Bermuda Regiment Get New Rifles From UK

August 5, 2015

The Bermuda Regiment has taken delivery of $1.4 million worth of new rifles courtesy of the UK Ministry of Defence, with Commanding Officer Lt/Col Michael Foster-Brown saying they were “at no cost to the Bermuda taxpayer.”

“The 400 state-of-the-art rifles, formerly used by the British Army and donated free of charge, are the same SA-80A2 weapons which are standard issue to UK armed forces,” the Regiment said.

“The rifles, equipped with hi-tech optical gunsights used in combat in Afghanistan, will replace the Regiment’s ageing Ruger Mini 14s, which date back 30 years.”

Regiment Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Michael Foster-Brown said: “This represents a step change in capability for the Regiment and is another sign of the close working relationship we have with the British Army.

Regiment soldiers unload the new rifles from an RAF Hercules transport aircraft

Regiment New Rifle Aug 2015 (1)

“We have obtained these rifles, which have been proved in combat around the world, at no cost to the Bermuda taxpayer and we’re very grateful to the Ministry of Defence for their generosity.”

The rifles, surplus to UK requirements, arrived on the Island on Tuesday [Aug 4] on a Royal Air Force C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.

Col Foster-Brown said serving soldiers would begin conversion training to the new rifles in September, while the next crop of recruits, due to begin Recruit Camp next January, will be the first to train exclusively with the SA-80A2.

“Regiment drill manoeuvres will also be changed as the bullpup configuration – where the action and magazine are mounted behind the trigger – makes the rifle shorter,” the Regiment added.

Regiment New Rifle Aug 2015 (2)

“The rifles use the same 5.56mm cartridge as the Ruger Mini 14 but they are more accurate and have a longer range. SA-80A2s are also used by the Jamaican Defence Force, with whom the Regiment regularly trains.”

Col Foster-Brown said the UK donation also included magazines, bayonets, spares, tools and other ancillary equipment.

He added: “Our soldiers who have undergone training in the UK, including instructors who have attended the British Army drill course, are already familiar with the new rifles and we expect the transition to be a smooth one.”

The Regiment will retain its small stock of modern Heckler & Koch G36s, which are issued to the Regiment’s Boat Troop and the Operational Support Unit [OSU].

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  1. King says:

    Bout time!!! Tired of the old ones lol!!!

    • Donated free of charge.
      How about the $2 million we give her every year.

      • Robbie says:

        Any military regardless of weather there Full Time or Part Time needs to update its equipment from time to time. Although various auxilliary equipment can assist in sustaining a soldier on the modern battlefield, a proven rifle gives personal comfort, a sense of security, and hope they will survive any action that places them at risk. This includes many situations foreign and domestic. Bermuda as a nation may not have the finances to support a full strength regiment or the 600 plus volunteers and conscripts full time but that doesn’t mean it can’t accept a gift. Just say thankyou.

  2. Bermuda Jake says:

    Well done! With the magazine behind the handle and trigger this allows for a longer and more accurate barrel. Hopefully the order includes a few LSW’s as well.

    Many thanks British Army!

    • Greg says:

      Hopefully the Regiment won’t be inflicted with the LSW. It’s a piece of garbage. Troops hate it.

  3. Sgt Major Mckerel says:

    I hope these rifles shoot blanks better then the other ones.

  4. Terry says:

    A stooped target?
    Guns don’t kill people.

    People do.

    I need a rum.

  5. sage says:

    What they gonna do, shoot feral chickens with them? Training un-screened, random, unwilling conscripts in a regiment that will never face an enemy, how to shoot, has got to be one of the stupidest things we do.

  6. NO MORE WAR says:

    Ok am I missing something or is it just me? What do the Bermuda Regiment need more guns for? They aren’t a fully operational Regiment so I don’t see the need for this. Either make the Regiment full time or do away with it.

  7. George says:

    How about a donation of something useful – like advice on how to covert the Regiment into a viable Coast Guard or improved Marine Police unit?

  8. mixitup says:

    Hmmm. I wonder what riot they are preparing us for.

  9. Alvin Williams says:

    Nothing is free boots on the ground unemployed Bermudian volunteers for the Bermuda regiment about to be sent to the middle East.

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Your ignorance about the legislation that created the Regiment is evident, the Regiment is a civil defence force, it can’t be deployed overseas. Volunteers can request transfer to partnered regiments overseas for deployment if they wish and can qualify, but they would no longer be considered members of the Regiment during their deployment as the Bermuda Regiment as a body can not be deployed overseas.

    • Oops says:

      Alvin I thought what you said was funny, I don’t get why they can’t take a joke… We all know Bermudian volunteers get paid! Nobody is asking anybody to go to war.

  10. Terry says:

    If you are really Alvin Williams I suggest that your trolling and bull***** stop.

  11. Ameboa says:

    No More War must have been a dodger … idk, Any military needs to be modernised from time to time even if it is part time. I was in the regiment when it had the 7.62 SLR, then along came the mini ruger which to me seem like a step backwards. The ruger was light, ugly and looked more a toy then anything else. None of the MOD in the UK had issued rugers to any of their units, not even the TA. The Regiment needs to be a full time professional one, Cut the size in half and have the conscripts as reserves to back up the regulars in a time of need. Give the Regiment equal powers as the police. The Regiments moto should be as it has been proven.. “Hurry Up & Wait” I wonder if the Regiment will be full time during Americas Cup since its roll is to back up the police who are also under staffed.

  12. john says:

    just a note
    the SA80 is utter crap
    as for it being better then the rugers… it uses the same round and if far more likely to have stoppages and malfunction

    but i think we will probably need every rifleman we can get for the coming economic collapse and calling in of our debts
    and the rioting that will come along with that

    • Dave says:


      You’re wrong. I’ve used the SLR, M16 and SA80A1 and A2 in the British Army and RAF. The SA80A2 is a robust, reliable and accurate rifle. It’s Heckler & Koch A2 upgrade means stoppages are rare. Early problems with the A1 gave it an unjustified poor reputation. It has the odd idiosyncracy – the safety catch isn’t thumb operated like the SLR or M16/M4, and the cocking handle is on the right hand side, but none of these are issues to the trained soldier. I’d have an SA80 over an M4 any day, and the M4 isn’t a bad rifle.

      I’ve not used Ruger Mini 14′s, but I have no doubt that your boys will see a massive difference with the SA80A2. And they were free! I’m surprised you only got 400 though – we must have thousands of them in store after recent manpower cutbacks to the UK military.

  13. Bermyman says:

    SA 80 is 20 years old

  14. Feral chickens are being taken care of…two fellows do that.I’m happy they aren’t using poison…our house pets are in danger if they did.