Visitor Sustains ‘Serious Injuries’ In Collision

May 30, 2016

[Updated] Police are encouraging drivers to avoid areas of Middle Road in Southampton following a collision this afternoon [May 30].

A police spokesperson said, “Due to a serious road traffic collision, which occurred around 4.20pm on Middle Road Southampton near Five Star Island, traffic is being diverted at Middle Road / Lighthouse Road and Middle Road / Church Road, Southampton.

“Traffic delays are to be expected and motorist should be encouraged to travel along the South Road in this area.”

Update 5.18pm: A police spokesperson said, “Around 4:20pm this afternoon [30-May] police and first responders were dispatched to a two vehicle road traffic collision along Middle Road Southampton adjacent to Five Star Island.

“Details are limited, however it appears that a male visitor on the Anthem of the Seas was travelling east on his cycle when he was involved in a collision with a van travelling in the opposite direction.

“The male was transported to King Edward Memorial Hospital where he is being treated for serious injuries.

“Officers from the Forensic Support Unit as well as Traffic Collision Investigators are processing the scene. Traffic is being diverted on to South Road whilst the scene is being processed.”

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  1. LaRoot says:

    Accident at Shelly Bay right now as well. Be careful out there people!

  2. wahoo says:

    We need to find a better way for our visitors to get around…electric cars, water taxis, etc. Entrepreneurs need to give it some thought there has to be a better way. Bermudian drivers you need to wake up also, I see at least two near accidents everyday.

    • Real Deal says:

      I just thought up an idea this afternoon before I read this.
      I am going to turn it into my business I wonder how the gov going to try an tax me for it.

    • rightt says:

      Bermuda needs to stop renting these “Death trap” rental cycles to tourist. Enough is enough.

    • Juice says:

      I remember some years back, the then minister refused to grant licensing for the little 3 wheeled buggy a gentleman was trying to get here for tourists, because the minister deemed them unsafe. Perhaps the current transport minister will be open to allowing such a vehicle.

  3. concerned says:

    Perhaps ban all motor cycles from our roads and bring in small cars that has low cc engine

  4. Ed Case says:

    It is time that we rent small class A or B cars. We need to bite the bullet.

    • rightt says:

      Folks may dislike but that sounds like a good idea. At least rent better quality cycles with better control. Maybe a Sym Model or Honda with a lockable basket.

      These death trap cycles aren’t just not cutting it anymore. They look like something from 1992.

      • BERM says:


        • rightt says:

          The lockable basket doesn’t have to do with safety duhhh. The point is it’s BETTER than a metal wire basket with no lock.

          So you are some how okay with our tourism product and how Bermuda rents death trap cycles to tourist? We can’t keep doing same thing over and over. How many deaths and accidents will it take for stupid people like BERM to wake up?

  5. mmm says:

    I support cars for our visitors, I have rented cars several times in the US A, the adjustment for our tourists is something we can work on. A governor so that the car will not exceed 30 k.

  6. Kathy Brannigab says:

    My husband was the person involved in this horrible accident. I just wanted to thank everyone who stopped along side the road to help him. I was not with him during this time because I did not feel confident enough to drive or even ride on one of the scooters. My husband does ride a motorcycle stateside but it is different here. But I just wanted to extend to thank you to all that have assisted in this horrible accident. Btw we were on our honeymoon….what a story we have to tell!! But thank God he can still tell it.

    • Yes says:

      We hope you enjoy the rest of your honeymoon regardless.

    • Jolly says:

      I hope your husband heals fast and completely. I am sorry that this accident occurred.

  7. Jussayin says:

    Tourists with cars is ridiculous. So now they be driving weapons instead of death traps. Tourist get lost, drive on the wrong side of the road, pull over randomly, pull out randomly, don’t know all of our rules? Ride/drive slow so as a typical driver we become frustrated and want to over-take and that is dangerous in its self. Tourists in a car could do more harm to us than the threat that they cause on bikes. A. Increase bus schedules for when there is a need i.e. study market trends common sense more buses when there is a cruise ship and for example more coming and going from dockyard. B. Which will frustrate taxis is have a Uber kind of idea with licensed drivers who have to pass a test to become one but sorry not everyone can pay a $50 one way trip…have to head to work but that’s just a quick thought

  8. Hair says:

    We go through this every summer season… hummmm

  9. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Get well soon Mr. Brannigab!

  10. CoffeeCoffee says:

    Small cars should at least be an option for tourists. We could charge a lot more to rent them and make more money. Plus, one car could take as many as 4 rental bikes off the road. That would reduce traffic.

    How many times have you been stuck behind a pack of bikes going slow? Or two people on one bike having trouble? If they were in a car, they could travel a reasonable speed safely.

    I know the roads here are difficult, but I promise you — driving in Boston is much harder. I don’t think the people willing to rent cars here at a high price would have much of a problem driving here.

  11. RKP says:

    As a person who had my share of road rash. What they need in Bermuda is a fleet of the Scoot Coupe. ( P50. Max speed is 30MPH, seats two with some safety around you

    • BERM says:

      Law does not allow these.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      I had thought about this a couple years back & had a pros vs cons conversation with a couple close friends as to trying to introduce this kind of vehicle to the island. Some good points was bought up as to things that need to be done on island first to make this a feasible idea. Parking was the #1 issue. The lack of available parking already in hot spots such as St.George’s, Hamilton, Horseshoe Bay, Dockyard as well as Hotels & guest houses. Consider when we are at our tourism peaks & how crowded our hotspots are with parking as is, however now factor in less bike parking but now a requirement for larger vehicles to park.

      There was a list of other valid points as to why on the whole the island abandoning scooters in favor for a multi-wheeled cart like vehicle had many roadblocks in the way to consider doing this large scale. Now if there was only a couple dozen of these on the road then there would be a minimum impact but then the idea here is to find a safer mode of independent transport for tourist. I had another idea at the time that would help lower traffic as a whole but the path I was considering has been now used for other purposes. That was to reopen the old railway trails to electric rail shuttles that stop at key destinations along the old trails. This idea too would have issue that would of needed to be worked out such as areas that are now being used in both private & public capacity. I like the idea that is presently in place for the railway trails so I wouldn’t want to see that impacted thus another reason why the train idea is also not a good one at this time.

      The idea of 3 wheel scooter such as that used to be used on the Naval base as rentals is an option though.

  12. Scott says:

    Lots of comments about not renting scooters and renting cars etc etc… but as someone who has been coming to the island since 1990 each year and renting a bike, I have noticed a couple of things. First, the training of the new drivers is terrible. Once upon a time, one of the renters up in the west end at least had a track for people to practice on. But the biggest problem is the traffic in Bermuda itself. The cars and bikes have gotten bigger and faster, there a lot more of them and they have gotten VERY aggressive. Passing where they shouldn’t, 4 lanes with bikes passing in the middle, speeding and inattention (texting, radios, etc…). Ever since there has been tourists there have been accidents and there will be more, that is just the way of the world, accidents will happen, but Bermuda needs to crack down on the vehicle sizes and the aggressive driving, this will lower the number of accidents for tourists and Bermudians alike. It has to stop, your roads are just not made for it.

  13. format says:

    100% agree. The standard of driving here is incredibly bad. I’m frightened to ride a bike myself these days, so I can only imagine how a tourist must feel.

    We’re all to blame however. When we see some of these idiots brush past with inches to spare, how many of us stand on our horns and let them know they almost killed themselves? To most Bermudians, the only time you use your horn is when your see you ace-boy or cousin.

    If you don’t fight back against bad driving habits, then it will just get worse.

  14. Salvatore Del Toro says:

    Hi everyone I want to just say th following. The man in the accident was my father. His name is Joe Brannigan. Sadly on 8/22/16 Joe succumbed to his injuries in the morning hours. Pls just be respectful I ask