Bermuda Author’s Books Explore Faith, Romance

May 16, 2015

A book published by Bermuda’s Claudette Cann, titled At Last, weaves an intricate tale of religious faith and romance, with its sequel carrying on the story for readers.

The stories presented by the books follow the tribulations of a college girl who, while saving herself for marriage, leans on her faith in God to make romantic decisions.

Regarding her writing career, Ms. Cann said, “As a senior reflecting on my life that God has blessed me with, and with a little extra time on my hands now that I’m retired from nursing, I decided to write a few short stories. I did well with the short stories and then, after making notes in my manuscript, I had 100 words, then 500; as the saying goes, ‘the rest is now history.’

“After reading about the negative messages presented to our younger adults via novels, television, and movies, I decided to write a novel about the struggles and temptations that befall many of us in our youth, and indeed follow us through life – the temptation of drinking, drugs, and sex before marriage – and discovering that we alone have the power.

“My faith and beliefs are extremely important. I believe with all of my mind, body, and soul that God created us in his image for us to spread his love by marrying, multiplying, and continuing to obey his word, and also by extending the hand of love to all mankind by helping and encouraging them to love the Lord also.”

At Last is available for purchase at The Book Mart, the Bermuda Book Store, Robertson’s Pharmacy, and directly from Ms. Cann.

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  1. Claudette L. Cann says:

    Sincere thanks for the “The Kind Comments” both positive and indeed negative. All the comments will help me to move forward. The sequel to the book “At Last” God willing will be out in November 2016. The sequel titled “THE NEW BEGINNIG” continues on with Megan and one of the children narrating the story. This is a must read conclusion to a beautiful story.. With a great “scene,” taking place on our” Bermudiful’ Island.