Video: 36 Years Since Bermuda Won Miss World

November 15, 2015

36 years ago today [Nov 15] Miss Bermuda Gina Swainson won the Miss World contest, becoming the first Bermudian to win a major beauty pageant.

gina swainson beauty

Also notable as one of the few pageant contestants from around the world to place extremely well in both world pageants, Ms Swainson also placed 2nd in the Miss Universe 1979 Pageant held in Australia.

The Miss Bermuda competition took a hiatus for some years, however made a come back in recent years under the direction of Milika Seymour, and the reigning Miss Bermuda Alyssa Rose is set to represent Bermuda at the 2015 Miss World Pageant, which will be held next month in China.

Women Who Love Wine

Posted by SOML on Saturday, October 10, 2015

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  1. Oh,I see now says:

    Up to this day AWESOME achievement simply awesome.

    • OnionJuice says:

      Memories, I always wondered why Government NEVER capitalized on GREAT achievements made Bermudians in the past!!!!!!!!!!!
      It seems like when we do outstanding things overseas we get a big write up ,a good welcome at the airport(sometimes) and a motorcade and then there is no follow up or success plan.
      Was there an etiquette or beauty schools set up for young girls for future beauty queens, or was there any gyms in place after Clarence Hill and Troy Darrell where on top of their game?

      • hmmm says:

        That is not the role of Government.
        Opportunities are there for entreprenuers if opportunities truly exist!!!!

        • Onion juice says:

          Bull S!@# !!!!!!!!!!
          Black Bermudians get no respect on this rock.

          • hmmm says:

            What are you on about… You see a need or opportunity , then go for it.

            Why don’t you go start a boxing gym or beauty school?????

            Are you saying that you think someone should do all this for you?

            • hmmm says:

              Bernews wasn’t done by Government, it was done by someone who saw the opportunity, put in the hard graft and made it work.

  2. justice for all says:

    Wow !!!!! Wow !!!! Wow !’!!! I remember this like it was yesterday, well done indeed !

    • impressive. says:

      I do aswell, lol.. I remember being along front street as a little boy watching Miss World sit in the back of a convertible waving to all of us,, ;-)

  3. The Power of Words says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Women, who represented Bermuda well!

    Subsequently I pray she has enjoyed, and continues to enjoy an accomplished life.

  4. Taffy says:

    Go Ms.Rose,Your turn next!

  5. Jean Foggo Simon says:

    So pleased to see Gina remembered after all these years. It was
    a grand accomplishment. Thanks Many may not know this
    but Gina was a St. David’s Island descendant. So proud of her then,
    and still proud.

  6. Fedup Nana says:

    Wow how time has passed. I remember that day well, and yes it was a great day