Man In ICU After Two Motorcycle Collision

November 29, 2017

[Updated] A 54-year-old Warwick man is in stable condition in the ICU following a collision last night [Nov 28] in Warwick.

A police spokesperson said: “At last check earlier this morning [November 29th] the rider more seriously hurt after a two motorcycle collision in the Middle Road, Ord Road Warwick area around 8:30pm Tuesday, November 28th – believed to be a 54-year old-Warwick man – was recovering in stable condition in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

“The other motorcyclist involved was believed to have sustained less serious injuries. An update on their condition will be provided in due course.

“Inquiries continue and any witnesses are encouraged to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

Update 4.08pm: A police spokesperson said, “The other motorcyclist injured in the Middle Road, Ord Road Warwick collision around 8:30pm Tuesday – believed to be a 25 year old Warwick man – was treated at the hospital and discharged.”

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  1. Vigilante says:

    In my 40 years of driving bikes and cars in Bermuda I have observed a gradual deterioration in drivers’ adherence to the laws of the land, the rules of the road and the choice to use courtesy toward others. I have seen buses and taxis regularly (read every day) turn without indicating (read totally inconsiderate), exceed the speed limit (read over 60k), and cut across the centre line around corners (read 6-18 inches).

    If the most common road users are so flagrant in their violations, why not the general public? If consequences are rare, the behaviour will continue. “Defensive driving” used to be good parental advice, now it is an absolute necessity. Who is charged with maintaining order and safety on our narrow, crowded roads?

    Some suggested consequences to change the direction of our deteriorating driving:
    1. Speeding results in a fine of $100 for each km over 60 AND a month off the road for each km over 60 (ie 70k is $1000 and 10 months off the road);
    2. Insurance for speeders is increased by $100 per year for each km booked over 60 (ie 70k means next year’s insurance is an additional $1000);
    3. Two speeding infractions in a year results in the vehicle being impounded for the rest of the year;
    4. Install front-facing cameras on all taxis and buses that record speed and distance from centre line;

    Now is not the time for political correctness, now is time for saving life and limb.

    (No mention of PC attitudes would be complete without calling attention to those misguided souls who regularly stop all traffic behind them on main roads to allow all and sundry to enter from any side road they choose. What consequences should befall them? Perhaps relegate them to a special line at the bank/TCD/the movies that never moves and has nobody serving them…)

    • Busted says:

      1. Heavy fines and disqualification do not work. Been there.
      2. High insurance means people will drive without any.
      3. Now this might work unless the vehicle is subject to a chattel mortgage.
      4. Funny how cameras never work when you need them.

      Work on 3. It has merit. In some places they crush vehicle used illegally.

    • real investigation says:

      Disagree, until focus is shifted away from obsession with targeting “speeders” and instead focusing on ensuring good driving and safe condition of roads not much will change. After each road fatality the police head out racing around the island at high speed setting up speed traps, which is more effective in generating revenue than reducing accidents.

      Since the latest operation “twitter” and multiple daily speed traps,in little over a month there has been several roll overs, several heavy trucks turn over, the usual serious accidents and 4 road deaths.

      It’s ironic that the month or so with the highest road policing and ticket revenue generation also has been perhaps the worst for fatalities?

    • sage says:

      And shall we ignore drunk driving completely like the po-po (and you) do? Still calling for accurate, itemized statistics and enforcement of existing laws before creating new legislation based on anecdotes and assumptions.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        There you go as usual . In this case , like all the others you choose to jump in on , you have no idea what the cause of this accident was . Today I was (almost routinely) passed on the inside by one of ‘the usual suspects’ when I was mere seconds away from making a left turn . Had we crashed and either/both of us was killed ( it was 10 am btw) would you have been running on like you always do about it being booze ?

        Please re-read the 1st two paragraphs of Vigilante’s post above.
        Your repetitive posts are beyond tiring as you refuse to acknowledge that way too may people are totally out of control 24 hours a day on our streets .

        • sage says:

          I made no reference to this particular accident, learn to read. If you think no one drinks before 10 am, just hang out at a few different liquor stores from 7.30 and see.

  2. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    “Too many people are totally out of control 24 hours on our streets.”
    So very true.

    May be they are angry at something.
    No body is going to arrest the party voter.
    No body is going to arrest the offshore money makers.
    No body is going to arrest our Doctors and Lawyers and Mothers with two children to feed .
    No body is much less going to arrest the angry “diddly bop” ! who has no job.

    They are the untouchables because,they have the almighty dollar or the vote.

    If you catch all the trafic offenders there will be alot of people out of a job.

  3. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Nearly everybody is level 3 speeding, catching them is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    If you drive at 75 MPH on a motorcycle on the Interstate that is virtually the same as standing outside in a hurricane which is not very pleasant , so why bother doing 30 MPH can’t call that pleasant either !

    so if you drive at 30 into a 30 MPH head wind……… Bingo !

    The faster you drive ,the faster the reaction time needs to be, when there come a time when the reaction time becomes virtually ZERO.