Two Vehicle Collision After Horse Runs Loose

December 17, 2013

[Updated] At approximately 6pm this evening [Dec 17] there was a collision on North Shore Road in Pembroke involving a tractor trailer and a car.

Bystanders told Bernews it appears that the collision was caused by one of the drivers trying to avoid a horse who was running loose in the road. While the emergency personnel were on the scene, a horse was seen being led through the area.

One person involved had to be assisted out of the vehicle by emergency personnel, and the presence of two ambulances on the scene suggest at least two people were injured.

The collision occurred just west of C Mart, and the road was temporarily blocked while emergency personnel attended the scene. Both vehicles sustained damage, as did a nearby utility pole.

Update Dec 18, 5pm: The police confirmed that a pony was loose on the road, and that two people were injured. The full police statement is below.

Around 6pm on Tuesday, December 17th emergency services responded to an incident that occurred on North Shore Road in Pembroke near the junction with Stepney Lane.

It appears that a harness pony being driven along North Shore Road bolted after encountering loud noise from a garbage truck in the area.

Apparently a car and a tractor trailer being driven along the same road took evasive action to avoid the horse, with the car colliding into a utility pole and the tractor trailer colliding with a wall. The horse was found off the road afterwards, apparently uninjured.

The car driver, a 39 year old Pembroke woman, sustained a leg injury and her passenger, a 36 year old Paget man, was also injured. Both victims were taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment. There were no other injuries reported.

At last check the Pembroke woman was recovering in stable condition on a general ward and the Paget man had been discharged. Inquiries are ongoing and any witnesses are encouraged to contact PC Patricia Jeffers at Hamilton Police Station on 295-0011.

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  1. Shag says:

    I wonder if that’s where the unmarked police car was speeding to.. I wish they would realize that only using the tiny little flashers in the headlights does NOTHING for anyone to see them as the overtake lines of cars on Rural Hill. Won’t be long before that car is involved in an smash up going to a smash up. During the day the flashing headlights are ok but at night when every car has headlights on, the little flashing strobes in already illuminated headlights is dangerously subtle…..

    • Nuffin but da Truth says:

      agreed,put a magnetic blue light on the roof like they have to do in other places.

      There are far too many bikes and cars on the road using Blue,Red and Green lights and the Police appear to ignore these road users.

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Well, those Blue,Red and Green lights on private vehicles are actually illegal for this very reason.

        • Yoland Hearse says:

          so who is doing anything about IT

    • Agree says:

      They don’t care!! Majority of them can’t drive anyway

  2. Mia Richardson says:

    Praying for you guys..get well soon..

  3. neb says:

    Bernews–is there any word on the accident just after somerset bridge early hours of this morning… the area was fully cleaned up besides some debris on the side of wall and blood was visible on road? Appreciate greatly your news!

    • Bernews says:

      We only have vague and unconfirmed info that around 5 people may have been injured. We are hoping to get the official info today to post…

    • Ride says:

      I was out around 4:30 this morning and saw two hospital ambulances, one (I believe) Hamilton Fire Station ambulance, and one unmarked police car tearing through Southampton towards Somerset.

      Later on my way back around 7:10-ish the Southampton Fire Station guys where outside with one of the trucks. It looked like they were taking stock and organising things for the next call.


  4. Honestly says:

    This is a very unfortunate accident whereas a family was involved. I pray for your full recovery mentally and physically. Take care and I wish you Good Speed!