Chef Campbell’s Free Holiday Dinners Tomorrow

December 22, 2015

Chef Michiko Campbell – creator of Chiko’s Smokey Rub — is working hard this week to prepare for his Christmas charity event, which will aim to feed hundreds of people tomorrow [Dec 23].

Chef Campbell plans to supply enough food to feed about 600 people, with all dishes being prepared at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, where he is employed. The food will be served at Albuoy’s Point from 5.30pm through 10.30pm.

Chef Campbell Bermuda Dec 22 2015

To donate items toward the event, contact Chef Campbell at 704-4566 or email

In 2014, Chef Campbell held a similar event on Christmas Eve, feeding 432 people in the process.

“Last year was a real success an I hope for the same this year,” he said.

Slideshow of Chef Michiko Campbell’s 2014 Christmas dinner:


Chef Campbell is the owner and creator of the popular “Chiko’s Smokey Rub”, which has sold thousands of bottles since June 2014.

The young entrepreneur studied at Johnson and Wales University to become a professional chef, and while at University, he took a mixology class, beginning the path to the release of his Bermudian produced culinary product.


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  1. San George says:

    Thank you Chef Campbell. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

    • Really Really BETTTY says:

      Outstanding outstanding may God continue to bless you chef Campbell. There are few persons like you. Its overwhelming the lot you give each Xmas to so many. Giving back is the greatest thing a person can do…best of the New Year

  2. BERMYGALLA says:


  3. Starting Point says:

    Chef Campbell = Real Bermudian!

    Well done and to all those who donated and the Yacht club for providing so much to the community.

  4. This BERMUDIAN truly warms the human heart. A REAL GIVER to humanity!! God will definitely bless you for your generosity and HUMBLENESS!!

  5. Betty Boop says:

    That is soooo nice, you are Blessed sir

  6. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Anybody can come like?

  7. JCS says:

    What a nice young man!

  8. Walk in their shoes says:

    Keep up the good work Chef!