non democratic and disfunctional society? Get a grip with your anti PLP rants. It’s your mindset which maintains the divide on all things political.

    • Islander says:

      What about a documentary on all of those that have been murdered by their own since The Middleton case.

  10. LMAO2 says:

    They should of seen this coming. How do you tell Bermudian mothers to forget about their child’s murder? How do you tell Bermudian parents to get over it, when your child was murdered and no one has been charged?

    Bermudians must learn a life is a life and knowing your child died a horrible death and no one is charged is a life long process of making sure someone pays and in this instance Minister Fahy has made the decision that all Bermuda must suffer and not let our side of the story be told to the world. Amateurs running this country, 4 sure.

    • Mike Hind says:

      What on earth are you talking about?

      No one has told ANYONE, let alone “Bermudian mothers” and “Bermudian parents” to “get over it”. No one has said anything of the sort.

      • Haters not says:

        As far as I’m reading Fahy is saying that to Middletons so is he saying that goes for ‘Bermudian Mothers’ as well? You are such a hater

        • Mike Hind says:

          What? When did Fahy say that to the Middletons?
          And when did they become Bermudian?
          And how am I hating?

          You guys keep making stuff up, spouting misinformation, but when I ask what someone’s talking about, I’m hating?

          How does that make sense?

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    “Bermuda has denied temporary work permits to a film crew working on a documentary about the unsolved slaying of a teenage Canadian tourist in 1996.”

    Looks like the Ottawa Citizen is no different from any other newspaper. They can’t get the facts straight. Maybe they don’t want to publish the facts.

    The identity of the perpetrators is well known. The case was solved. Nothing unsolved about it at all. The travesty is the handling of the case by the court.

    The is only the begining of the fallout from a very poor decision.

    • Officially .... says:

      Officially it’s unsolved since no-one was ever convicted of the crime.

      Mundy plea bargained as an accessory and Smith was found not guilty by order of the judge.

  12. You have worn your welcome…it’s not that kind of party….we have a dress code…please cease desist…..leave.

  13. squirt says:

    Canadian teens get murdered in Canada every damn day, I’m sure most get unsolved and maybe a few get solved. Go figure, is that blasted on the international news. So why lash out at my island for what a Jamaican might have done and might have got off for. Or a Bermudian friend of his. So have many shooting victims families been unsolved. If Canadians wanna still boycott the island good, Why don’t we wind all the Canadians up and send them them the hell packing, maybe there will be work for the locals after all. If they boycott us, we shall boycott them, starting at the IMMIGRATION JOB APPLYING CENTER… HEELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!

    • rainbow says:

      Your name says it all….

    • told you so says:

      @ squirt
      ya but here in Canada they catch them and they do the time.
      a brutal murder like this in any country, they would be caught and
      doing the time for it.
      this was a very brutal murder

      • Mike Hind says:

        Do a little research. There are tonnes of unsolved murders in Canada and around the world.
        “a brutal murder like this in any country, they would be caught and
        doing the time for it.” is patently false and naive in the extreme.

  14. LMAO2 says:

    The case was NOT solved!

    No one is serving time for Ms. Middleton’s murder. Until then, her parents should not rest!

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      The case is solved. Everyone knows who did it.

  15. Y-Gurl says:

    Good job Fahy, we all predicted this was going to come, Newtons third law in action, and perhaps resulting in greater damage to us than letting them in, it very well documented, with a botched investigation by Bermuda Police and a court system that had little choice given the garbage presented to them, this is going to last a VERY long time so we might as well get accustomed to “reputational damage”

  16. Terry says:

    Very bad decisions made by Government back then (DPP et al) and bad decisions to day.
    Read Dr. Carol Shumans book Kill Me Twice.

    Sums it up to a tee.

    Fahy got bad advise once again from the Department Immigration/Attorney General and whomever else is involved.

    History does repeat itself.

    The Middletons deserve closure at some stage must the memories will linger.


    • JustAskin2 says:

      Well maybe if Fahy got advice from the AG then maybe there is something to hide, seeing that Pettingil was counsel at the time.

  17. hmmmmm says:

    Think about it……cast your mind back, didn’t our AG have some involvement in this case as a criminal defence attorney? Wondering why the film crews were denied access? We should be ashamed of ourselves that no justice has been served for Rebecca it is a tragedy! Let’s further rub salt in the wounds of a family who have lost their loved one in a tragedy on our shores – with regards to this fiasco instead of being Proud to be Bermudian I am embarassed.

    • jt says:

      The involvement of the ag as defence attorney is irrelevant.
      The decision regarding the permits was a poor one….not well thought out in terms of weighing up pros and cons.

      • Truth says:

        its not irrelevant at all. the AG and his conscience are directly involved with this case.

        • Terry says:

          He is now the Attorney General.
          He should have told Fahy to piss off and leave legal things alone.
          This is gonna bite Bermuda in the a** only because of a few incompetent wanna bees.

  18. nuffin but the truth says:

    FAHY RESIGN! ….do the right thing and quit now.

  19. street wise says:

    Playing the devil’s advocate here…. ALL publicity is good publicity! Nevertheless, the Work Permits should have been issued under certain conditions…. that they would at least present Bermuda’s side of the story.

  20. Inspector Gadget says:

    First of all, what happened to Becky was horrible and the guy who got off the hook because of a judicial screw up should have been hung and died. It was a series of unfortunate events that happened to her, however it is NOT Bermuda’s fault. The guy who killed her wasn’t Bermudian, the police weren’t Bermudian and neither were any of the legal team not even the Judge! It went all the way up PAST the Bermudian judicial system to the England courts and still didn’t get anywhere. I understand her family wants justice, but they will not get it and attacking Bermuda isn’t the right path. To put in the paper in Ottawa that Bermuda denied their permits is true, but only after they tried to do without a permit. I am sorry, I do not agree of a film crew coming to my Island to talk bad about it and compare it to the crime in the rest of the dangerous islands. If the film crew are going to come in and make a documentary, they would need to really MAKE SURE that NO BERMUDIAN killed her. Maybe he was involved in the case and did time already for it, but not the brutal rape and killing of her. It just wouldn’t be fair to blame our entire island because of something a psychopathic foreigner did and for how our NON LOCAL police acted on the case. Simple.

  21. BIGGADON says:

    Way to go Fahy well done…..there is nothing good that can come from that Documentary being done….. do they have some kind of new evidence to reveal I doubt it….. as for you guys screaming cover up , everything about this case is public knowledge……everyones know that the BDA Gov screwed up the case and the perpatrators CANT EVER BE TRIED AGAIN FOR THIS INJUSTICE….so whats the purpose of this documentary again. what are they gonna say that the other DOCS have not already said…..the only thing these people are doing is opening terrible wounds for the Middleton Family…..let them make the film in canada….WE SHOULD NOT HELP THEM BASH BERMUDA, let them do it on their own….get stock images and film of bermuda to make your film…..good job Fahy !

    • JustAskin2 says:

      Excuse me, but they ARE going to make the film in Canada and then bash Bermuda for Fahy’s less than intelligent decision.

      Having the documentary done here meant that Bermuda could show in honesty how they screwed up and discuss the feelings and sympathies Bermudians had and still have about this issue.

      Now, smelling a cover up, the Canadian media are going to have a field day and probably make things up as they go along.

      But as you all like to believe, the OBA knows best…

      • Biggadon says:

        They were gonna bash Bda anyway so let them do it over there……don’t you think those other things you mentioned has already been in the a&e special on the case or the book that was written about it…… What cover up you speak of lol…..Google is your friend anything you need to know of this case you can find….. Canadians got plenty stuff in their own backyard to have a field day with ……yes they will make up stuff as they go so why help them do it by giving them work permits ……. Just so you know I support the PLP but am not bias at all…..I stand with the OBA Minister on this one ….. Good job Fahy

        • Eye of Horus says:

          “Google is your friend anything you need to know of this case you can find”

          You won’t find the conversations between mundy & his defense & the conversations between the defense, prosecution, dpp & magistrate. There’s many conversations behind closed doors you won’t find.

          • WOW says:

            They still won’t get that information if they where here. So point is?

      • JustAskin2 is correct.

        In the interest of good public relations we should have allowed and welcomed them here, we should have also assisted in anyway possible to make sure the story was relayed as accurately as possible. This could have helped improve the way Bermuda is viewed internationally. To shut the film crews out is making matters worse and making Bermuda’s reputation take another bashing. We messed up royally with Rebecca’s murder from the beginning this could have been a way to try to help make it better, we will never be able to make it right but we sure could have done better than this – disgusting!

  22. Ruthless says:

    You lot obviously don’t understand Politics! If Fahy decided to approve the permit, do you honestly think Roban would support the idea. No way in hell! He would immediately say that he disagrees with Fahy’s decision to allow the company in. Just shows how easy you all are duped by Government. Nearly like you think they care.

  23. Devonshire says:

    Where is Kirk Mundy now??

    • Eye of Horus says:

      In prison for longer for a lesser crime but his time is almost up thanks to the bass ackwards Bermuda justice system.

  24. Adam says:

    LMFAO!! Regardless of the work permit being denied they are still going ahead with the documentary which will still make Bermuda look like s***. And now Bermuda cannot defend its actions. Bermuda is the only place in the world that cant convict motherf**** and when they are convicted for murder they are released in less than 10yrs. Regardless of the movie portraying Bermuda in its true state, the citizens of Bermuda do it on their own without the movies help. Lmfao

  25. enough says:

    While I have some sympathy with Mr Fahy’s decision, I feel that it was the wrong one. This case from start to finish has been a blot on our history. Starting with the murder which was horrific; the failure to convict the perpetrators was almost as bad and needed investigation. The public comments made by the later attorney general Ms Lois Browne Evans were tasteless and added to the harm done to Bermuda. Roban was silent then. And now this decision: can it be reversed? 99.99% of our population was disgusted by the whole run of events, and wish things had been different. Wishing will not make this happen. Cooperation with the film makers would perhaps allow us to have some imput, and also convey that all thinking Bermudians feel as Canadians do about this.

  26. Common Sense says:

    This was a tragic rape/murder and it was a tragedy for Bermuda to deny the film crew entry to Bermuda to do their documentary. It is the polar opposite of openness and transparency, and it reeks of trying to muzzle the media. Without doubt it is by far the worst decision made by the OBA Government since they came to power. It could not have been handled any worse.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      The worst decision by the OBA government? Are you serious? There is something about some of you folk that just reeks of bias/racism. This was a tragedy without justice, just like all the recent unsolved murders in this country…..are you aware of the other murders that are unsolved…I digress. Yes, this was a poor decision by Fahy, but it is certainly not the worst decision by the OBA govt! Red kool aid must be bad for a persons vision! Smh

  27. Faith says:

    I’ve actually watched every episode of Murder In Paradise.

    The one with the college student brutally murdered in Costa Rica is a good example of what will be said about the case, from the inadequacies of the legal system to the police corruption to uncaring citizens of the country in which the crime was committed.

    Regardless of any headlines today they will be a flash in the pants of anyone who cares tomorrow or next month or 6 months when this episode airs. The knock on effect that we do to each other – we continue to feel every day and it’s only getting worse.

    Them not being allowed in, at the end of the day makes zero difference. They could care less if they come to Bermuda to film or not, the show will go on… they will just pick a different location to represent Bermuda and no one except those familiar with the stinky end of the story will even know.

  28. Tolerate says:

    What a black-eye for Bermuda; but we have to move on and grow as a country and correct the laws that allowed such an injustice occur. I remember the moment I heard of this horrendous event; I found myself shaking and at the time I was not sure it was from being stunned or angry. If Bermuda does not already have one; a memorial of some kind should be formed to acknowledge ALL the tragic events marring our history.
    Moving forward; and this is an opinion as ALL of us on here have, I believe Minister Fahy was damned if he did and damned if he did not. Let me explain and this has nothing to do with politics, UBP/PLP/OBA or any other. It’s OK for past politicians to have their opinion, and it OK for individuals to have theirs; but Minister Fahy had a decision to make and I’m sure it weighted heavily on his mind and heart to make it. This decision is NOT being disrespectfully to the Middleton family; but is in line with minister Fahy’s idea of protecting Bermuda. A position he was chosen for. Is he right, or is he wrong?

    When it comes to such decisions many on here think it a simple one, but we are not entrusted to protect Bermuda as Minister Fahy is. I make NO excuses for his decision.
    Yes, our judicial system failed miserably and a poor family will never have closure or justice for a terrible event in their lives; but is this decision being made to hide things?
    Don’t be ridiculous; we know the utter f***** that took place, there has been a documentary already made highlighting it. The question is how long does a country continue to allow itself to get kicked for the doing of some irresponsible individual?
    I have children that have to grow up here, and Bermuda is in a bad spot at this time. We are going to get further bad publicity every time a news organization decides to run this story. Are they doing it to sensationalize the event; or trying to look for answers? I truly believe it is the first. The facts have been aired out over and over, so there is nothing further to hide.
    If this decision is not made; what happens in 10 to 15 years when the next group look for a story to sensationalize to gain ratings? Do we keep allowing ourselves; meaning ALL BERMUDA, to continually for the rest of our existence, be pulled down by events of a few?
    The story has been told; may this family and this country gain peace.

    • Karen says:

      I also believe this was an extremely difficult decision for Minister Fahy, the pros and cons of which have been debated over and over these last few days. However, it appears the Middleton family supported the making of this film in Bermuda. Then, in my mind, it should be done. They deserve and have earned at least that much. If filmed in Bermuda, perhaps what would have been portrayed is the compasion and sorrow of the people of Bermuda over this incident which all these years later is still very much evident.

      But the bigger question – could this happen today? Have the police and the judicial system truly changed and have systems and procedures been put in place to ensure this does not happen again? I think that is an excellent question for the AG and the government of the day. If I had young children living in Bermuda, I would want to know in detail. Maybe the documentary filmed in Bermuda would have provided that platform.

      Perhaps this is Rebecca Middleton’s legacy and what we should be focusing on. Could this ever happen again?

  29. John E. Thorne says:

    The Minister and the OBA have once again screwed up royally. You are a total embarrassment to every resident in Bermuda and have only damaged our reputation further in the eyes of the entire world over this tragic incident.
    When will you ever learn from your mistakes?

  30. Come On Man says:

    Maybe the minister knows something about this production company that’s not all that good . Who knows what propaganda they would have produced. It may have been something that would have damaged Bermuda’s reputation and made it seem an unsafe destination do to their overdoing of the facts of the case or including some false information etc. And scare off many future visitors to the island.

    • Eye of Horus says:

      “The film crew reportedly plan to continue with their plans to produce the documentary despite the refusal, and plan to conduct interviews outside of Bermuda.”

  31. Teed Off says:

    I would have just denied the work permit on the gounds that we have persons here that can do the job as simple as that. If they wanted to pay a local team then fine. I would not have said anything else but after all I am not a dumb politician.

    • Eye of Horus says:

      It would be interesting to see how the government would react to a local team filming this. The team would have to get governments permission to film on public property. Wander if they would grant it. Wonder if they would be allowed to quote Carol Shuman in some of the dialog or would certain people threaten the quotes with defamation suits.

  32. Stupid move now more fuss will be made and make Bermuda look like its hiding things. Face it, what happened, happened. live with it. YOu cannot try and hide it. That’s like Germany denying anybody rights to come there and film in regards to any Nazi film. IT HAPPENED.

  33. FEEL THE LOVE.. says:

    Kudos to Mr. Roban for standing up and speaking up!!

  34. X man says:

    I knew right from the storys beginning that this was going to get big and ugly.
    Who gets the blame when Fahy had to consult other members of the Govt. of the day. — or did he!
    The PLP is just sitting back enjoying the ride as the OBA is taking a big Hit for this!
    The only thing was wrong with the film crew was they needed a Immigration Work Permit.
    at the time the BDA Govt. was right not to let them just come in and operate without one – but should not have denied them obtaining one.
    As I said before the Govt. of the day thought they were protecting Bernuda — so they thought!
    It seems like the OBA just can’t stay the H….. out of Hot water.

  35. Hmmmm says:

    Let the truth be told!!!

    I agree with Starling and Roban. Bermuda looks WORSE for this.

  36. Terry says:

    Reminds me of the Assassinations of the Governor Sir Richard Sharples and Captain Sayers.

    The UBP did not want to extradite the “Third Man” because of fears of uprisings and his family stance in the community.

    The OBA is doing same to a degree thinking it will help to keep negativity away.

    Well Mr. Premier and crew…………….you f… up.

  37. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    A very tragic event when a horrendous crime is solved without justice. The legal blunders were made by the police and prosecutor and then the judge. Additionally, this case went all the way to the Privy Council (now the UK Supreme Court) and still the murderers have never served one day in prison convicted of their crime.

    The Middleton’s have known every step of the way what has gone wrong in the case of their murdered daughter. They have known why it went wrong, how Bermuda attempted to correct the legal mistakes and what the final ruling of the UK Supreme Court is in this matter.

    Forgive my insensitivity for the moment, but this documentary will attempt to shred light on precisely what and from what angles? Attempt to bring forward new evidence? Attempt to encourage legal minds to join in to legally overturn the final decisions of the Courts?

    Precisely what are they hoping to accomplish here? Justice for the Middletons and/or final closure? And how will this documentary accomplish that? By applying so much international pressure that the Government opens a new trial on their behalf?

    Or, will the final documentary end up being screened at international film festivals, raising awareness and funds on behalf of the family and its documentarists? But, let’s wait and see precisely what is the ultimate outcome.

    Is it wrong to block access to the film crew to make the documentary. Yes, be gracious and give them the opportunity to seek the correct work permits, and film with unfettered access.

    Because even if Senator Fahy and the AG Pettingill fear what their covert intent is, failing to give them access just exacerbates their momentum.

    London, England

    • Faith says:

      Exactly the questions people should be asking. This “off with their heads” drum beaten over and over only hurts Bermuda.

      It’s about TV ratings that correlates into profit for the ID Channel trying to capitalize on the success of other crime series …only this one combines paradise, vacation and murder.

      ID has yet to put any disclaimer on any of the other episodes in the series saying there was or was not cooperation of the country in question. Why anyone else thinks this is even part of it is an assumption based on nothing.

  38. Carla Rose says:

    Unfortunately, all of you people and your lame comments are just idiots!!

  39. Carla Rose says:

    Bottom line… the story of Rebacca Middleton has been known to people world wide, so why in the world would this government ban the film crew? nothing would change.. rebecca would still be deceased, the murderer would still be free… oh please! this islands reputation was sullied long before that travesty of justice! Not proud to be a Bermudian!!!!!!!