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August 15, 2015

“When it comes to Premier Michael Dunkley, the pattern is clear. On the real issues that matter to Bermudians, he has a tendency to disappear, MP Walter Roban said, while the Premier said the statement from Mr. Roban is “political exhaust from a party leadership that really doesn’t want this government to succeed. ”

Shadow National Security Minister Walter Roban said, “The Premier’s comments in response to the OBA’s failed attempt to execute a miscarriage of justice against our Leader are just what we have come to expect from a Premier that is out of touch and taking Bermuda in the wrong direction.

“The same Premier Dunkley that yesterday tried to once again bend the truth and smear Marc Bean, has refused to talk about the serious allegations of corruption within his Cabinet and his Party.

“The same Premier Dunkley that found the time to gone on television to rant about how Bermudian he is, has been strangely silent over the recent shooting at Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club.

“The same Premier Dunkley who found time to lecture us about political language and conduct has never apologized for his profane and nasty remarks directed at Cindy Swan.

“The same Premier Dunkley that says he wants to elevate political discourse stood silent when his OBA colleague MP Susanne Holshouser was berated and brought to tears for voting her conscience instead of with her Party.

“When it comes to Premier Michael Dunkley, the pattern is clear. On the real issues that matter to Bermudians, he has a tendency to disappear.

“His latest pronouncement cannot conceal the fact that he has been AWOL on several key issues and lacks the moral authority to lecture Bermudians on any subject.

“We encourage the Premier to focus his energy in getting Bermudians back to work, diversifying our economy and expanding opportunity instead of twisting the truth and ducking the real issues,” concluded Mr Roban.

In response, Premier Dunkley said, “I can answer each and every prevarication that Mr. Roban lists and knock them for six.

“Instead, I would ask Bermudians to consider this latest PLP attack in the context of the words of a former PLP Leader who outlined a strategy to take out the OBA Government through a “sustained programme of… disinformation and criticism.” That is what’s in play with Mr. Roban’s statement today.

“The reality is just the opposite. My focus as Premier and the focus of my colleagues has always been on getting our people back to work, diversifying our economy and expanding opportunity. That’s what we were elected to do, that’s what we’ve been doing and the benefits are starting to spread. That’s a fact.

“But we know there remains a long way to go. We’ve turned the economy toward positive growth and the push is on to grow that momentum. Monday’s special session of the Legislature is one phase of that push.

“Passing legislation that will set the stage for a new hotel in St. George’s that will help us get Bermudians back to work, strengthening the economy and expanding opportunity.

“Everything else about the statement released by Mr. Roban is political exhaust from a party leadership that really doesn’t want this government to succeed. I nevertheless want to thank him for the opportunity to remind Bermuda what really matters,” added the Premier.

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  1. jadon says:

    May I asked why we still havent heard anything about the 4 OBA ministers with Prepaid phones ? LOL imagine if 4 PLP had prepaid phones… Wouldnt hear the end of it !

    • Toodle-oo says:

      You’re worried about 4 prepaid phones when the PLP went and had credit cards issued to themselves using OUR money ? ?

      Sorry , your priorities are all backwards.

      • Remember says:

        Stop being stupid all the OBA Minister have credit cards also. Don’t let them fool you.

        • Hmmm says:

          Exactly all this PLP disinformation, don’t let the PLP fool you.

      • 800M WANT TO KNOW says:

        Your worried about 4 prepaid phones and in 14 years there were $800 million unaccounted for. Who knows who or where that money went!?

    • Milk is for babies and goes sour fast.

      • A magician and a politician have much in common: they both have to draw our attention away from what they are really doing.

        • Zevon says:

          Sort of like by talking about thecPlatinum Period and promising the Grand Hyatt will be built on November 2011?

        • jt says:

          Somebody’s been Googling. Nice work champ.

    • Zevon says:

      There were no prepaid phones, as they already explained. It was a lie. A big, fat, flat out lie.

  2. navin johnson says:

    becoming more clear that the PLP just wants to rant about anything and everything and express “Grave Concern” it would be great if the OBA just ignores everything the PLP says for their record would indicate that they have nothing whatsoever to offer Bermuda…and still they drone on and on..

  3. Kangoocar says:

    When will this continuos NUASEATING daily nonsense of the plp end??? I would like to thank our Premier Dunkley for replying factually to ” Bud ” and putting him in his place!!! The premier is correct when he points the finger at the former plp premier as the instigator!! Everyday this never ending plp nonsense is only nolding us back, therefore preventing their very own supporters from getting jobs etc….. How sad is the fact that between all the plp opposition members there is not enough brain power amounst them to come up with their own strategy, nope all they do is follow the script DREB himself orders them to follow!!! Anyone that supports the plp= pathetic lying party, deserves all the hunger they feel!!!!!

    • clearasmud says:

      @Kangocool could you please tell me what Craig did to deserve to be removed and what he did to earn the right to be bought back as a cabinet minister. Mr. Dunkley put him back in Cabinet but has never explained his actions to the public. If whatever he did was bad enough to remove him why bring him back? If he did not do anything wrong why remove him? If he was removed wrongly why not say so? It seems everything is “misinformation” when the government does not want to be transparent!

      • JAWS says:

        I drinking the Red Kool-Aid with Premier Dunkley until he brought Craig back in the kitchen. It was unquestionably the most stupid thing he has done. Why did he overlook all the hard working MPs in the Oba? If he thinks the voters are stupid, Mike you better think again. Something was very fishy about that time period and the voters are suppose to act like everything is ok.

        The voters were only stupid during the last 4 years of the PLP. The election proved that with so many people not voting for either party. It will not happen again. Oba wake up before you get voted out just like 1998!!

      • Kangoocar says:

        Gee ” clearasmud ” I think I could answer that a little better right after you explain why the plp made “bud ” resign his ministerial post, only to be reinstated 6 months later with no explanation or apology???

  4. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth !! says:

    Roban you are saying The Premier is silent? What about you? Where you been? EB finally letting you speak? Be silent man, your out of your depth as is the PLP!

  5. Ringmaster says:

    What a brilliant piece by Bud. Many excellent suggestions of helping Bermuda and Bermudians dig out from the financial hole the PLP created. Not.
    Yet more misinformation and disinformation in the smear campaign demanded by Dr Ewart Brown in his BIU Banquet address to force the OBA out. It will be ironic if the PLP get their wish and do become Government because they will not have a clue what to do, will be unable to raise more debt and realize without money they themselves will have to take the steps needed to reduce Government expenditure.

  6. somuchless says:

    Rayban, you and your team are just as bad if not worst than the oba. Stop trying to score political points. Both parties need help.

    I don’t care for either party but Rayban you are tearing it. Stop crying for attention.

    • I Know it says:

      I would be saying worse!
      If the OBA have flaws at least their goal is to stop our economy from turning completely turtle, and maybe they have had some success in that area.
      It was much less challenging for the PLP to take a good economy and wreck it.
      You can bet I will never vote for them again.

  7. Disgusted says:

    Mr Roban along with your other Mouth of The Day cronies, CLEARLY have no intention of any attempt to help get this OUR home out of the very mess your party left us in!!!! Your party gutter style politics is getting stale and is usually a method of defection from the past. I am convinced the plp has a policy of weekly selected mouthpieces to make statements just to try and IRRITATE us who watch BOTH sides. It is like night and day with a desire to drive a wedge between us voters. The not to distant pass may come back to haunt your squeeky clean party. After all i now wish to play golf in the west end and deceive my fellow countrymen. By the way I now don’t waste my time reading the PLP propaganda posts. Mirror mirror on the wall!!

  8. Casual Observer says:

    Is the PLP really trying to correlate a ‘what a waste of f-ing film’ remark, which just happened to be a private conversation caught on mic and referring to a group of 2 men and 1 woman, to their leaders direct alleged comments to two women by labelling them, as loudly as he can, political whores who he would pass around for 10 cents a lick so everybody can have some?

    Man these guys know no depths these days. Keep on reaching and defending wrong. Showing your true colors.

  9. San George says:

    An excellent attack and response on both your parts. Keep it elevated.

    Quo Fata Ferunt

  10. Yahoo says:

    We all wish Bud would disappear.

  11. JD says:

    Speaking of “moral authority” someone remind me why Walter Roban had to resign from Cabinet back in 2011?

    Between this and Wayne Furbert using a quote from Mr Dunkley on the BHC Scandal in a press conference (shuuusssh Wayne! You’re not supposed to remind people of that, and Zane is sitting right next to you!) I think the PLP strategy has changed from a sustained program of disinformation to “let’s set some traps and fall into them”.

  12. rhonda says:

    Waiting for the comment that addresses the article.

    • Terry says:

      Dunkley has not disappeared.
      Got it Rhonda?

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Sure… I’m a little confused by Mr. Robans statement, does he want the premier to talk endlessly, or to actually get on with work. We have seen some figures in the last 2 weeks that are showing that we might be getting back on track again. There has been much spinning by both sides as relates to the employment figures, and as usual the truth is somewhere in the middle, that is that while we may be having a human resource exodus, we also aren’t losing more jobs than people, so there does appear to be signs that there was some growth or at the very least a plateau in the employment. The financial numbers also indicate that most of th jobs lost are in the lower wage jobs, causing an increase in the income median, by as there is also an increase in the payroll revenues, this means there is an increase in the mid to higher wage jobs, which will in turn knock on to an increase in lower wage jobs to met the eventual return on demand in those jobs. The PLP latest attempt to spin our Finance Minister’s analogy on where our monies come from only highlights a very dangerous, if not ignorant view of his counter parts full acknowledgement of how our economy, and in extension, every free market economy works. We need foreign investment, Mr. Burt’s labelling of Minister Richard’s approach as unfriendly to Bermudians only highlights his own ignorance to why the PLP failed Bermuda and Bermudians, by not addressing our need to maintain competitiveness in a global competition. The PLP instituted policies that more and more were just take, take, take, rather than giving something in return. What investor is going to spend their money somewhere if there isn’t anything in it for them. If we want to increase our opportunities, then we must be prepared to offer something for them, the only way we are going to get more jobs for Bermudians, will be to entice more foreign investors to Bermuda. It is up to us as individuals to ensure we are up to the quality needed for their jobs, not for government to legislate that they give us jobs.

  13. rhonda says:

    Just as in a person suffering from anorexia, If keep telling you, that you are well nourished, soon your lying eyes will see a healthy body. The oba keeps telling us things are better, while they get progressively worse.

  14. Jeremy Deacon says:

    I’m not going to concentrate on the subject matter, just the strategy.
    It is clear that the PLP rallies behind its leader (who has been shredded in social media) by deflecting attention. (In the case of the Cup Match incident it is done in a way that is naïve to those that know how things work, ie it is the police’s job and the police have issued statements saying they are doing everything they can.)
    It was a clever strategy once, but it is obvious – and extremely tedious and divisive (which is what they want – divide and conquer) now.
    Please find another strategy………

  15. Coffee says:

    In response, Premier Dunkley said, “I can answer each and every prevarication that Mr. Roban lists and knock them for six.

    Even if the boundary was moved closer to the wicked Dunkley couldn’t make one six , as a matter of fact I swear Dunkeley can’t see the ball , he clearly lacks the vision .

    Mr. Dunkeley is a UBP leader in denial . The pattern is clear , the UBP is spiraling out of control and for most political pundits , it is evident that we are back to the future of a 1996 David Saul government . We await for the other shoe to fall .

    • Zevon says:

      Do you miss-spell it on purpose, or are you just illiterate?

    • jt says:

      The response was perfect given the content of Roban’s statement. Hopefully the same response will be used in future whenever it is suitable.

  16. A Dingo says:

    So tired of this PLP Boywhocriedwolfism(TM)……..

  17. Triangle Drifter says:

    Roban & his gang must sit around a table every week to see what they can dredge up to make a noise about in an effort to somehow be relevant. The same stuff comes up week after week. Lots of implications. No facts. But it sure sounds good to the easily fooled.

    Fortunately some of the electoraste is getting wiser as each dose of cranial flatulence comes out of Alaska Hall.

  18. jt says:

    Bottle this for future use.

  19. Varied says:

    Clearly the Cup Match ‘unity’ has completely worn off. Ho hum.

  20. Christopher Notorius says:

    And things would be so much better under the pathetic loser party. Gimme a break. Robyn you are an a**

  21. Alvin Williams says:

    Clearly the premier(Custer) is not silent; he is on the path where it is consider it is best to be on in order to do the least damage to his political party and government. So he will speak but only on selective basic and certainly not on the question of corruption within his government; a far cry from the stance he took on the same thing when he was the opposition leader and the Than PLP government was under scrutiny.

    • Anon Ymous says:

      ……or, he could follow the MO of the PLP’s last four years of tenure and not give any information on anything – if we’re talking about silence on political issues, Mr. Ronan would do well to recall how quiet it was back then, generally!

    • jt says:

      Alvin, you said you wanted to move to the Seychelles. What’s holding you up?

  22. We the People (1st!!) says:

    I have to admit, it does appear that this OBA government is trying to hide behind the court system/lawyers anytime a member of the opposition does something they don’t like. The lawsuits and the court cases, I don’t know if it’s a tactic to silence or scare the opposition.

    If you are honest, you would admit that the entire Toni Daniels – Marc Bean court case was a complete waste of time and money. But the government, who occasionally reminds us we don’t have money, wastes money on a court case that was not winnable. There wasn’t even the slightest chance that case was winnable.

    This comment in the article stands out for me.

    “The same Premier Dunkley who found time to lecture us about political language and conduct has never apologized for his profane and nasty remarks directed at Cindy Swan.” I guess Cindy Swan could have taken Premier Dunkley to court because his remarks were offensive.

    I clearly remember that incident, because it was caught on Mic. It was vile the way he spoke about a private citizen who did nothing towards him. Also, if it is true that he hasn’t apologised for his profane and nasty remarks directed at Mrs. Swan, it shows us or at least me the true character of the man. Lectures the PLP and he did the same thing or even worse.

    With all due respect Mr. Dunkley, it is time to take off your mask!

    • Terry says:

      Ask Ewart Brown.
      We had to deceive you.
      From his mouth.

    • Kangoocar says:

      @we the people and just a matter of time!!! Nice try but bigger fail, you two knuckleheads are directly connected to Alaska hall and I will go even further to say you are both plp members of Parliament!!! You guys are absolutely pathetic??? you have nothing in your war chest left, so now you are resorting to this nonsense?? For the sake of BDA put your greed to the side and just stay the heck out of the way of the progress that is being made by the OBA to put your supporters back to work, you know?? The same plp supporters you imbeciles put out of work!!!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      There are actually difference between the Swan and Daniels incidents, first, when the Premier remarked about Swan, he did not call her anything, he used an expletive in a private conversation in reference to an action, not the person… that is that they were ‘wasting their f!#*ing time’. In the Daniels incident, the comments were allegedly made loudly enough for public hearing, at an attended public venue (a polling station during active voting) and were being made directly about the person/persons in a manner that was intended to publicly insult them in a deliberate derogatory fashion. Mr. Roban’s statement is nothing more than an attempt to deflect from the fact that his own leader has no respect or acceptance of anybody that does not follow his own line, especially women.

  23. Just a matter of time says:

    The Premier lets off profane expletives on a hot mic in the House insulting another person and somehow this is ok and gets a pass. Oh the hypocrisy of this man is amazing. Each party has its own way and rhetoric for wanting to take back the Govt. Why is the OBA getting so twisted from some old BIU speech Dr. Brown said which in essence talks about unifying. Isn’t that what the OBA did in 2012? Get people to unify for their cause in taking back the Govt?? What’s so damn different?

    All I know is that history will show how the OBA did it with its deceptive and shameful racist black surrogate plan undermining the intellect of its own people. An ugly truth that was revealed for all to read from the Jetgate affair and as incredible as it seems this partly won them the election. The other major part was PLPers staying home and not voting. I know many disenchanted people who voted for the OBA only to realize they were the UBP in sheep’s clothing. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. The hypocrisy and denials of the OBA fan club gets more astounding as time progresses.

    • Terry says:

      Dr. Brown said we had to deceive you.
      What part of that don’t you get.
      |Milkman said and says were tying to get things going after deception.
      You get it yet?

      You get it.
      More deception.

    • N WINNERS says:

      proof in the pudding Mr Matter of time RACE RAVCE RACE. your esteemed Mr Brown never wanted unification rather more division.check the colour of my skin green a Bermudian yes sick of the plp bull**** YES. Lies deceit and a F****d up island with no money and MASSIVE overspends on projects to friends family. Quit your bitch on race and TRY to work TOGETHER

  24. bluebird says:

    I see Mr Roban is continuing
    Keep some of the population undereducated by the exspensive public school system so they can follow you as you give them a few crumbs from your rich table when you are in power.
    Do we really need another 2Billion dollar additional DEBT on top of what we already cannot pay off.
    Where is this un-employment when we have 11300 work permits issued.
    The Goverment 50Million dollars given to those who do not want to work as the can hussel on the side as well.
    Have not heard ANYTHING from the PLP/BIU about how they would increase our ecconomy that they put in a tail spin.

  25. bermy bud says:

    GDP went up 2% carry on oba! First time in 6 years!