One Hour Video: Speeches At Monday’s Protest

March 15, 2016

Yesterday’s gathering at the House of Assembly saw people surround the building with their arms interlocked, blocking MPs access to the building and resulting in the session of the House being cancelled, with people remaining on the grounds until around 7.00pm.

While the crowds remained on the House grounds, various people addressed the crowd, and the one hour long video below shows some of those speeches, including ones from Chris Furbert,  Rev Nicholas Tweed, Dr Eva Hodgson, Jason Hayward and many more.

The withdrawal of labour — which began last Friday — continues again today, with public transportation services suspended for the third day, while garbage collection has also been suspended for Friday, Monday and today.

Last night Premier Michael Dunkley said that a Government delegation met with representatives of the protesters to discuss the Pathways Bill, however a resolution was not been reached, with the Premier adding that “we believe we put reasonable proposals on the table to break the impasse but our opposites could not get support from their respective stakeholders.”

Opposition Leader Marc Bean also addressed the situation this morning, saying: “With protests and labour withdrawals scheduled to continue, the OBA must withdraw the bill and join with Bermudians in bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform.”

It is understood that both sides continue to engage in talks, with hopes of reaching a resolution, and you can view our live updates on the matter here.

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