X-Roads Thank Beekeeper Spencer Field

June 1, 2017

X-Roads Warriors FC extended their thanks to beekeeper Spencer Field, for removing a large bee hive that formed near the changing facilities at Warrior Park, which began to interfere with children playing football and area residents living nearby the field.

Live stream replay of Mr Field removing bees who swarmed last year:

The club explained that they called around to a number of beekeepers to seek removal of the hive but were “consistently put off by the steep price asked from most bee keepers.”

“Thankfully, along came talented beekeeper Mr. Field who generously agreed to assist with removal. He was a true professional, kind and courteous from the get go,” they said.

“On behalf of X-Roads Warriors FC, I would like to thank Mr. Field for removing the bee hive at our home training grounds,” Vice President Khomeini Talbot

“This was an important step in keeping the facilities safe for the children and the neighborhood at large. We are a community-based club and rely heavily on the support of kind people like Mr. Fields.”

Contact Passion Fields Maintenance on Facebook, 704-4411 or fieldshivesandhoney@gmail.com.

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  1. Butters says:

    Fields! !!! Good stuff