PLP To Host Fish Fry Friday & Open Mic Night

November 9, 2015

The PLP will be hosting ‘Fish Fry Friday’ this Friday [Nov 13] at PLP HQ on Court Street, and will also host an ’Open Mic Night’ on Thursday [Nov 12] at LITT on Reid Street.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party will be hosting ‘Fish Fry Friday,’ this Friday, November 13th at PLP HQ on Court Street. Starting at 4pm, the menu is set to include fish, chicken, peas and rice, macaroni & cheese, coleslaw, ginger bread and more.

“Dinners are $15 per plate, and will be served from 4pm until the food is done!

PLP Fish Fry Friday 09 Nov

“The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party will host an ‘Open Mic Night’ on Thursday November 12th at LITT [Lost In The Triangle], the former Captain’s Lounge on Reid Street.

“Starting at 5:30 pm, the PLP’s Open Mic Night is an opportunity for the public to ask questions, provide feedback and share ideas with the PLP MPs and Senators in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

“Complimentary beverages and hors d’oeuvres will be served and this free event is open to all. We look forward to seeing you there!

PLP Open Mic Night 09 Nov

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  1. kangoocar says:

    Good grief!!! How many of these events are the plp going to try until they finally realize that anyone that is still stupid enough to join their party already has??? May I suggest their time would be better spent, firstly, apologizing for their incompetence and the fiscal damage it caused, then secondly, doing something helpful to rectify it????

    • inna says:

      The choice of venue says volumes. How many people can they fit up Captains?? 100, max? Im sure people will be there. But most will not be there to ask questions, provide feedback and share ideas!!

    • Varied says:

      Meh, it’s a fundraiser. Everybody does them. Just happens that one political party appears to advertise them a whole lot more than the other.

    • the truth will set you free says:

      And anyone who is stupid enough to support the UBP (now known as the OBA) are easily mislead/deceived. Or like Malcolm X stated:they were bamboozled. And no I do not support any political party, because some of you are so ignorant that you believe that anyone that does not support the UBP (now known as the OBA) must support the PLP. I know how to think for myself and I refuse to be fooled by wolves in wolves clothing. The way to know any political party agenda, whether here or abroad is by their policies they implement.

  2. says:

    im sure it wont be local fish

  3. What’s that old saying, “Show me your company and I’ll tell you who you are”? The “crew” that frequent a place like that aren’t “leaders” more like “followers” :-(

  4. Ed Case says:

    PLP open mic song suggestions:

    Nobody loves you when you’re down and out.
    You’re so vain.
    And now the end is near.
    Funeral for a friend.
    I’m so lonesome I could cry.
    The last farewell.
    How can you mend a broken heart.
    My heart will go on, the titanic song.
    Don’t it make ‘Dr Brown’ eyes blue.
    Don’t they know it’s the end of the world?
    It’s all about da race, bout da race.


  5. Cup Of Tea Anyone? says:

    Will they be serving tea?
    ooooo and crumpets too?