Live Blog: OBA Meeting Following ‘JetGate’ Row

May 17, 2014

[Updated: The 4-hour meeting concludes with the Premier & Chairman saying the inquiry is ongoing]

The One Bermuda Alliance is holding a joint meeting of MPs and executive members at OBA Headquarters  today [May 17], with the meeting understood to be about the ongoing controversy involving “JetGate” and the donation from U.S. real estate developer Nathan Landow.

Reports from various media including ZBM, the Bermuda Sun and Think Media indicate that Mr. Nathan Landow and his associates wired some $300,000 – $350,000 to Bermuda prior to the 2012 General Election.

The various reports suggest it may have went to either the OBA, a group called the “Bermuda Political Action Club” or possibly an account in the name of Stephen DaCosta and Derrick Green.

Update: Derrick Green & Premier Cannonier leave the meeting:

Both the OBA and Mr. Landow deny that it went to the OBA, while the other names surfacing — the Premier’s private business associate Stephen Dacosta and OBA consultant Derrick Green — have not commented, and it remains unclear where the funds went.

The political parties are not required by law to reveal their sources of funding, however on Wednesday the OBA announced they would launch an internal investigation into the matter, and Bernews understands there are calls from within the party for Premier Craig Cannonier to step down.

In a post on Facebook earlier today, OBA MP Leah Scott said “the image of this country has been tarnished,” and apologised to the people of this country, for “the behavior that has been thrust upon you by this Government” which she called “reprehensible.”

Update: Chairman Thad Hollis & Premier Cannonier speak after the meeting:

While it remains unclear what will happen, looking at the possible scenario if the Premier were to step down or face a vote of no confidence, the OBA Constitution [PDF] says a leadership election will be called if the Leader resigns or if the OBA Caucus or MPs pass a vote of no-confidence.

In order to stand for election as OBA Leader, the candidate must be an OBA MP with the support of at least three sitting MPs and seven OBA members.

While rumours are circulating that the Premier may be replaced soon, these same rumours have actually been going around for the past few months, so it is unclear whether they have any validity or not.

What exactly is happening remains unclear at this time, however in anticipation of what could possibly be a new development — whether it be an update on the investigation, Party expressing full backing for the Premier or any other matter — we will provide updates as able.

The live coverage is over, and the updates are below starting from the beginning

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  1. nuffin but the truth says:

    meanwhile,it was rumoured(like everything on this island)
    someone was heard to say…..

    Drinks on the House…I’m paying lads!

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      The outcome of this situation will be the real telling point. The OBAubp have put themselves in an extremely difficult position. Failing to be TRANSPARENT, HONEST AND OPENNESS. This was promised to the people of Bermuda pre-election, and today many are extremely disappointed. This is NOT doing Politics differently. To spin it any other way will not change the FACTS.

      As Unearthed said so clearly “Instead they accept under the table deals and blame the other party for their shortcomings – what a disgrace.” The OBAubp MPs and FANS must stand up face reality and take full responsibility for the poor actions of their party. An attempt to place blame else were will NOT DO, NOR will an ATTEMPT to make silly rationalizations in regards to the PLP will NOT do.

      This is not a good thing for Bermuda moving forward. It is hoped the OBAubp will do the Right thing and stand on HONEST ground.

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        Sounds like the Premier is still locked on LIES and FALSEHOODS and not willing to STAND up and BE HONEST. REALLY

        OBAubp if this is the case, you will surely fall on your swords.

        • Beav says:

          Hey! Is this that C Famous guy? Nice try dude ! Unfortunately you sound my like the Tea Party than a bucket of sand.

        • Steve Biko says:

          And all who were blasting the P.L.P about Transparency, Accountability, Honesty, are endorsing this B— S— and being quiet and further more Scotland Yard was satisfied, now dealing with the matter at hand !!!!!!
          That’s the beef!!!!!!!!!!

          • Mike Hind says:

            So… Just to get this straight…

            The PLP promised transparency and promised to operate “in the sunshine of public scrutiny”… and didn’t… and were blasted for it.
            And now, something similar is happening and NOW it’s a problem?

            Is that seriously what you’re saying?

            This is almost an outright admission that “It’s ok when we do it”!


            • Tired of the Ignorance says:

              I don’t think that is the case at all. The people took the PLP to task at the polls last general election and the OBA will get their doo as well.

              The people spoke in 2012, it wasn’t right then Mike so YOU must agree, it isn’t right now. Good night and see you later OBA!

        • Justice! says:


          Not to worry. It’s only scared stiff white folks, both local and foreign, who are glued to your ‘Dislike’ button. They love not the TRUTH–it kills them!

      • Beav says:

        Hey Betty! Go and join the rest of the xenephobes in the Tea Party with The PLP

        • Steve Biko says:

          Aahh I thought Tea Party was associated with White Republican, Anti-Minority??????????????????

          • Mike Hind says:

            Let’s see…

            Willing to outright lie for political gain
            Politicians and supporters who use racially hostile language
            Made up of predominantly one race – the race that’s the majority in the country – and proud of it
            Uses disgusting smear campaigns to further their agenda
            Throws mud at every turn until they find something that sticks
            Denounces any media that isn’t 100% on their side

            Yeah… I think there are some similarities.

            • Steve Biko says:

              All you have to do is change the wording majority to minority and you would’ve been talkin bout O.B.A./ubp.

            • Steve Biko says:

              Now I wonder why they are predominantly made up of one race ,Mmm let me guess, they would be considered social misfits and outcasts like Dr. Barbara Ball !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • X man says:

        I’m here reading your artical and how your going on about, Honesty,Transparency. and openess.
        I’m hanging out here with a group of us [ all persons of Color] incase you want to know and were just
        laughing at you. in other words were know for sure that not everything the PLP done for 14 years had
        honesty trasperency,and openess in it.– come on now lets get real! – the best example and is the all time number one
        on deshonesty has got to be ex Premire Dr.Brown bringing people here to live secretly – even today we still don’t
        know the full details of this dishonest,smoky,act.—- we still don’t know how much money he was paid,
        Oh by the way the polical count here is OBA 4,PLP 3 ,and -2 which includes me – couldn’t care less.
        Infect all we really care about is a Roof over our heads, our Childen, paying our bills on time,and our Jobs to ensure
        that our quality of life is stable – thats why we the commom man could care less about Jetgate.
        Betty all Governments withholds information – that includes every country in the World.
        Lets get on with reconstructing Bermuda – my 2 daughters depends on it.

        • Speak Truth says:

          Just the mere fact you use the word “colour” indicates your misleading folks. Sounds like your endorsing corruption by this government, yet you were so strong on hanging the PLP for any wrong doings regardless if proven right or wrong.

          If we hold the prinicals of good governance it should not matter whom the government of the day is; we must be consistent if not your actions are merely hypocrtical.

          I believe Betty is merely suggesting that the things you want for your family have just been made even more difficult to achieve due to the corruption and negative actions taken by this government. If you’re not able to see the impact of the underlying implications of the actions by the government, than it speaks to your lack of intellectual understanding regarding this serious matter. Which is extremely unfortunate.

          • Steve Biko says:

            @ X man I think you guys are laughing because ya minds are ALTERED by ……………. LMFAO

            • X man says:

              @ Steve Biko
              I have viewed some of your opinions and what I have seen from you that you have
              been brain washed by quite a few Political fanatics — one thing for sure you are a follower and not a leader.
              Check out your own mind – you could be suffering from a multitude of disarranged ideas.

              • Steve Biko says:

                Hey yo bro, I would’ve felt better if you said it was 9 white guys sitting off and you feel the way you do, what you think the highest ratio for them being for P.L.P, that’s one advantage white people have over black people, regardless of their disappointment with each other their loyalty for their cause is unbroken, and for what your for fathers fought for in the early years when they weren’t allowed to vote and now you have the opportunity to vote and don’t, shows your appreciation for those who sacrificed before you.
                What Dr. Brown done was shady and deserves the backlash, now dealing with the matter at hand and what this O.B.A./ubp team is trying to implement, sorry to say bro. but ya daughters are in for a wake up call.

          • X man says:

            your still not getting it’
            well let me help you to understand what we the common man feel.
            If it cannot or help Bermuda’s ecconomy then it not worth getting into,
            Most of the Political stuff going on might mean a lot to the Political fanatic
            but it is of not importance to me if it cannot solve Bermuda’s ecconomic problems,
            piss’ on Jet Gate, or the money recieved by the OBA to finance it’s election and the lot — we don’t care!
            if it can’t help me ,Joe Average” economicly than such things are just entertainment for Political fanatics.
            Got it now”—

    • Cleancut says:

      They had a good party, with music as well. We could hear the songs…….”they don’t care about us” and ” “break every chain” 102.7 the Sherri PLP show will be fuming on Monday.

    • ya right says:

      OMG… All that talk about “Transparency”!! Guess that was thrown out the window!! OBA represents broken promises and shortcomings.

  2. Hey Bob this is Craig, I need you to stand with me in front of the media today.When it comes time to answering all financial issues just hold the paper off in the distance so I don’t go shooting ourselves with the canon again.

    Oh and see if you get a hold of my neighbor across the way down east, you know the one that just resign from the P.L.P,see if he can help to advise us of how Dr. Ewart got out of this mess when he did it.

    Well Craig I don’t think the gentleman would talk to me but I do believe him and Kenny has a great re pore, so I will give Kenny a call and see if he can get the young man to help take the noose from around our necks.

    oops did we forget to take off the tracing device so this conversation was not recorded. Damn just call Santucci

    • Justice! says:


      You have done lost me on this skit.

  3. O'Brien says:

    Say what you will about Cannonier – he’s the only one dressed the part…

  4. LaVerne Furbert says:

    Where are the rank and file members of the OBA?

    • terry says:

      On there way MsChapman.

    • Huh says:

      PLP has rank & file. OBA has “members” who are celebrating Gunners winning FA & they will soon be celebrating the resignation of another failed leader of the Bermuda Govt. If not, they will be joining you protesting in front of HOA.
      I like the $300K suits the three amigos are sporting

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        Did you like the suits that Jennifer Smith had purchased for her by John Deuss? She enjoyed that $150,000 clothing allowance given to her personally.

        Oh wait. I’m “deflecting”.

        • Unbelievable says:

          That’s the thing….the PLP will always get in line when told to not show any weakness.

          WE all know John Deuss came to the rescue of the PLP. It’s online…look it up people. Stop being puppets.

      • Justice! says:


        Go ahead, like many others, and make light of this situation. I hope those persons who donated/contributed the $300K to Craig Cannonier & Company will not come sporting, with fire power, for their hides. No one just gives that kind of money away freely without expectation of some form of return.

    • BUT says:


    • Hot Button says:

      The rank an file members who begged for Pati and constantly threw it in the face of the PLP along with many other accusations are so embarrassed they have all disappeared. But I like the joint response I get from whites asked separately what they think :”Why you all so worried about $300,000 when we owe $2.5 billion.” And they said the same thing with all the killings.
      Wow. so much for unity and we are our brothers keeper and those OBA stalwarts who said “if the OBA are doing badly or wrong we will tell them.” I wonder what Mrs Thursday will say on Shirley Dill to cover it all up/ Just like Mr. Dowling in St. David’s will rewrite history.

      • Beav says:

        What? Go back to school and write properly, please.

      • Hmmm says:

        The PLP cult brainwashed you so easily. Such vile and digusting divisive hate. Go look in the mirror and look at what the PLP made you into.

    • Homer says:

      Only the PLP has rank and file members!

  5. Ace girl says:

    And what is it we are supposed to do Laverne? Have a March or a sit in? We are in the same place as all the PLP members were when all their nastiness was happening. Maybe you know, were you there?

    • Beav says:

      Don’t ask LVerne she’s bin fired from gvmnt. Cost us hard workers more money in legal bilks than she’s worth, ever….

  6. bdacatz says:

    Really appreciate the honesty and integrity of Leah Scott speaking out like that. The OBA want the best for Bermuda. Let’s get this Jetgate affair out of the way and get back to the country’s business. Still believe that the OBA have the best intentions and is the best party to lead us at this time.

    • Hmmm says:


      It is Time for the PLP to stand up and call for their own party investigations.

      Burt should go over the Swizzle and audio.
      Bean should go over Spice and Scaur

    • Justice! says:


      They are not the best party to lead this country.

      Remain alert for a ‘news bulletin’ which is going to curl ya hair in a few days time.

  7. terry says:

    Good ole Lawern.
    Gotta jump in.

    Whilst others in her clique use soodumnimz……………

  8. Lick My Chicken says:

    Send CannonAir to martha’s vinyard to chill x with you know who. Two jack rabbits.

    • Signs of a weak Foundation says:

      Well they are both born May 17th (they can celebrate together). The irony is that, according to their horoscope characteristics, their negative attributes are: misfortune, impatience, misconduct and keeping bad company…so go figure! Are they spot on or what?
      This 51st birthday ought to be one that Craig Cannonier never forgets!;)

    • Cleancut says:

      Maybe Brown will show him how to make real money!

  9. Looking for Leadership says:

    Bernews. Can you please ask the OBA – If this was a “joint meeting of MPs and executive members” – why is Derrick Green at the meeting. He’s not even Bermudian?

    • Anon says:

      …and non-Bermudians aren’t smart enough to have opinions?

    • Beav says:

      Ohhhhh I seeeee. You have to be Bdian to give money or opinion? Ask you bou Deuss or dat buy fop rom Jurmmeirah or Bezarian … When we people wanted answered on all that nonsense we were called all sorts of nonsense. House n…r. B?..tch…IN The House! Nobody was fires.. And let me tell you… They should have been. No such language should be allowed by policy makers anywhere. The PLP are all fools. shame on the two good MPs that still carry the flag

    • hmmm says:

      ….because it is an investigation perhaps.

  10. Luke says:

    Who the hell is Derick Green ?

    • Whatdoesthefoxsay? says:

      Paid political strategist and consultant since 2012.

      • Beav says:

        So? Ask the other party what foreign advice they received money from? I bet it would make their “base” realize the PLP is not as “base” as they spin…

    • Steve Biko says:

      So Derrick Green is a Strategic Surrogate.

  11. My two cents says:

    Silver lining – it appears we finally have a party that looks to be holding itself and it’s elected members accountable.

    • Hot Button says:

      Really? How?

      • My two cents says:

        Do you remember the PLP, or the UBP before them, holding their own internal investigations and committing to making the findings public following allegations of corruption? No? Me neither.

  12. Watching says:

    Paid Political Consultant since 2011 was originally working with UBP, and BDA

  13. Huh says:

    PLP supporters praying CC doesn’t resign. OBA praying he does. May all be surprised with only resignation being Leah Scott who finds rotten stench of partisan politics overwhelming…

    • Speak Truth says:

      I think you have hit the nail on the hammer. PLP FANS knew the Oba would do nothing or say nothing. Keeping Craig works more in the favour of PLP than it does for the OBA. This speaks to the poor advice given to the Oba by their strategist. One time OBA govt look more evident as coin by Mr. Williams.

  14. Flipper says:

    Youl’ll get it.

  15. Archie says:

    Offering odds of 4-1 on that PCC stays

  16. Tell The Truth says:

    Prediction: CC resigns. MD promoted from Acting Premier to Premier.

    Anti-OBA: I told you so – CC was only a puppet being used to get the black vote and then put back in the UBP/”real leaders” of the OBA.

    Sad thing is, until certain entities pushed so many unnecessary events ahead of the real problems facing Bermuda, this turn of events probably wouldn’t have happened. Instead, force it to happen and then say “I told you so”.

    Next Election: PLP wins.

    Be careful what you wish for!

  17. oh really says:

    it’s problaby much to do do about nothing..

  18. if the plp was so damn squeaky clean then a different story, but they aren’t so ???? ask mr “this to will pass” dodge and weave long enough and people may forget your past numerous misgivings and lies. I d=for one am sick and tired of party race politics. Ashamed to claim my birth rite citizenship at present thanks to both parties.

  19. Question says:

    The “non-statement” by both the Premier and the OBA Chairman is unacceptable.

    This cannot be allowed to stand – - – this makes my country, not the OBA, look bad and that I will not stand for.

    Not only will my area MP be hearing from me, but so will the Premier and the OBA Chair – - and Mike H, I will be signing my “government” name to those letters. Enough is enough.


    • Marge says:

      what the hell is going on!!!!! the OBA come out of todays meeting and ” no comment ” we deserve better than this .
      So who will be our next attorney general ?

      • Homer says:

        What are you doing out of your cartoon land Marge? Come back, Smithers wants a to fire me

    • Barracuda says:

      Oh please , you wont do anything , you just get paid to make a lot of noise.

      I think you have a little crush on M H .

      • Question says:

        Little shiny fish with sharp teeth:

        First, your mistake it to underestimate anyone when they’re fed up with a situation. Desperate times create desperate people – just remember that.

        Now – your reference to MH – sorry, contrary to Mike’s own opinion, I actually value and respect his opinions – - so sorry to inform you – I do not have a crush on MH – - he isn’t my type – - skinny white boy with ukelele arms – -no thanks.


        • Barracuda says:

          You certainly are desperate.

          • Question says:

            Speak to my point or shut it – - – your comment, and you apparently, are just plain stupid.


        • Mike Hind says:

          If this is true, why do you keep on lying?

          • Question says:

            Now you are telling me that when I speak – it is a lie.

            Get real Mike – I may not always agree with you, but how are you going to tell me if I respect or value something – you are not me – and that’s very arrogant of you to say.

            You are better than that, remember.


            • Mike Hind says:

              No. Another lie.

              I’ve never said that “when [you] speak – it is a lie”.
              That’s a misrepresentation.

              However, you ARE a liar and HAVE lied. Regularly. And continue to do so.

              You claim “I actually value and respect his opinions…”, so I ask again: if this is true, why do you keep on lying?

              The second part of your post is gibberish.

    • coolieh says:

      Lol! Get real!

  20. Cleancut says:

    Happy Birthday Premier! well done OBA.

    • Tired of the Ignorance says:

      Yes, Happy Birthday Ewart

  21. O'Brien says:

    Can’t believe I’ve been following this thing for the last two hours. SMH

  22. oh really says:

    come on people they just met to wish him happy birthday. LoL!!

  23. Cleancut says:

    I would like to know who took the last piece of cake.

  24. swing voter says:

    The PLP have made their wishes known for some time…the OBA won’t be stupid enough to oblige them. Oh and….Leah is the one that should resign as crossing the floor will be trading stench for stench ;-)

    • Wow says:

      So all the PLP are stench?

      • swing voter says:

        that’s why I didn’t vote for them last time….1st time in decades I decided not to. I don’t regret that decision and at the next election as well if they don’t show any semblance of returning to what they were in 1998

  25. Lick My Chicken says:

    I could been washing my cloths and vacuuming but I stayed glued to my laptop and nothing even happened. I blame the oba and ask that the premier stop by and do my house work for wasting my time.

  26. Coffee says:

    This is a wonderful story of EVERYBODY , SOMEBODY , ANYBODY and NOBODY , four buddies on a jet ,three hundred thousand dollars in a bank account and two factions in one party .

    EVERYBODY (Craig and company) asked for the money . SOMEBODY (Landow) sent the money . ANYBODY (Mark or Shawn)wondered where it went because NOBODY (Stephen) got it .

  27. Peanuts says: Journalist David Merchant. John Deuss. Aint the first time my bermudian ppl.

    • Unbelievable says:

      yes here here…..everyone loves to forget stuff.

      Go look it up people…….The PLP are also in the boat. How convenient that the PLP forget.

  28. daughter of the water says:

    that’s just too many men. too many. too menny. that’s the problem, right there.

  29. Sir George says:

    $300k is not free money – that buys influence.

    $300k Craig – that’s really cheap. That’s gas money!

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      When John Duess gave the PLP $2m, what influence did that buy?
      When he gave Jennifer Smith $150,000 a year clothing allowance, what did she promise in return?
      Oh wait. I’m “deflecting” again.

    • Tired of the Ignorance says:

      That’s what makes the $2,000,000 sound so believable!!

  30. J Herald says:

    I heard OBA is thinking of bringing in a bunch of suspected terrorists under cover of night to let them live here forever. Oh no, that’s already been done, right Dr. Brown?

  31. Seeking Integrity says:

    If after an all afternoon meeting, the Premier of this country hasn’t resigned and the other OBA players in this game are still there, then that would be a travesty for this country. How much longer will the people of this country have to be subjected to dishonesty, lack of integrity and quite simply – lies from the “leader” of this country and a cover up by his Cabinet. Leah Scott – we appreciate your candor and standing on principle. Just too bad the rest of the OBA don’t feel compelled to do the same. Wake up Bermuda! Are you tired yet of this OBA gov’t trying to pull the wool over your eyes? This cannot continue! Vote of no confidence is a must!This gov’t must go! This Premier must go!! Bermuda!!!!!! Make your voices heard.

    • Beav says:

      We had to lie to you…. Does that ring a firkin bell you idiot?

      • One Up One Down says:

        Unfortunately it does ring a bell…..the OBA was voted in because people were tired of bells ringing….hopefully this will be resolved quickly otherwise it will be like we are all standing inside Elizabeth Tower.

  32. aceboy says:

    Meanwhile you cannot get a hotel reservation on the island at the moment…all hotels are full. Tough to even get a restaurant reservation at the nice restaurants.

    The PLP just don’t understand at all. They have no idea how much damage they have caused and continue to try and cause.

    Bean initially claimed there was a personal payment to Cannonier. What happened to that lie? Now it is a political contribution that has upset him and his followers. Fine, FULL DISCLOSE then. Who donated to the PLP in each election since 1998 and how much?

  33. Watcher says:

    I’m all for openness and transparency and as it would appear that despite it sounding shady no rules have been broken I wonder if both parties should just open their books and show the country who is the financial clout behind their political machines.

  34. js says:

    political parties may not be legally required to disclosure the source of their funding but if the “political action group” is not a fund raising affiliate of either recognized political group then they have misrepresented themselves and acquired the money through fraud

    no difference than a person who seeks donations by falsely claiming to represent a legal charity and then pockets the money for their own benefit

    in that instance you would expect that person to be brought before the courts and charged with obtaining money by fraud and deceit

    if the OBA knows nothing about the group that sought out political donations in its name methinks the OBA should seek criminal charges against that group

  35. Bermuda Boy says:

    Glad everything worked out. By the way, I wouldn’t be involved with anything Laverne, Famous, famouss, famousss or Marc Bean were involved in or even standing next to. Also, Remember Laverne, you called out the MASSES for the last election and lost :-)

  36. Truth is killin' me... says:


  37. Perhaps we are meant to be looking else where…is there any new legislation being sliped through?

  38. Ringmaster says:

    So far it appears that there was a contribution made to a political action fund of $300,000 and confirmed by Mr. Landow. Nothing illegal or unethical there. Mr. Landow has also confirmed in other media that there was no quid pro quo, or requests for any other payments made by Mr. Cannonier. So where is the issue? Perhaps Mr. Bean should wonder if, having 3 slander suits outstanding against him, and with those allegations now out in the open and answered, it is he who has in fact been set up. Politics can be a dirty and devilish game.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Well exactly…nothing illegal has happened but PCC lied from the outset. I’m not attacking or defending him. This has been badly handled from the very beginning.

      • Sandy Bottom says:

        What exactly did he “lie” about? You throw these things around, but when you boil it down, what he said was what happened.

  39. Triangle Drifter says:

    So much more. So much more is expected of the OBA, particularly by the PLP/Red Shirts/BIU supporters. They expect the OBA to rectify the 14 years of PLP economic destruction in mere months. The expect the OBA to be absolutely squeaky clean in their ruling practices yet they said not a word about Quigars, no bid contracts, $800,0000,0000 gone missing, a $2.5B debt & on & on. Silence. Tree frogs.

    The OBA takes a 90 minute free plane ride plus un substantiated claims of a donation of some sort & they are up in arms like the OBA are giving out contracts to former shcool aquaintences for services not rendered & jetting all over the world on the taxpayers dime with no return on the investment. Not to the taxpayer anyway.

    Far too much time is being wasted on a 90 minute plane ride.

    • One Up One Down says:

      I’m sure those 14 years (14 horrible years according to some who are constantly blaming everyone else for their own silence while the shenanigans ensued) started off with small misdeeds and snowballed into eight hundred million missing etc. ….I THINK the idea THIS time around is to stop it BEFORE it starts….be proactive not reactive…..remember when people used to say that all the time?

  40. MB says:

    Once again everyone is missing the real story as they focus on stupid 2 party politics- After showing how serious he was to develop here – Landow- who had the cash – tells the Sun he decided not to develop here because of LACK OF SUPPORT BY BERMUDIANS for what he wanted to do – build a hotel…!!!…that had gambling to help make financial sense in the costliest country in the world. As long as Bermuda lets churches dictate its future Tourism will never live again and our middle class will die. Shameful that Landow’s words are lost in this fiasco. America’s Cup- like, where is everyone going to stay? We dont have the rooms so so can never win that host job.

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      All along the PLP’s sole aim has been to make sure no hotel gets built. They would rather Bermudians remain unemployed, than have the OBA succeed where the PLP failed.

  41. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Let me get this straight… Cannonier and Hollis are now both saying that an “Inquiry” is required – as they did NOT know where the $300K came from AFTER *Nathan Landow* has already readily admitted sending the $$$ to the OBA in the first place!! Hard to believe!!

    I think an official independent *Board-of-Inquiry* is what is now required – to get ALL the answers and restore confidence in the Islands International reputation!! More importantly – who instigated this “debacle” in the first place?? It’s quite obviously a *Pay-to-Play* scheme!!

    You really couldn’t make this stuff up as they ALL KNOW where the $$$ came from and for what reason it was sent to the Island!! Landow needed the OBA to get elected – if he stood any chance of getting-in on the ground floor – concerning a possible “Casino” in the future… that could financially benefit himself and his US “business associates!! That is the *QUID PRO QUO* surrounding the $$$ they sent!! It’s called among other things…*Seed Money* in many quarters!!

    The OBA are in a very *serious dilemma* at this point – because they have been caught-out (several times) in blatant lies to the Bermudian public and cannot or will not “truthfully” explain it!! This could be very costly “politically” to them in the future – because their character and ethics are now very much in question!!

    Cannonier, Hollis, Crockwell, Pettingill and DeCosta (Not even an OBA officer) are ALL complicit in these nefarious proceedings and the subsequent *Cover-Up* of the “Jet-gate Affair” – because they have now been caught “red-handed” and they were the original culprits who attended the meeting in-the-first-place!! What do you think they discussed at this “meeting”… The world cup!! I am of course being sarcastic – about that meeting topic!!

    Do they really think that the BDA public is that stupid?? The ONLY thing missing from this debacle now is the real *TRUTH* about what actually transpired at this meeting and what the $300K was meant to be used for!! What is the *QUID PRO QUO* that the OBA made to Landow surrounding this $300K??

    Incidentally – This is the current US law regarding issues such as this…

    Since the 1980’s the Justice Department has warned companies about hiring practices that appear to be attempts to curry favor with officials. The U.S. recently had pursued several companies, including Tyson Foods Inc. and Daimler AG, for hiring relatives of foreign officials in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977.

    Companies are “barred” from giving foreign officials money or a “thing of value” in order to gain business! I wonder how the US Justice Department would view this “debacle” – as they may also want to investigate Nathan Landow and his US associates – as they are plainly duplicitous in this controversy!!

    Finally – Cannonier, Hollis, Crockwell and Pettingill should resign their respective positions in the OBA as they are the *Main Culprits* who are behind this “Jet-gate” mess!! And they all contrived to “deceive” the Island and its residents of this sordid affair!!

    What happened to ALL the promised *Transparency* Mr. Cannonier – that you expressly made as part of your election-platform in 2012?? That “promise” didn’t last very long – did it!!

    • We the People (1st!!) says:

      Perfect!! You hit the nail right on the head.

      Many OBA people choose to blatantly ignore or deny these facts, lies, inconsistencies, and a possible coverup of this Jetgate fiasco. They don’t understand the possible legal consequences of this JetGate fiasco that could delay all potential hotel/casino development in Bermuda for years.

  42. Justice! says:

    If Michael Dunkley can use an expletive behind an open mike re the gaming referendum campaigners, I can well imagine what those white folks are saying to each other about their Black surrogate leader through their exclusive grapevine.

  43. coolieh says:

    The media has hyped this beyond belief, even confusing OBA members. Wait to you see the list of local and overseas companies/persons that contributed to the PLP campaign. Yes!

    It’s true, Bermudians have too much time on their hands and protest too much about what’s NOT important. And it’s also true now the the taste of political power in Bermuda now overrides what’s best for us all, as opposed to what’s best for few! We have joined/aligned ourselves with the USA political system!

    Reputation? We haven’t had one sine about 2005/6, when International businesses began to reduce their presence here…?

    Let’s continue to allow the PLP to play this type of politics and this will go on forever. The focus should be jobs, deficit and debt; else bankruptcy!

    I astonishingly heard Mark Bean threatened Grant Gibbons in the House on Friday to expose him for corruption? For what? Another unsubstantiated and irresponsible comment to allow the PLP to go on a fishing expedition; and also to create political instability. Classic approach to keep the government off balance and on the defensive. If one says it often enough people begin to believe it!

    If you think the OBA is perpetuating the level of corruption, if any, when compared to the last government, you are truly mistaken! I’ve seen these tactics used in USA politics. Hasn’t helped the USA any, has it?

    These are just what they are, political assignations! No proof of anything? Did not the businessman (Mr. Landow) say Mr. Cannonier didn’t ask for $2 million. Mr. Bean then asked the Media on Friday, did you not asked him if there was another amount other than “$2 million”. Crazy stuff?

    Folks, if you cannot see what’s happening here, you’re completely naive! However, the OBA is naive to believe this behavior of throwing stones in the Parliamentary chamber will stop, with the PLP holding the Speakers’ seat! I truly believe the PLP leaders are delusional. I now predict the OBA will now step up their investigation of the past government!

    Good luck! Where does that leave us Bermudians? Still needing jobs, deficits and debt reduction. Let’s just get rid of the political party system forever. People need the power, not power drunk political parties.