Junior Food Critic Review: CV Cafe In St George

November 30, 2014

Lunch with Uncle is back! Eliza Olander’s food column started in the Bermuda Sun and last appeared in the paper’s final edition in July. Now it has a new home here at Bernews.

Looking for somewhere to take the kids for a bite? Who’s going to give you a more honest, bite-sized review than an 11-year-old? Eliza Olander, from St David’s, is a Grade 7 student at Learning Express Academy in Devonshire. Here’s her first column for Bernews.


[Written by 11 year old Eliza Olander...with a little help from Uncle Tony]

Location: CV [Conscious Vibes] Cafe, Water Street, St George’s

First impressions: It’s a really cosy place to come to. There is smooth music and they have a nice sitting room where they have free WiFi.

I could just sit down all day here with my iPad — it’s a very relaxing place.

The cafe is based on Fair Trade so everything is the best quality you can find.

Eliza Olander enjoys her ‘best ever’ cup of hot chocolate at CV Cafe.

Olander,-Eliza,-CV (2)

Drink: Hot chocolate with whipped cream [$4.50]. It’s creamy, nice and sweet and not too hot. I think of all the hot chocolate I have had — and I’m not kidding about this — it really is the best. It has lot of rich, chocolaty flavour.

Main course: Panini with chicken, onions mushrooms & cheese [$8.95]

When you bite into the sandwich and taste the mushrooms and the onions — it’s fantastic. I love the chicken because it’s perfectly cooked; not undercooked or overcooked — it’s perfect.

I thought at first that the chicken could have been grilled a little longer to make it browner on the outside. But it tastes great and the bread is grilled perfectly.

When you take a bite and smell the onions, it’s just delicious. The onions are not too strong — they are actually quite sweet and that’s why I love them.

Eliza Olander admires the vintage, red telephone box outside CV Cafe in St George’s.

Olander,-Eliza,-CV (1)

Service: Mrs [Michelle] Wales [the proprietor] is always very nice. It’s always service with a smile.

I have known Mrs Wales for a long time because she was my computer teacher at St George’s Prep. I think she is a great person and her café is great, too.

Portion size: For me the panini was perfect.

Overall experience: Great service, the food’s wonderful and the look of the place is good, too.

It’s quite a simple place, with simple food. It is very clean and the tables are not covered in crumbs when you come in. I always enjoy it when I come here.

- Eliza Olander


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  1. Michelle Wales says:

    Well THANK YOU Eliza!!! You have made my YEAR! We’ve been having a really rough time of it in St. George’s recently with one or two of my favourite places looking to pack up and leave! This beautiful Olde Towne needs the support of EVERYONE and some immediate changes NOW if stores are to survive, there are so many great little places holding on by a mere gossamer thread! So positive news about St. George’s is always welcomed! This is especially touching as it is unsolicited praise and means more when it comes from a former student! Thanks for choosing us to be the first place to review @ your new great home BerNews! Congratulations for being able to continue on with your reviews! Thanks again!

  2. been there ,very nice,friendly.

  3. Mrs P says:

    I love the chicken, mushroom and onion panini! Also Mrs Wales makes the best almond milk lattes hands down. Tried them all over the island, exact same milk, CV cafe wins every time.

  4. Archie says:

    Great stuff Eliza!

  5. Jay Kronenberg says:

    Great review, Eliza!
    (And “hello” to Mrs Wales!)

    My wife and I always make this our very first stop in St George when we visit each summer. It’s relaxing, always delicious, and we always enjoy “catching up” on all the news. As much as is possible, this little hide away is like our own Bermuda kitchen away from home! :-)

  6. zina malcolm says:

    Ooo. I love it, what an adorable young critic. Thanks for the review, Miss Olander and Bernews, i look forward to the next!

  7. Rosie Marangiello says:

    Eliza’s back! We missed her. We love your honestly and patronize of local establishments.

  8. Christopher James says:

    Thank you for another great review Eliza. I will try that panini today!

  9. Bermy says:

    Awesome review! Great little place off the beaten path, St. George’s really is a gem!

  10. Sky Pilot says:

    you can get a great egg n bacon sarney and coffee there too.

  11. Gail Severini says:

    Excellent review! Really appreciated hearing your opinion Eliza!

  12. Hamsa says:

    This is the cutest thing ever and great to learn about CV Cafe, will make a point to visit my next trip to St. Georges

  13. Sylvia Munro says:

    Eliza I am so proud of you. You certainly have grown since the Busy Bee days.


  14. Sundee Faulkner says:

    Love love love CV Café .. I travel from Dockyard to St George on my one day off as often as I can which usually involves a stop at CV. Unfortunately there is a lack of consistency with other shops and galleries being open in St George – even during peak tourist season .. but can always count on CV. We have to change our mindset that Dockyard and St George’s are “so far away” and yet in the same breath those are the people that complain the island is too small. There is so much to do, so many places to see indoors and out .. and great little coffee shops and restaurants to try out. It’s not all about shopping – sometimes it is just about going somewhere like CV for good company, good food and a good vibe. Lovely review too – well done .. couldn’t agree more.

  15. Mary says:

    Eliza it is wonderful to have your reviews back! You are correct about CV Cafe and the delicious Fair Trade menu. Michelle Wales is fantastic! Regards Mrs L

  16. Zenji says:

    Hey Eliza it’s me Zenji you made me jealous just by looking at that delicious hot chocolate. My mom knows where the cafe is and you I’m
    going there anyway I loved your review.<3

  17. Richie and Shannon turano says:

    We met you today while having coffee, you were absolutely adorable with a huge personality. We enjoyed talking with you and even took your advice and stop by the bakery for a hot cross bun but they were all sold out due to the holiday… we had banana bread it was delicious. We hope to see you again on our next visit to your beautiful island. Continue being you and giving out advice about what to eat on the island. From your NY long island friends