SoftBank Team Japan Donate Foil Fest Winnings

July 7, 2016

The Reading Clinic and Centre Against Abuse were selected by America’s Cup Challenger SoftBank Team Japan as the local charities to receive the prize money from Foil Fest.

SoftBank Team Japan, Artemis Racing and Oracle Team USA donated a combined $12,500 with the Foil Fest winners choosing where to donate the funds.

The teams raced in three “drag races” just off of the cruise ship berths in Dockyard. This was a completely unique event for Bermuda that also saw the teams welcome the public into their bases for a behind-the-scenes look at America’s Cup racing.

Dean Barker, Skipper and CEO, SoftBank Team Japan, says: “Foil Fest was a great event and we were delighted to open our bases and welcome the public in. But we were even more thrilled to win the regatta and split our winnings between these two worthy charities who do so much for the Island.”

Two local charities received their donations at SoftBank Team Japan’s base in Dockyard today. Attending the presentation were [left to right]: Kazuhiko “Fuku” Sofuku, General Manager SoftBank Team Japan, Glenn Faries, Executive Director, The Reading Clinic, Yuki Kasatani, Crew Member, SoftBank Team Japan, Laurie Shiell, Executive Director, Centre Against Abuse, and Dean Barker, Skipper and CEO, SoftBank Team Japan.

check presentationSoftBank Team Japan Bermuda July 7 2016

The Reading Clinic is a registered charity that promotes literacy and numeracy in Bermuda. It provides assessments, tutoring and related interventions for children with dyslexia and learning difficulties.

Glenn Faries, Executive Director, The Reading Clinic, says: “Many charities are facing challenges in this economic climate to be able to continue to provide quality programmes and services when there is less funding available and The Reading Clinic is no exception. We are thrilled to have been selected by SoftBank Team Japan as the beneficiary of the funds from the recent Foil Fest.

“It is wonderful that the America’s Cup teams are involving themselves in Bermuda’s community in this way. By giving back, they are truly demonstrating their commitment to Bermuda.

“We are deeply grateful for SoftBank Team Japan’s assistance as we seek to enable all Bermudians to reach their true potential and become valued contributing members of a thriving community. Together, with the help of SoftBank Team Japan, we will help our children learn, grow and soar.”

The Centre Against Abuse [CAA] is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to offer crisis services on domestic abuse and sexual assault and provide awareness on these topics to the Bermuda population. The organisation also aims to educate the community to provide building blocks for healthy relationships.

Laurie Shiell, Executive Director, CAA, says: “The Centre Against Abuse [CAA] are thankful and humbled at being chosen by Softbank Team Japan of the America’s Cup. Their heart to support CAA assists us in providing crisis services to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault here in Bermuda, and also supports our community awareness programmes.

“With 1 in 3 women and countless men in Bermuda being affecting by domestic abuse during their lifetime, we are thankful that Softbank Team Japan understands the importance of the work that CAA does as the only organisation in Bermuda working to provide crisis services to adult male and female survivors.”

If you missed the action at Foil Fest, ZFB TV7 will rebroadcast their ‘Foil Fest Special’ on television at 8.00pm this evening [July 7] and a live online stream of the ZFB programme will be simulcast on Bernews.

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  1. Ann says:

    Hopefully all the lovely commentators that can’t figure out what Americas Cup do for Bermuda read this, there should be a list complied of all the donations they have donated so far and the event hasn’t even taken place. We should be on bended knees thanking these people!

    • wondering says:

      bended knee is a little OTT but we definitely SHOULD BE GRATEFUL for all good things as we sure as heck need it!

  2. PBanks says:

    Well done Softbank and the other teams that participated and donated funds. Great job.

  3. Average Bermudian says:

    A good deed but after receiving $77m plus all the non-monetary benefits , sponsorship etc, etc

    Ann ???? your comment ????

    • The Long View says:

      The teams generate their own revenue so the $77m you are alluding to has nothing to do with them.

      Instead, by hosting the event (which is related to the $77m) Bermuda has attracted the teams here and created all sorts of opportunities and benefits, of which this is just one.

      Think about it like an investment that creates revenue for Bermuda and this donation as one example of economic activity that wouldn’t have happened without the event.

    • HSRU says:

      Please don’t attempt to identify yourself as an average Bermudian because you are certainly not and I say this because you either are one of those sour PLP supporters that oppose anything that is not a PLP idea, or you are truly simple because you believe those teams actually got $77 million. The money allocated to the AC campaign was got given to the teams to spend as they wish but has gone to advertising, here overseas, on TV, for the races themselves, TV, Construction and much, much more. Have you even bothered to watch any of the races on TV and seen the press coverage and advertising we are getting? So please either stop the hating or educate yourself before you make such ignorant statements. The average Bermudian knows this already. So please change your Name to Below Average Bermudian!


      • HSRU says:

        Also- so called Average Bermudian, if you were a real Bermudian at heart and a not someone that just think ME, ME, ME, I, I, I, and say “what is in it for me”, you would know to be grateful and just say thanks.

        You are worried about $77M that we can see being spent and you are not concerned about $800M that went missing?

    • wahoo says:

      If you are average we are in trouble.

  4. LOVE says:

    Hmmmm where are all the ‘we do not want foreigners’ ‘we don’t want AC here’ nay sayers now? But I’m sure they will find something to still complain about. Thank you Team Japan!!!

  5. Average Bermudian says:

    To wahoo & HSRU.

    Yes I am The Average Bermudian.
    I am white and support the OBA

    You both can Sneeze Cough and F*** O***


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