VAonline.TV Set To Merge With Bermemes

January 12, 2016

Two well-known local online brands are about to become one, with VAonline and Bermemes set to merge and combine forces.

“Vybez Alliance, started out as a pair of DJs in 2003,” said Qian Dickinson, a founding member. “We did parties about 5-6 nights a week across the Island. Music allowed us to have fun and bring people together. The name Vybez Alliance was chosen for that reason.

“By 2007, we had a huge following and were working closely with a lot of the island’s top artists, DJs and producers. So we decided to launch an online radio show and website that year – VAonline.TV [Vybez Alliance TV], as a platform to allow greater collaboration and exposure. We’ve been growing our network, covering music and entertainment around the Island ever since.”

Dejon Simmons on left, Qian Dickinson on right

VATV Bermemes Merging Bermuda Jan 11 2016

“Bermemes was founded on the same premise and has become known for its light-hearted, humorous take on life in Bermuda utilizing the Bermudian language in an innovative way as their bridge,” said Dejon Simmons of Bermemes.

“First appearing in the summer of 2012, Bermemes, a multi-media platform, brought a social shift to the island that not only highlighted Bermudian culture through the eyes of Bermudians but also focused on the use of social media.

“This shift allowed the group to build a grass root community that engages in conversation, and builds awareness of everyday issues that affect Bermudian life. Although, the brand I mainly known for humour, the group aims to bring people together.”

Mr Dickinson adds, “Bermudian dialect is unique. If you live here you hear it every day – and not just between Bermudians. We get excited when we travel and get asked, “What is that accent?”

“To that point, I’ve been a fan of Bermemes for a long time. It’s the only brand online that allows you to experience that voice. They’ve taken a non-traditional, creative approach and made it a point to use clever Vurds [words] to write blogs and visualise memes.”

Mr  Simmons says, “Our first project was the recent launch of the new Bermemes website, including the Vurds feature; a collective reference of the Bermudian language and phrases. It’s an ongoing project that we feel has huge potential. So far the feedback has been incredible.

“At this point, we realise that the complementary nature of both brands presents a real opportunity for synergies resulting in increased coverage, creativity and innovations.”

“We’re excited to come together to focus on Bermemes, combining our web and social portfolios to engage with our fans with more of what they love. We would like to thank our fans who share, connect and have a laugh wiff we lot erryday. It means a lot bah!”

Under the terms of the agreement, VAonline.TV will be taken offline on January 31st and its historical media and social assets will be re-purposed by Bermemes.

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  1. jeremy deacon says:

    Good luck guys!

  2. top mon says:

    something serious brah

  3. Good Word says:

    lovely to see young Bermudian’s putting their heads together and promoting the island in a funny and unique way. Looking forward to seeing more from you both! Best of luck!

  4. I heart 441 says:

    Vell done you bies!!