Restaurants Raise $10K For Kidney Transplant

July 14, 2016

[Updated + Written by Don Burgess]

Two Bermuda restaurants have raised more than $10,000 to help a man in his endeavor to get a new kidney.

Both Rosa’s and Chopsticks were selling a specially created cocktail called Daddy’s Girl so that Randy Edwards move forward on getting a kidney transplant.

Randy’s daughter Gaynete’ has volunteered to donate a kidney and that’s the reason why the cocktail was named Daddy’s Girl.

Gaynete’ Edwards with her father Randy:

Gaynete Edwards and dad Bermuda (1)

Gaynete’ is a cousin to Ms. Durham. She saw that Ms. Edwards had a Go Fund Me page to raise money to raise money for Randy.

“No one had donated any money so I donated $50” and went to the rest of Rosa’s management staff about raising funds for this worthy cause.

“I asked Kara [Simmons, restaurants manager for Bermuda Restaurants] to create a green cocktail because green has to deal with kidney disease.”

This week they presented the Edwards with a cheque of $10,023.69 to go towards that.

The Daddy’s Girl cocktail was sold at both Rosa’s and Chopsticks although some people also contributed through a tip jar.

Ms. Durham said “Everyone is still coming in asking for the cocktail. Kara did a really good job creating it.”

Gosling’s donated liquor for the drink and 100% of the money spent on the cocktail went towards the Edwards.

Pam Quarterly, owner of Bermuda Restaurants, said “Gosling’s fully participated. It was great to partner with Gosling’s and they’re interested in doing other projects as long as it’s community focused.”

Update July 15, 9.05am: Gaynete’ Edwards said, “The public response has been amazing. It never ceases to amaze me just how much the community is willing to assist a great cause. Rosa’s really went over and beyond with their initiative.

“Not only did they come up with the drink concept and donated 100% proceeds bringing in more than $10,000.00, they also had a competition between the workers to sell the most. Reagan, sold the most with over 189 drinks.

“I’m hoping that the golf tournament on September 30th at Belmont will be just as successful and really help my dad to reach his goal. The buy in is $1,000 per foursome and we are hoping to have at least 20 teams. For more information anyone interested can write and I can provide the flyer and registration form.”

“She added if anyone is interested in donating to helping her dad, he has opened BNTB accounts specifically for medical expenses: Robert Edwards BMD: 0601060710015 USD: 8401060710027.”

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  1. Angie says:

    This is really wonderful. Hope everything works out well for them.

  2. Smitty says:

    Amazing Rosa’s Cantina and Chop stix. The team that works at these restaurants are always doing something to help someone. They do not ask for anything in return. I was at chopsticks one night and Lindsey went outside an feed a homeless person. She not only gave him food but a drink and some cookies.

    They give and want nothing back and that is why I would support Chop stix. I don’t go to the Cantina much but they are owner by this wonderful family.

    Keep pushing forward and helping others. I will continue to help everytime you have something going on to raise money for the community.

    I gave money to help the Russell boy the other day.

    Bermudiful people.

  3. ididmyhomework says:

    This seemed to work very well.
    Not sure of the effort involved
    But what if this was a standard/ongoing procedure?
    Imagine how many they could inspire and help.
    Great Mind set!!!
    Great corporate citizen!!!

  4. Bermudians Matter says:

    Any company that puts its customers and families health before their bottom line will always get support by me.
    This is a small restaurant chain doing huge things to help the community. If more companies looked at helping out on small ways we would do better together. I hope this can cause a chain reaction in Bermuda. Our leader and opposition leader should take a page out of their book and think about our people first.
    You will continue to get supported by my family as restaurants. Can’t wait to see whats next. Put me down for whatever it is.

    Pamela, Glenn, John, Little Dave and Hills keep up the good work. You have taught your staff the importance of the community. Without them most restaurants and companies will close.

  5. Mother of the soil says:

    WOW….in a time when so many people of not thinking about others this is a heart felt story. Thank you chopsticks and rosa’s cantina for taking the time to show everyone that their are kind people still left in this world.
    Kara good job creating something that people can enjoy and while giving back. Karas Kitchen is my favorite food at Rosa’s Cantina (veggie burger and skinny steak). Healthy and delicious.

  6. Great to hear stories like this! Thank you Chopsticks and Rosa’s for all you are doing for people in the community!