Gateway Becomes Reseller For Pure Storage

November 16, 2015

Gateway Systems Limited have just become the reseller for Pure Storage in Bermuda, a company described as “the market’s leading independent solid-state array vendor.”

A spokesperson said, “Together, these innovations deliver storage that is dramatically simpler and more efficient, and eliminate the forklift upgrade and data migration burden from storage ownership. Now, storage can contribute meaningfully to transforming customers’ business and IT infrastructure for higher growth and profitability.

“Pure Storage’s new Evergreen Storage model eliminates the three- to five-year rip-and-replace storage lifecycle that has impaired IT efficiency for decades. With this new model, customers deploy storage once and upgrade it in-place for generations.

“Evergreen Storage is delivered by combining FlashArray’s modular, stateless and software-defined architecture with Forever Flash, the company’s standard maintenance program. Forever Flash delivers predictable ongoing “flat and fair” pricing, and includes software updates as well as periodic hardware upgrades, keeping the FlashArray modern over time.

“Pure Storage is also announcing Upgrade Flex Bundles, which enable customers who are expanding their capacity to upgrade their FlashArray controller hardware, if desired, and receive trade-in value for their existing controller investment.

“Evergreen Storage enables enterprises to invest in a storage infrastructure that helps their business be faster, smarter and more innovative – both today and tomorrow.”

Eric Buckingham, Senior Account Manager at Gateway, said, “This innovative technology has arrived in Bermuda, and can save cost in terms of electrical consumption, cost associated with cooling and of course physical rack space and footprint.

“The savings can be realized over a relatively short period of time and we at Gateway are committed to offering solutions that let our customers benefit by doing more with less.”

For more information, email or call 292-0341.

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