Photos: CBA Students Hosted At Rugby Classic

December 2, 2014

Twenty CedarBridge Academy students were invited, for the second year, to the Annual Rugby Classic and spent time engaged in a panel discussion and networking in a ‘live’ setting. The Panel consisted of senior Reinsurance executives, Chris Silvester [Validus Re], Kathleen Reardon [Hamilton Re], Paul Simons [XL Re], and Peta White [Markel] and was moderated by Tony Fox, the CEO of Guy Carpenter.


A lady greeted CedarBridge Academy students at the gate offering poppy flowers in remembrance of World War II vets, and music from Beyonce’ filled the airwaves and between her music one was able to hear mumbled conversations as spectators walked toward tents, ready for tasty delights and a VIP view of the Rugby Classic.

The panel members began their discussion with an introduction that included how they got into the reinsurance industry. All but one planned for that role, while one panel member actually studied to be a veterinarian, before deciding to enter the reinsurance industry.


Students were provided with recommendation of needs for the insurance industry, and what students needed to have prior to entering college. Chris Sylvester of Validus Re said, “Don’t do something that is uncomfortable, do something you enjoy so that you are not mediocre.”

Destinee Taylor, President of the Student Government Association for CedarBridge Academy, member of the National Honour Society and a Prefect said, “I met a lot of great people from a variety of Insurance and Re-Insurance Companies, who were kind enough to answer questions and give me vital information about the large Insurance Industry in Bermuda.

“Personally, I aspire to become a lawyer and I received information about summer internships and scholarships from a few lawyers and managers that were present. You never know where little things like this can take you, and in saying that I actually got invited to attend a luncheon with a lawyer who recently completed their legal studies.”

The concept of including the students in the Rugby tent was the brainchild of immediate past CEO, Kevin Fisher, who wanted to make a difference in the community and expose senior public school students to members of the Reinsurance Industry and a world class sporting event.

Based on the success of last year, current CEO, Tony Fox was keen to continue the initiative for 2014. Fifteen students were provided from the S4 grade, and five were members of the CBA Beyond Rugby Bermuda team.

Senior Vice President for Guy Carpenter, Jenni Estis states, “Everyone was extremely impressed with the Cedarbridge Academy students who attended the Rugby Classic with Guy Carpenter, especially the enthusiasm and the confidence with which they engaged with senior Reinsurance personnel in the [Re]Insurance industry.


“Many students indicated that they made connections with individuals based on their desired career paths, or courses of study, and because of that, we consider the event a resounding success.”

Kaila Burgess, President of the CedarBridge Academy National Honour Society and a Prefect said, “I am interested in Business and was considering becoming an Accountant; however, as I am more exposed to different careers, I am learning there is more than just business.

“I am now leaning toward underwriting. This opportunity to network was amazing. That one experience, increased my self-confidence. I was never one to begin a conversation with people I do not know, but Monday night [Nov 17], I had to do just that.

“I received several business cards from various companies and I am now in the process of following up and arranging meetings with them, to help discuss my future.”

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  1. Sunny says:

    This sounds very interesting. I hope this continues for years to come.