Customs Officers Amos & Lightbourne Promoted

August 9, 2017

The Ministry of National Security announced senior promotions within the Department of Customs, with Mr. Richard Amos appointed as an Assistant Collector of Customs, and Ms. Melody Lightbourne appointed as a Principal Customs Officer.

The Minister of National Security Wayne Caines recently visited the Department of Customs’ headquarters in Hamilton, where he formally congratulated Mr. Amos and Ms. Lightbourne on their achievement.

During the visit Minister Caines took the opportunity to thank Mr. Amos and Ms. Lightbourne for their service and dedication, and he stressed his “great appreciation for the important work that Customs does in border protection and safeguarding government revenues”.

The photos below show Minister Caines with Assistant Collector of Customs Richard Amos, Principal Customs Officer Melody Lightbourne and the Collector of Customs Cindy Pearman.

Customs Officers promotions Bermuda Aug 2017 (1)

Customs Officers promotions Bermuda Aug 2017 (2)

Customs Officers promotions Bermuda Aug 2017 (3)

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  1. Dangel says:

    Congratulations Melody!!!

    • VJ says:

      More window dressing. Stop the guns from entering our borders!!

      • Can't believe it says:

        Yes stop the guns from coming into the island. Make sure the big merchants are not bringing them in their containers.

      • Ben S says:

        Why doesn’t Customs release stats on drug and weapons seizures? It is the mandate of Customs to secure our borders. What is the strategy of the Collector of Customs – if any? How many seizures have taken place on the Hamilton Docks with the expensive x ray machine….any?? The Bermudian public never hear anything from the Collector or the #2 – why?? It is shocking to think that ANY effort went into targeting hemp products being imported and sold in Bermuda while guns and illegal drugs continue to destroy Bermuda. It is totally irresponsible. The invisible senior management of Customs should account for themselves.

  2. Rasta says:

    Congrats, great appointments!

  3. Pooh Bear says:

    Congratulations Richard! Many years since PW’s Marine Centre!

  4. Cherie Amos Sikking says:

    Well done, Richard! We are so pleased for you after all your hard work and investment into your job. Congratulations to Ms. Lightbourne too. She is lucky to have you as her team mate, as are you, her, I am sure. Good luck as you both move forward! Cherie and Stephen and crew.

  5. Pat says:

    I hope that more resources will be put into fighting the importation of hemp lotion and hemp oatmeal…..As a tax payer I am impressed!