Cash Back: $90,000 Presented To Five Charities

September 15, 2015

[Updated with video] This afternoon [Sept 15], Premier Michael Dunkley and Community, Culture and Sports Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin presented $90,000 to five charitable organisations focused on Bermuda’s youth, as part of the Ministry of National Security’s Cash Back for Communities initiative.

The Cash Back for Communities programme is possible through the Confiscated Assets or proceeds of crime initiative, where seized funds are given back to worthy organisations who are doing good work in the community.

 Claire Mello Executive Director of Youth Net, Garon Wilkinson of Bermuda Shansou Association, Tahkeesha Welch of Bermuda Netball Association and Nigel Burgess of Hamilton Parish Football Club:

150915 - Premier's Cash Back for Communities collage

Today’s recipients were:

  • Bermuda Shansou Association – $15,000
  • Bermuda Netball Association – $15,000
  • Beyond Rugby – $20,000
  • Hamilton Parish Football Club – $20,000
  • Youth Net – $20,000

Speaking today, the Premier said: “One of Bermuda’s great strengths lies in the many community-based organizations that grace our shores – organizations that have grown out of people’s desire to help and support one another.

“I’m speaking of the many community clubs, sporting associations, mentoring groups and charities that exist to care for the needy, to guide and inspire the young and to help people bond and grow together.

“They are part of the fabric of Bermudian life, part of our history and they are vital to our future. Economic conditions in recent years have pressured many of these organizations and the Government has looked for ways to ease the burden.

150915 - Premier's Cash Back for Communities Bermuda September 2015

“In 2013, we promised to put the proceeds of crime back into the community to assist in the fight against violence and anti-social behavior. We subsequently passed the Proceeds of Crime legislation, making it possible to direct confiscated criminal assets back into the community.

“This led to the launch in 2014 of our Cash Back for Communities programme, in which we we directed much-needed funding support to five helping organizations.

“Today, I am pleased to announce the latest in our Cash Back for Communities’ initiative with the presentation of $90,000 to five organizations whose work with Bermuda’s young people continues to have a positive impact on our society.

“On behalf of the Government and people of Bermuda, I want to thank each recipient for their work with our young people. Their successes speak for themselves and I am very pleased the Government is able to help them continue their good work,” concluded Premier Dunkley.

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  1. 90k says:

    All we have is $90,000 to donate from the proceeds of crime? Each one of those charities should have got $90,000

  2. Maddog says:

    Michael Dunkely… This smells of politics.. 20:000 to Hamilton parish for football…what about the rest of the football clubs…OBA YOU should be a shame oF YOUR SELVES….WATCH OUT MOTOWN DUNKELY WANTS THAT SEAT!!!!

  3. sage says:

    Crime pays.

  4. All Show says:

    So the OBA cuts the budget of these type of organisations by over a million then has a photo of for giving out $90,000 Puh-leeze.

    Dunkley, how about you talk about the armed robberies plaguing the island, or the incidents on the buses. Nothing to say there but show up to give 10% after you took 90%.

    Bermuda – Wake up!

  5. All Show says:


    “We subsequently passed the Proceeds of Crime legislation, making it possible to direct confiscated criminal assets back into the community.”

    Proceeds of Crime was passed by the PLP Dunkley. Nice try though.

    • Trulytruly says:

      Except the OBA passed legislation to actually earmark the proceeds of crime money collected and donate it to worthy youth organisation.