Forbes Features Swimmer Roy Allan Burch

December 14, 2015

Forbes has featured Bermudian swimmer Roy-Allan Burch in an article highlighting the “Time Management Secrets Of 13 Olympic Athletes.”

Kevin Kruse writes, “How do Olympic athletes maintain their focus, discipline and energy? How do the unsponsored athletes juggle their rigorous training with their “day job” and family obligations? What are the time management and productivity secrets of Olympians?

Burch being featured on the cover of FINIS 2015 Product Catalog


“I recently had the chance to interview 13 Olympic athletes from around the world while researching my new book, 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management. The athletes varied in gender, sport and nationality and their advice varied, but there were also clear themes that emerged.

“Similar to the other ultra-productive people I interviewed, Olympic athletes stressed the importance of scheduling everything on the calendar and having clear priorities.”

In describing his time management, Burch, who represented Bermuda in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games, said: “Each day is dedicated toward a vigorous amount of training and when not training, it’s important to maximize recovery for the next workout.

“Having a detailed schedule to follow makes maximizing each day easier. Rather than thinking about what needs to happen in an allotted time, one can just execute the training or recovery that needs to take place.”

Other athletes featured in the article include American gymnast Shannon Miller, American rower Sara Hendershot, Australian swimmer Julie McDonald and Canadian speed skier Vince Poscente.

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