2014 Second Quarter: $1.24M Drugs Seized

August 8, 2014

Over $1.2 million of drugs were seized in the second quarter of 2014, according to the recently released crime statistics.

The report [PDF] said, “An estimated total of 8.6kg of controlled drugs with an estimated street value of $1,246,617 has been seized in Q2 2014. Cannabis was the drug most commonly seized with 7.8kg seized at a value of $391,807.

“Crack Cocaine was the next highest, with 0.3kg seized at an estimated street value of $103,803. In addition 250g of Heroin was seized with an estimated street value of $735,750.”

Chart extracted from the police report:

1-Fullscreen capture 08072014 121941 PM

The report added, “In comparison to Q1 2014, the value of drugs seized in Q2 2014 has increased by $825,668, with an estimated street value of $1,246,617 compared to $420,949 in Q4 2013. This is due to the increase in seizures of Crack Cocaine, Cannabis and Heroin at street and port levels.”

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  1. nothing up my sleeve says:

    When are they going to burn it, i would like to come and “watch”.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      who is gonna burn 1.2 million dollars in this day and age huh..? you..? we all know where its going…lol

  2. Onion says:

    Seizing a tiny fraction of what must come in to supply the island’s drug trade.

    What an awful performance.

    Time for a change.

    • Paradise Reclaimed says:

      Zackly! $1.24m seizure, at what cost to our bank account and society?

  3. Overestimation says:

    7.8kg of cannabis is not worth $391K. 78K max.

    • Tricks are for Kids says:

      Do you know what it is worth? Is the price quoted too little or too much?

  4. We need this revinue!…..Why are we denying ourselves offit?….let us control it ,control its content,(no additives,no addictive additives,no killings…),license users and utilise behaviour modification , through loss there of,temp license fees for conscenting adult clientel visitiors, increase visitors.When you remove just one addict of heroin or crack or cocain ,you save millions of knock off costs……..these addictive substances are currently being introduced through illegal pot,they mysteriously run out and offer up the harder substance in its’place……this is how they do it………..immagine no addicts.Excuse me sir could you help me out with a dollar?….but what I really need is twenty?….or all that theft….robbery….gunplay…..snatchers……choose to take a forward sensible approach…..control it.

  5. YADON says:

    No way those numbers are correct. According to the table heroin has a street value of 3 grand per gram. LMAO

  6. Ruthless says:

    All the ecstasy being used in nightclubs and no seizures? Okay!

  7. If you legalise it ,I will organise it for govt. And privatise a very lucratic untapped resource!Be happy to help!We can do a great deal of good with this money!

    • What Up says:

      Yes Leagalise it then we can go to a harder drug. Nice!!!!

  8. What Up says:

    Nothing about the hall they made this week up in somerset.

  9. William says:

    all that is taken off the street but today it couldn’t be more easier to obtain all of the above. guess the drug war tactics aren’t working, time for a new approach!