Motorcyclist Injured After Colliding With Pole

December 29, 2015

Emergency services responded to a collision at approximately 6.30pm tonight [Dec 29] on Middle Road in Southampton where a man riding a motorcycle collided with a pole. The injured man was transported to King Edward Memorial Hospital for treatment.

A Police spokesperson said, “Around 6:30pm this evening [29-Dec-2015] police and first responders attend a report of a single vehicle collision on Middle Road near the junction with Church Road Southampton.

“Details are limited at this time, however it was reported that a man travelling on a motorcycle collided with a crossing pole, causing the pole to fall over. The man was conveyed to King Edward Memorial Hospital where he is currently being treated for his injuries.”

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  1. some beach says:

    Speedy recovery…last time I hit something…I had to build it back again…hurt too…ever lift stone with four broken ribs?

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    I do hope that in 2016 BELCO will do something about its wayward poles. The problem has been going on for years. The poles continue to roam the roadways causing motorists to collide with them.

    When was the last time the BPS reported a motorist “crashing” into a stationary pole?

  3. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    did the crossing pole look both ways before crossing?