Digicel Expects Full Service Restoration Today

October 5, 2015

[Updated] Digicel Bermuda reports that most of their network remained online throughout Hurricane Joaquin and the company expects full restoration of services today.

Following a full network assessment early this morning, Digicel confirmed that all parts of the island should now be benefiting from stable cellular coverage with the exception of a limited area roughly between Port Royal to Barnes Corner, where issues may persist.

A spokesperson said, “Digicel engineers were out early Monday morning assessing damage and making immediate restoration, with Dockyard and Somerset brought back online within a few hours. They continue to work to restore the few remaining issues and expect to achieve 100% network operations today.

“For fixed line business and home internet customers, Digicel currently sees no issues across their networks that will cause services to fail.

“However, the company recognizes that some customers will still face problems due to power outages and where local loop providers have not fully recovered their Digicel reminds that anyone affected by home internet can use a smartphone to create a local “data hotspot” to connect other devices such as laptops and tablets to if needed.

“For help with this or anything other mobile or internet queries, Digicel customers are advised to call 500-5000.”

Robin Seale, CEO of Digicel Bermuda commented, “While Joaquin was never expected to hit Bermuda as hard as prior hurricanes we have endured on the island, we recognize the importance of communications to all residents, businesses and especially the emergency services.

“Therefore, I am very pleased our disaster planning, recovery and dedicated staff have all combined to minimize any disruption.”

The best place to view all Hurricane Joaquin updates is our live blog here, and you can view all our hurricane coverage here.

Update 7.02pm: Digicel Bermuda has reported that 100% of its 4G network was restored as of 4.47pm.

A spokesperson said, “Monday October 5th 2015 – Hamilton, Bermuda: Digicel Bermuda reports that 100% of their 4G network was restored as of 4:47 PM following hurricane Joaquin. From that time on Digicel customers would have benefited from the same voice and data services as before the storm.

“Digicel engineers worked from early hours Monday morning, alongside their colleagues at BTC and supported by Belco personnel, to ensure such a rapid recovery. This means that Digicel networks, that proved resilient throughout the category 2 hurricane, were back to 100% service levels less than 24 hours after it hit the island.”

Robin Seale, CEO of Digicel Bermuda & BTC commented, “I could not be more grateful to nor proud of the teams for getting services back to the levels our customers count on at extraordinary speed.

“We thank all of our customers for bearing with us while this was achieved and appreciate the feedback received from many who recognized our efforts to keep Bermuda online.”

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  1. Thank you says:

    Thank you Digicel. My phone never went out. Very pleased!!