City Hall Closing To Public At 4.00pm Today

May 18, 2016

The City of Hamilton said that “at the suggestion of the Bermuda Police Service” and “due to unforeseen circumstances,” City Hall will be “closing at 4pm today for access by the general public.”

The City also noted they have a “policy that does not allow for events of a political nature to be held at City Hall” and said they “regret the fact that one of its tenants was unaware of this policy.”

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The statement from the City comes on the heels of a planned protest and presentation on the airport development, with both the protest and presentation set to be held at City Hall.

Minister of Finance Bob Richards is scheduled to be hosting a meeting at 5.30pm today at the Bermuda National Gallery at City Hall for OBA Members to hear “his presentation of the new terminal at the LF Wade International Airport.”

In addition, the MOVE group has been calling for concerned residents to protest outside City Hall in advance of the meeting, saying “we want to appear vigilant that we oppose the redevelopment in numbers.”

The statement from the City said, “At the suggestion of the Bermuda Police Service, the City of Hamilton is advising the public that due to unforeseen circumstances, City Hall will be closing at 4pm today for access by the general public.

“Access will be granted for attendees of a private event as well as for those rehearsing in the Earl Cameron Theatre.

“The City of Hamilton has a policy that does not allow for events of a political nature to be held at City Hall or on/in any other City-owned property.

“The City regrets the fact that one of its tenants was unaware of this policy. We have taken steps to ensure that they are fully informed.

“City Hall continues to adhere to said policy and looks forward to receiving its tenants’ support moving forward.”

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  1. swing voter says:


    • This is a bunch of bs in the highest degree and i am darn sure the heads of the city call was well aware of this meeting as it has been broadcast all over the airwaves and electronic media, asking protesters to stand for what they believe and fight against the minister and his proposal, so to call this a oopsie is ludicrous.

      This damn government knows exactly what it is doing and knows that this policy at the city hall has been in place for years. so flexing their political wanna be power, is just more nails in their coffin, I said it before and I will say it again, Mikey and his crew want to keep pushing their so called weight around, keep pushing and hope you can deal with the results at the poll’s.

      • Sincerious says:

        That is part of the problem you purport to know something and make statements but you know nothing .
        Everyone on this thread that rents a property would raise hell and beyond if their landlord tried to dictate who could be entertained at the place you lease. So let’s put the inflated ego away and stick to what you know.
        The two tenants of cityhall are not expected to ask permission every time they rent out for funding . City hall,the grounds,the foyer and the theatre are under full control of the CoH so if it was one of those they would be breaching their own policy. And you would have justification.

        I can tell for a fact that those that made the decision today did not know about the event until an email was received directing people to protest.

        And a note for future reference cityhall is not public property and the government does not direct their use. All city property is not public land ( checkout the public lands act)

  2. San George says:

    Put the Airport on the referendum – both issues are associated with getting …….!


    Wait, what???

  4. Vote for Me says:

    City Hall – Is it possible to clarify if the recommended closure relates to the proposed OBA meeting and planned protest?

  5. Curious says:

    One more lesson on how power, privilege and poor communications advice consistently works against you.

    With all the knowledge on island about how to hold public meetings and engage our community effectively on important economic, social and environmental issues, this recent OBA strategy of holding an exclusive political event in what is considered a public place- City Hall – is another very public misstep.

    • inna says:

      The last time the OBA tried to “engage” the public, i believe they were shouted down.

      Seems like a case of wanting your cake and to eat it!

      • Curious says:

        When is quitting considered political leadership? Change your meeting process and you will shift your undesired outcome.

        • LiarLiar says:

          It wasn’t the ‘meeting process’ that was the problem the last two times they were was shut down.

          It was intolerant human beings stuck so hard in their ways that they refuse to listen to any other points of view.

          The ‘meeting process’ was fine both times. It was a handful of intolerant attendees that were and are the problem.

          Just because you have a view on a certain subject doesn’t give you the right to prevent others from hearing another perspective.

      • TO INNA: Your thoughts are ALL WRONG!!!!

  6. Terry says:

    Don’t always agree with you ‘Curious’ but you are correct here.
    The tail wagging the dog.

    OBA- Your screwing up bad lately.

    Forget transparency. Do some freeking research before landing things at City Hall.
    The pond is dry………………………………….

  7. I heart 441 says:

    They said this…….”The City of Hamilton has a policy that does not allow for events of a political nature to be held at City Hall or on/in any other City-owned property.”…….Umm isn’t OBA a political group

    Also they said this…“Access will be granted for attendees of a private event”…OBA members only? Ijs

    • LiarLiar says:

      They said the tenants (i.e. BNG) sanctioned this event without checking to see the policy regarding these matters.

      Now BNG is aware of the restrictions going forward this venue won’t be permitted for such events going forward.

      I for one would like to see all publically funded venues to be devoid of all partisan events (i.e. schools). I don’t pay taxes to maintain these buildings for them to be used by political organizations.

      • Toleratate says:

        Agree with you on this especially the use of schools… but venue is a SMALL part of this….. they could of had the meeting at a members house and the same BS would happen.

  8. mmm says:

    Bermuda is divided on several major issues, and great care needs to be take n to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to know all the facts, and tha t the best decisions are made in the interest of the community. We are look ing at the airport situation, a hotel to be built at the former Club Med si te, the granting of Bermuda status, closing a few schools, unemployment at 5000, debate and resolution on same sex unions, an upsurge in armed robberi es, less and less revenue coming in to the government to meet the needs of the public i.e. public servants payroll, education supplies, pensions, maintenance costs of buses and ferries and all government buildings. Did all these suddenly appear? No. But there appears to have been very very, little over-sight of the public purse in our good years. Now, mind you, we have no control, over other economies, and they have impacted us to a degree. i.e fewer tourists who live in the USA and Canada can come to Bda due to a poor economy in their own countri es. Bermuda must also service its debt to other countries. We should not sell our Airport, there has to be another way forward to protect one of our major revenue streams. Why would government say, this particular group will not have to pay payroll tax, huh. I could see giving some tax concessions to Bermuda owned businesses.

  9. Baygrapes says:

    I am an OBA supporter. I also say.. it’s time to come clean on this deal. We, as citizen and residents,have a right to know. You can actually reveal some of the details without jeopardizing the negotiations. On behalf of my grandchildren, thank you and please come clean.

  10. UmJustSayiing says:

    Just imagine if those responsible, measured twice, before making as……………….s of themselves. We might just get better results.