Live Replay: Men Raised in Single Parent Homes

March 10, 2016

[Updated] Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated Epsilon Theta Lambda Chapter [Bermuda Alumni] is hosting their annual symposium this evening, with the theme of “Truth And Reality of Men Raised in Single Parent Homes.”

A spokesperson said, “This year we will focus on men who were raised in single parent households with “Truth And Reality of Men Raised in Single Parent Homes.’

“We will explore the challenges, the highs and lows, and identify ways in which we as a society can better assist young men who are being raised in a single parent home.

“The ultimate goal of this year’s symposium is to encourage positive and meaningful dialogue around supporting single parents as well as the children raised in a single parent home. We would also like to showcase community leaders who are shining examples of positive men who were raised in a single parent home.

Those on the panel, all raised in a single parent home, include Dr Lou Matthews – Education leader, community organizer/activist; Dr. Timothy Jackson – Educator, middle school principal; Anthony Wade – Educator, middle school deputy principal, photographer, Ph.D. candidate; Jevon Williams – Lawyer, community activist; and Lloyd Holder – IT professional, community activist, local sports personality. Also on the panel is Joseph Best Jr, risk management specialist, community activist, and single father of two.

“Also this year speaking at the Symposium for 15 minutes before the start of the program is guest panelist Author, Community Activist, Hip-Hop Journalist Kevin Powell. Brown & Co. is a proud sponsor of this event and they will be on hand to sell Kevin’s latest book and he will be on hand to sign copies.”

Update: The live stream has ended and the replay is below

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  1. Single Mom says:

    I am a single mother who has raised her children (boy and girl)on my own. My son is kind, well-mannered, joyful, hard working teenager who donates his time to charity. I struggle to make ends meet same as others but I have sacrificed my time and all of my recourses to them. Single homes cannot be blamed for the young men of today acting up or not getting an education. There are those that have both parents and they still have issues. Some single parents are more concerned with partying, buying things for themselves and not focusing on their children’s needs – materially, physically or mentally. Parent(s) should be devoting their time and energy on their children. That is why we were blessed to have them in the first place. It is about giving and doing for them first before thinking of ourselves. We have time to do that when they are grown. My children are everything to me. I am extremely proud of them and know that they will be a great mom or dad to their own children as they retained the good values that I taught them.