Motorcycle Rider Crashes Over Embankment

May 17, 2014

[Updated: Rider in critical condition in ICU] A motorcycle rider has been transported to hospital for medical care after crashing over an embankment on South Road by Elbow Beach this afternoon [May 17].

photo (1)

‎A police spokesperson said, “Police responded to a report of a road traffic collision that took place at 4:43pm South Road just 200 meters west of the public entrance to Elbow Beach.

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“It appears that a rider was traveling west when he lost control of his cycle and ended up over an embankment. The man was taken to the hospital were he is being treated with head injuries.

“Police are appealing for witnesses to contact police on 2950011″

Update May 18, 2.23pm: A police spokesperson said, “At last check the 29 year old Sandys parish man seriously injured in a single vehicle motorcycle collision along South Road in Paget near the junction with Tribe Road #5 that occurred around 4:45pm Saturday, May 17th was in critical condition at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

“Enquiries are ongoing and any witnesses should contact the main police telephone number 295-0011.

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  1. The Dark Knight Returns says:

    Oh no, hoping that the rider has a speedy recovery.

  2. terry says:

    Don’t be a smart ass.
    You said the same on Bernews.
    I get your asinine “speedy”.

    • JUNK YARD DOG says:


      Good evening

      The Knight is entitled to his opinion as we all are, I am sure the knight meant no malice.

  3. Huh says:

    Slow down please.

  4. That embankment needs a side walk, just take a look at the embankment. It’s no wonder many tourist haven’t ridden down what is an unfinished job. If whoever approved it, deems it suitable or completed, get photo shots of this… ghetto work

  5. Dump land fill, gravel, soil or something, level it off!!! Even if it’s undetermined whether it’s the riders fault, the road is ridiculous finish work!!!

  6. de wicketest (evening league cricket team) says:

    hey mate,

    i have prayed for you numerous times already since hearing a few moments ago. you are simply too good of a person to be dealt such a sh*t hand.

    keep it tight and line and length bro. de wicketest is behind you all the way son!!!!

  7. SL says:

    Its an awful embankment and every day I drive past it and think that one day there will be a serious accident there and I always think of tourists especially taking that corner and panicking. Fix it please.

    • Hurricane says:

      I too drive by there. Did so on my way to work last night and was questioning how this embankment could be allowed to be left the way it is. It’s terrible.

  8. micro says:

    I believe a bus went over the edge near there quite a number of years ago as well.

  9. JUNK YARD DOG says:


    When going around corners bikes/ motorcycles experience a centrifugal forces which cause the vehicle to speed up slightly as the vehicle changes direction.

    During this maneuver there could be a tendency for the rider to apply the FRONT brake which usually results in disastrous results as the FRONT wheel can loose traction, the rider often will try to make corrections which will exacerbate the situation causing the motorcycle rider to loose control.

    Other problems which can cause loss of control are :-

    Wet roads.
    Sand on roads.
    Oil on roads.
    Stopping on a corner.
    Riding at night
    Not all corners are alike.
    Every corner has its safe speed.
    Front wheels can loose traction.
    Always check for correct tire pressure.
    Worn out tires.
    Be ware other Vehicles drop oil in the center of the lanes.
    In 15 seconds you can check all functions of your bike.

    Suggestion :-

    Always know who is too close to you.

    Always wait 30 minutes after rain fall.

    Wear protective clothing, shoes, coat, and gloves.

    Always wear protective eye wear.

    Your choice, full gear or fools gear.

    Always decrease speed before the corner.

    NEVER apply the FRONT BRAKE on a corner.

    Never apply the FRONT BRAKE when the FRONT wheel is turned off center.

    Always apply the REAR brake ONLY before the corner.

    Never wait to the last second to BRAKE.

    Always look for a means of escape.

    Maintain you bike tail stop light and flashers.

    During the day Ride with your head light high beam on, at night time go to low beam.

    Motorcycle must be moving in a straight line when both brakes are applied ,subject to existing road conditions as stated above.

    No booze.

    Are you a smart motor cycle rider ?

    • front brake only says:

      I am certain that you know not much of which you speak because I only use front brakes I haven’t use the rear brakes on my motorcycle in so long I am not sure they even work
      the front brakes are your most effective tool for stopping while maintaining full control of your motorcycle so it is best you talk only when you have something other than your own opinion because I ride on harbour road everyday rain blow or shine and front brakes and lower gears are all I use and yes due to my speed always being above the speed limit I have to drag the front brake around all the corners ——so you can use front brakes on a corner take a riding lesson and than you can preach to the masses

    • BermudaGirl says:

      @ Junk Yard Dog: Add to that list, unless I overlooked it :RENTAL BIKES! They usually have tyres with vague tread, bad brakes, and poor pick-up. And now they supply those pith helmets as well, so that the tourists have no hope of keeping the sun/bugs out of their face with a visor. It is a wonder that ANY tourist EVER lives to return a bike at all.

  10. De Wicketest says:

    All our prayers are with you and your family good buddy!!!
    Be strong and pull through this!!!
    Seems like the worst things happen to the BEST people!
    We’re here for you man!

    Line and Length

  11. what bie says:

    i think this is the same bike that overtook me the other day, whilst i was overtaking a car…people need to stop being so reckless…

  12. Inna says:

    The rider of this bike did not overtake you the other day, I can assure you of that!

  13. bear claw says:

    @what bie….ur an idiot, that is as generic as a bike as you can get, do u really think that there is only one like it in bermuda….and i can confirm what Inna said, if anything you would have overtaken him seeing as you seem to like overtaken so much

    • what bie says:

      mate you must not be able to read, i said it *looks like* the bike that overtook me the other day *whilst i was overtaking a car*. never said it was the same bike.

  14. James says:

    They are treating him WITH head injuries?!

  15. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    @front brake only.

    Your bike riding habits appear to be some what peculiar and unusual.

    Your apparent reckless Kamikaze approach to bike riding leave much to be desired.

    I am surprised that you have survived that long .

    By the way, I am entitled to my opinions.

  16. DO says:

    Not generic at all. The Blue and Red and CUSTOM muffler.

  17. Jenny says:

    The driver was my step brother, who I love and care for dearly. Please, his mom might read these comments. Of course we all need to be respectful of the road and whatnot, but this is not the time to discuss such things. Not while my brother lies in hospital, less than 24 hours after the accident. Not while his family and friends are praying for his recovery. Thank you.

    • mike says:

      we just pray that he gets well soon. i was just up his his house the other day chilling.

  18. JUNK YARD DOG says:


    It might be advisable to show the mom the accident area so she can come to her own conclusions.

  19. D says:

    Slow down bermuda, also praying that u are OK