BWSC Urges Marine Safety During Cup Match

July 28, 2015

The Bermuda Water Safety Council [BWSC] is urging celebrants to be safe in and on the water over the Cup Match holiday, offering tips for the pool and beach, boat operators, swimmers, and participants in the Non-Mariner’s Race.

BWSC Chairman Ralph Richardson said, “The 2015 Cup Match holiday is upon us. It is traditional that there will be a significant increase in water activity both in and on the water.

“This increased activity also increases the risks of accidents which can be avoided. We would like to remind the general public of some of some of the preventative measures that should be considered over these next few days.

“Make sure your pool is secure and not accessible by young children who are not supervised by an appropriate adult. Make sure that children are being carefully watched near the water – short lapses in attention can have disastrous and fatal results.

“Diving should only take place at the deep end of the pool or if from cliffs or boats only in deep water.

“Handling a boat is much more difficult than driving a car; boat operators must ensure that they are not intoxicated creating a danger to themselves, their passengers and other water users.

“Boaters are reminded that often there is a transition from the boat to the car – If you are going to drive either a watercraft or a car and intend to consume alcohol the best practice is to ensure that there is a designated driver.

“The boating public are reminded that it is an offence to operate a boat when impaired by alcohol. The legal limit is 100 mgs of alcohol in 100 ml of blood.

“The non mariners event in Mangrove Bay in the past has resulted in several non-fatal accidents either through intoxication or propeller injuries – boaters and swimmers alike must take special care to avoid serious injuries or fatal consequences. Swimmers should attempt to remain in clusters and out of the path of boating traffic.

“We wish all those on the water, a pleasant and safe Cup Match Holiday.”


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  1. get it flowing says:

    This is the only time Bermudans are in the water. I want to see more of this. You are surrounded by water come on people.

  2. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    As Commodore of Bermuda’s most elite yacht club, BBIRYC, I echo the comments of the Bermuda Water Safety Council. Since there will be so many amateurs on the water this weekend who are not elite yachtsmen like myself and my fellow BBIRYC members, please use caution and be responsible so that my BBIRYC members can remain safe while yachting this weekend amongst the commoners.